Hunting the Hunter

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"The master hunter Rexxar hears rumors of a competition called a hunter's game, but finds that the prey of the hunt could be none other than himself."
Chapter 1: The Champion
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Along the long road wandered a lone figure across the barren desert, accompanied only by a massive grizzly bear slowly staggering behind in his tracks. "Keep up, Misha." He grunted as he winced up at the midday sun, burning bright in an unbearable dry heat.

Both longing for the sanctuary of shade, their mood quickly lightened up at the sight of their destination, an encampment built on the cross section of two roads iconically named, "The Crossroads." Mostly tents and fences with a single watch tower and a large primal stone structure, decorated only by the blood-red banners of The Horde.

A faction of the world's more brutish and primitive races, "The Horde" shared an unbreakable bond of blood and honor. Their way of life expressed through their symbolic war cry, "Lok'tar Ogar," victory or death. While primarily composed of orcs, many other races had joined the ranks such as tauren and trolls. Together, they made a nation of mighty warriors unified by a single banner.

As the wanderer approached the gate, two such fierce orcs guarded the entrance. But rather than turning aggressive, they bowed their heads respectfully and hailed him in welcome as he passed through the gate, "Champion!"

Race Size Comparison
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While the orcs were already larger than any man, he made even them seem small by comparison. He was a mok'nathal, a half-breed: The ogre blood made him tall as a mountain, the orc gave him his hulking musculature. And unlike the orcish matt green skin color, his was a rough golden tan a pair of brown scars painted on his massive bulking arms.

As he entered the camp, his bear companion didn't hesitate to sprint to the nearest refuge of shade and collapse with a long exhausted moan, resting her head on the soft grass. He chuckled with his deep course voice and promised, "I'll get ya something, Misha." Then turned his head to the stone structure that housed the camp's tavern.

Proceeding inside, he was met by a small gathering of orcs along with a single troll sitting around a wooden table. The orcs all looked to be accomplished hunters from the pelts and fangs decorating  their powerful armor and the numerous claw scars on their bulking muscles. The troll stood somewhat out from the company in his plain simple leather with his form rather lacking in both strength and size, seemingly rather young and untrained. Probably just a few years since he had come of age, while the orcs were all middle-aged combat veterans.

One of the seated hunters immediately shot up from his chair and pointed to the wanderer as words failed him, "R-R-Re-..." The others peaked to see what was going on, only to break into an abrupt silence as they stared like their eyes were going to fall out. Out of all the tough warriors at the table, it was only the meek troll at the back that managed to complete a sentence, "I can't believe it, mon! ...Dat be Rexxar! ...Champion of da Horde!"

"Hey," Rexxar grunted with a half a grin and flashed his palm in a casual greeting before proceeding to the counter, passing the speechless lot like it was no big deal. They observed his every step with wide eyes, before proceeding to whisper loudly amongst themselves as he spoke to the bartender.

"Gol'Kosh! I can't believe how large he is...! Bet he doesn't even need armor with a body that tough," one of the orcs exclaimed and clenched his fist. "I bet he could deck an alliance footman with his bare hands," another orc suggested. "If... If Taz shot 'im with an arrow, he wouldn't even feel it!" The troll oddly suggested and the orcs gave him an awkward stare, "No... he'd bury you alive. ...Or feed you to his bear."

A Friendly Bartender
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At the counter was a well-dressed tauren, not nearly as intimidated by the champion as the orcs, just casually cleaning a mug as he approached. "Well, by my broken horn, if it ain't the champion. Ye must be thirsty. Some ale?" The bartender asked with a welcoming smile. "Thank you," Rexxar nodded and dropped a few coins on the desk as well, "I would also purchase some fresh water and a haunch for my beast."

The tauren nodded before turning to the barrels behind him, picking up a wooden bucket and filling it with water from the tap, then returned with a flask from the shelf behind and started pouring a drink in the clean mug. He leaned in with a wink and whispered, "Y'know... these boys all be hunters too. Betcha they'd love for ye to stick around a bit... tell 'em some tales."

Rexxar nodded with a grin, "...That's the reason for my journey here. I heard rumors of a hunter's game." He didn't expect such a strange reaction as his words made the tauren almost freeze for a moment, stuck in a puzzled grimace while the ale overflowed from the cup. It took a while before the bartender finally snapped out of it and tipped the flask back up, "Oh, sorry."

"It's just... a warrior of your stature-" The bartender scrambled for words and Rexxar frowned, slowing down his speech with a sarcastic tone as if it was difficult to understand, "Yes... me... join hunt." The tauren seemed to realize how strange he was acting it and shook his head to apologize, picking up the rag again and began to wipe the spill. "Pardons, Master Rexxar. I... did not mean to assume. They would be thrilled to have you, I suspect."

At the table, the hunters were trying their best to contain themselves and act aloof, pretending they didn't just hear the entire conversation. "Dudes... he be comin', mon! ...Ow!" The troll whispered then yelped as one of the orc struck him with an elbow and sneered, "Just. Act. Cool."

Rexxar raised an eyebrow with half a smirk at their nervous excitement, before raising a fist to his chest and saluting, "Lok'tar ogar, proud warriors of The Horde." One of the orcs immediately got up from his seat to return the honor-bound greeting. "Throm-Ka, Rexxar. My name is Drax."

Drax's Salute
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Out of the five hunters at the table, "Drax" seemed like the strongest and most skilled amongst them. He donned a wyrm skull on his hood with the dragon's scales stitched into his armor, a rare and difficult beast to slay. He seemed more confident and quick to take charge, a sign of a sharp mind and strong will, along with his robust physique and a large deep claw scar on his left shoulder.

"What brings the Champion of th- ...the Horde to our table?" Drax asked and gave a small respectful bow. Despite his posture, Rexxar could still tell how hard the orc was trying to hold the mask and not embarrass himself in his hero's presence from his small voice crack. The champion bared the palm of his hand to propose, "I wish to test my skill against yours... and partake in your hunter's game."

What little pretense of composure they had left was lost as their jaws dropped in sync. Even Drax began to stutter as he repeated the champion's question, "You- ...You w-want to join our h-hunt? But-'re-" Which only made Rexxar scowl, as he began to grow annoyed with these constant vague answers and scoffed, "...What?"

Taz's Explanation
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While the orcs gritted their teeth unsure of how to explain, the troll instinctively pointed to the champion and blurted out, "Because ya be Rexxar, mon!" Everyone suddenly turned their attention to the young hunter at the far-end of the table and Rexxar looked at him with a raised eyebrows as he waited for the overdue explanation.

The troll squinted like it was obvious, "...Ya fought 'sides da Warchief! ...Slew de Alliance admiral! ...Founded da capital. ...Ya a livin' legend, mon!"

"Ah..." Rexxar grunted, so it was just a case of admiration. But the troll continued rambling on with no one seemingly stopping him, "We be... nothin', mon. ...Dis hunt, we hunt for da body. With da body. But... Rexxar's body..." He spaced out for a bit with a blush before quickly shaking his head in refusal, "No! Taz would never dream of a... a... GOD-LIKE BODY like da champion's!"

Drax dove his face into his palm, but the troll's weirdly honest response put a large wide smile on Rexxar's scruffy face and the champion couldn't help but burst into a hearty laugh, "Hahaha-hahaha." The hunter covered his red face with his three-fingered hands as he realized what he had just confessed in front of everyone.

Fortunately, Rexxar seemed rather flattered by the compliment and closed his eyes with half a smirk and sighed, "Well... Taz, was it? ..I did serve the Warchief. ...But, this body-" He glanced down his own pumped chest and flexed both of his bulking biceps in a light-hearted display, which seemed to make all the other hunters at the table blush as well. "...Is still the body of a hunter. No matter the feat... or title... hunting is in my blood." Rexxar stated with a firm nod before turning to them with a friendly smile and clenched his fist in a display of brotherhood, "...And would welcome an opportunity to join such kindred spirits."

Watching the entire exchange from behind the counter, the bartender couldn't help but let out a chuckle as the champion took seat at the table and the hunters began bombarding him with questions, bringing over a plate full of mugs and serving them up, "Drinks on the house, boys." The guys cheered and raised their mugs in a toast, "To the hunt! ...To Rexxar!" Maybe he had been wrong about them.

Chapter 2: An Old Friend
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After an hour of drinking and conversing, Rexxar had gone outside the tavern in order to feed his gigantic pet bear, Misha. Already her nose twitched at the scent of meat and she quickly rose up as he approached, panting rapidly like a puppy. He threw her a large haunch of meat and she grabbed with her bare teeth, chewing away as he planted the bucket of water besides her.

It was then the troll peaked out from the doorway and Rexxar cocked his head to invite him over, "Don't be scared. She doesn't eat people... unless I tell her to." Rexxar joked with a grin and the troll gulped at the sheer size of the beast. She was actually larger than the champion himself, and a behemoth compared to the young hunter.

"...How did she get dat big, mon?!" The troll asked curious. If there was one thing Rexxar loved to talk about, it was his beasts. "Ah... raised her since she was a cub. Trained 'er every day 'nd always fed 'er well. My clan always believed that a true spirit bond would grow the companion alongside the master." The troll swallowed every word and blurted out, "...Is that how you got so big, mon?!" Which only made Rexxar laugh again and the troll blushed in embarrassment.

Rexxar couldn't help but notice how shy he seemed, even for an overly nervous fan. "So... Taz was it?" He asked and the troll nodded. "Taz'dingo... but da guys call me Taz. ...Dey like ta tease me," he admitted to Rexxar's concerned look and the champion shook his head, "Is that why you want to win the hunting game? ...To prove yourself to them?"

The thought seemed to strike a chord with the troll and he chewed on it a bit before answering, "Think maybe ye be right, mon... but Taz don't think he can beat 'em. If he could just catch one..." Again his mind wandered and he seemed to start daydreaming as he blabbered, "If I got meself a big one... I'd keep him... admire him. Put me hand on him... feel 'im... oh, to play with him..." His face turned increasingly red until his eyes met with Rexxar and he gulped as if he had swallowed his own tongue.

"Heh," Rexxar grunted and shut his eyes, shaking his head with a slight sigh. "You might not be... the strongest hunter, Taz'dingo. But you sure have heart." He then turned to his bear Misha who was emptying the bucket and petted her head as she yawned and leaned down for a midday nap, "And love for the beast is just as important in the hunt."

He inclined his head to invite the troll to pet the bear and the hunter carefully reached forward and touched the fur, "Whoa... mon, so soft." Taz scratched a bit behind Misha's ear, which seemed to make her kick with her leg before she rolled over to the side with a long satisfied moan.

Watching the two painted a large smile across Rexxar's wide face and he crossed his arms while nodding, "Alright... to catch yourself a real big beast, here's what you need to do..." The troll gasped in excitement and instantly sat down on the ground in front of him like a model student.

With his deep growly voice, Rexxar began to instruct. "A big beast only responds to strength... if ya stronger, they'll accept you as the alpha." That answer made the troll so sad like he had just received the worst news of his life, but Rexxar quickly raised his finger to add, "However... you can also tame the beast by being dominant."

"...Dominant?" The troll asked curious. Rexxar nodded with a grin and beat his fist onto his chest, "Every hunter has a beast inside of him. Even if you're, erh... small." He looked down at the troll sitting hunched in front of him who barely even reached his waist crouched down and stressed, "REALLY small..."

"You must think of yourself as the bigger beast," Rexxar explained but the troll didn't seem to get it. He pursed his lips to think of an example and then snapped his fingers, "Pretend you've trapped a big beast..." He pointed to Misha and the bear looked up with a bit of a frown as if to say, "That would never happen." Turning his finger to his own head he continued, "You must imagine yourself being a huge devilsaur."

Finally the troll seemed to catch on and asked, "...Oh! So... picture meself bigger... than even da champion?" Rexxar pouted a bit over that example but shrugged his shoulders regardless, "Yeah... erh, let's go with that example." He then suddenly spread his fingers like claws and hunched over with bared teeth growling, "Grrr! ...Even if I were to come at you like this!"

The troll flinched and tumbled over started, but Rexxar crooked a finger beckoning him to come closer. With a gulp, he got back on his feet and tried to approach the threatening stance. Again the champion barked and the troll leaped backwards again like a scared cat, but the champion patiently shook his head and tapped his forehead with a finger to remind the troll of the lesson.

"Right... I be... a huuuge devilsaur," the troll repeated to himself and puffed up his chest, marching forward. Rexxar imitated a bit of dismay in his expression as if he couldn't understand how this was happening and the troll nodded firmly, grabbing his scruffy chin and pushed his jaw up to force his mouth close. "Y-Ya... m-mine, mon!" He stuttered and boldly squeezed the champion's cheeks.

Suddenly Rexxar began to whimper with droopy eyes and the troll instantly let go apologizing, "Oh... sorry!" But the champion instantly lunged forward with a roar, causing the troll to flinch and trip over his own feet, falling down on his ass. "Ow... what did ya do dat for, mon?!" He complained and Rexxar shook his head, "That's lesson two: Never trust a wild beast. You have to be tough... not merciful. Assert your control until it accepts you are in charge."

"...Right!" The troll nodded genuinely impressed, quickly getting back up on his feet. "Dis be incredible mon... can't believe I be taught by da best hunter in de world." Rexxar nodded with a grin and complimented, "But nice touch with the clutch. Demonstrating your dominance will quickly rein in the beast."

Misha suddenly raised her head and looked off to the distance. "What is it, girl?" Rexxar asked as if he was expecting the bear to answer as she sniffed. A small black figure appeared in the horizon and seemed to be riding fast towards the camp. "...An enemy?" The champion squinted his eyes to see the shape but the troll shook his head and explained, "No, mon... dat be who we be waitin' for. Now da hunt can begin!"

Nazgrel the Wolf Rider
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A large male orc riding a big black wolf approached. "No... it can't be... Nazgrel?!" Rexxar greeted the rider excited as the orc jumped off the wolf. He was slightly larger than the other orcs, shirtless as always with his overly muscled and slightly scarred chest, wearing nothing but a fur-seamed loincloth girdle, leather chest harness and bracers with a pair of heavy plated greaves.

"Rexxar," Nazgrel remarked and cocked his head, "...What in the warchief's name are you doing here?" The champion had forgotten how grumpy the orc was whenever the leader of The Horde wasn't around to demand his respect.

"Of course a renowned hunt would have your name behind it," Rexxar commended the orc as he stabled his wolf next to the bear. Nazgrel quickly turned his head frantically and snapped, "Who told you? Where did you hear that from?" He looked suspiciously at the troll sitting next to Rexxar as if it was an interrogation and Taz shook his head, "Not me, mon!"

Rexxar shrugged his shoulders and tried to recall the specifics, "Erh... some goblin in Tanaris boasted about it." It took a few seconds before Nazgrel made the connection, and then suddenly gritted his teeth before roaring out loud, "Lak'tuk GOL'KOSH! ...That little maggot will be interfering again."

"Hm," Rexxar huffed and turned to his bear, "We could track him. Misha still remembers the scent." The bear actually nodded and growled in agreement, which made Nazgrel break into a short maniacal laugh, "Hahahahahar! And then, she could eat the maggot!" He let out a long sigh and shook his head, "Na... it's like a flea to a kodo beast. The gremlin tries every year, but my hunters are too honorable."

"Nazgrel, mon... Da CHAMPION wants to join da hunt!" Taz interrupted and pointed to Rexxar. Nazgrel crossed his big arms and looked at the champion with a raised brow and suspicious look, "Wait... really Rexxar? You... in my hunt?" Still somewhat confused at this constant reaction, Rexxar nodded in confirmation and clarified, "Yes... a glorious hunt awaits us."

"Glorious, huh... Rexxar, do you even know what we're hunting?" Nazgrel asked with sly eyes and the champion shrugged his shoulders, suddenly unsure "...Beasts? I was just teaching this... youngling-" He guessed, but halted when Nazgrel shook his head. The troll looked up to him somewhat concerned, "Rexxar, mon... Taz thought da champion knew..."

"Well... erh... what are we hunting? ...Alliance scum?" Rexxar asked somewhat befuddled and Nazgrel just shook his head again with a seriously disapproving face. The troll tugged in Rexxar's loincloth and said in a quiet voice, "We be hunting da hunters, mon."

Somewhat dumbstruck, Rexxar frowned and shifted his eyes between them, then turned to surprise as if he understood. "Oh! ...A gladiator's trial! ...Amongst... hunters?" He guessed but Nazgrel still shook his head and snapped, "...Only if the gladiators were allowed to keep the opponents they beat and fuck 'em all night long."

"But erh..." Rexxar seemed somewhat disgruntled as he tilted his head trying to put the pieces together. Taz looked kept gesturing to Rexxar with his hands to suggest convincing the champion to join, but the orc gritted his teeth and shook his head as to say no. "So you... hunt each other? And then... fuck the men you capture?" Rexxar asked awkwardly and Nazgrel nodded, "Pretty much."

The way his old friend looked at him made him feel like he owed him an explanation. "I never really felt like settling down... hunting's in my blood. And... I never felt more alive than when I let the man in me be part of it," Nazgrel described and tugged his bulge to insinuate his sex. Rexxar looked down at his own crotch slightly intrigued and reflected, "Huh... to let my manhood be part of the hunt."

Nazgrel took a moment to consider his position. He could see his friend starting to get slightly curious, and obviously the hunters would love to have him join from the way the troll couldn't peel his eyes off the champion's body. He had a choice to make: He could either be an exploitive asshole or play the honorable friend.

"I ain't big with words, Rexxar. There's only one way for you to learn. Join the hunt," Nazgrel suggested and that was all it took to convince the champion, "I guess... I could. Yeah." The troll cheered the champion on and clapped his arm, "It's gonna be fun, mon! ...Betcha get lots of game! And Taz wouldn't mind losing to da CHAMPION." The orc scoffed at the comment and remarked, "You're always prey, troll."

Leading the two back, the other orcs that had been sitting drinking jumped up from their seats as if the warchief himself had just entered. "Nazgrel! ...You've arrived." Drax nodded and gave a signal to the tauren, who then went over to a large stack of crates and lifted one up, carrying it over and slamming it down on a nearby table.

"Alright hunters, you know the rules..." Nazgrel announced as he walked in front of the crew, only to cast one look at Rexxar's half-open mouth and shook his head, "Fuck. Of course... we have a newcomer this year." The hunters turned to the champion and cheered him on, "Yeah! Rexxar!" This time Rexxar scowled a bit at their applause, knowing they weren't excited to hunt alongside him, but rather hunt him.

The orc cleared his throat, "Alright... you have until sundown to catch others hunters. No weapons... no pets. The hunting grounds is limited to the northern area of the crossroads." Rexxar nodded along, he already knew the land like the back of his hand.

Nazgrel then cracked open the crate and from it he pulled a backpack, tossing it out to one of the orcs. "You each get one pack of rope. The rest you'll have to take from the other hunters. Any hunters you have in your possession at sundown becomes your prey for the night," Nazgrel clarified and Rexxar couldn't help but look shocked as he glanced at the other contestants. So these proud warriors... some of them would possibly spend the entire night as a captive. And they didn't even seem concerned, but rather excited.

"It be a high stake game, mon..." Taz commented from the champion's side with a whisper. "Dey always steal from each other, team den betray each other. Everythin' goes..." The orcs seemed awfully confident already and Rexxar scratched his chin as he brooded. ...This was more than just a hunt, it was a free-for-all brawl between hunters over a huge area. Not only did he have to consider how to hunt other hunters, but also keep track of those he had captured and how to keep them. This challenge already proved way different than what he had expected.

"You all clued in... champion?" Nazgrel asked with a smug grin and Rexxar nodded acknowledging, "Yes. Interesting." The orc tossed him a backpack and then gave the signal for the hunt to begin, "Lok-faranok hunters!"

The orcs wasted no time storming off while the champion stayed behind. The troll stopped in the doorway and looked to him asking, "...Rexxar?" He shook his head and looked to the troll with a reassuring grin, "Need to make arrangements for my beast, young hunter. ...Best cover your tracks now." The troll saluted, "Yes sir, I mean... champion!" But still stood there for a short awkward while until Rexxar cocked his head to the side as if the troll expected more to happen.

Finally alone, he let out a relieved sigh and turned to the bartender. "Come now... you don't need me to take care of ya beast. Don't tell me you're not completely confident already," he commented with a grin and Rexxar snickered, "Hah... in an open brawl, the most popular contestant always get hunted down first." The tauren smirked, already impressed. "So you're gonna hang back... to avoid getting teamed on."

"Yep," Rexxar grunted and nodded. "I won't have time to set traps, but... chances are they'll have taken out most of each other trying to find me." The tauren laughed out loud and shook his head, "Just what I'd expect from the most skilled hunter in the horde."

The bartender grabbed another bottle and refilled the champion's mug while commenting, "You know, the way I figured this... it's gonna come down to you and Nazgrel. And everyone knows it." Rexxar nodded along and huffed, "The hunt will come down to our moves. I will take him down." The tauren chuckled, "That'll be his first loss."
Chapter 3: The Hunt Begins
"Alright... time to join the hunt." Rexxar said and put down his mug, finally getting up and turning his attention to the outside. The tauren nodded and added, "Good luck... not that you'll need it." With a confident grin, the champion headed out into the barren desert once more. It was time to see what this event was really about.

Misha peaked her head up as her master came outside and got back on her feet, but he turned to her and flashed his palm. "Sorry Misha... you'll have to sit this one out." She let out a small whine but quickly collapsed again into another nap.

As he turned his attention to the horizon, already he could see the timer on the contest as the twilight was about five hours away and the shadows slowly growing long across the cracked surface. The heat had become more durable and with his stomach refilled, he was in peak condition to start the hunt.

The Barrens
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"Hmph," he grunted as he stared out at the horizon. "...Where are you, Nazgrel?" He pondered which direction to take. It was strange to think that there were actually up to six other hunters out there lying in wait trying to capture one another. He still couldn't wrap his head around the idea of a whole bunch of hunters trying to tie each other up, but the more he thought about it... the more it seemed like the exact kind of thing Nazgrel would do. He already loved bossing warriors around, Rexxar thought to himself and chuckled.

Checking the contents of his pack, it was full of coiled rope just as he expected. There was even a long white bandana in the bottom of the bag, for whatever purpose that served. Though the area itself also had plenty of materials to scrap together from plants to crashed wagons, meaning there could be any kind of traps waiting for him.

Already he started to realize how different he had to think for this hunt, as the target was other hunters who already knew every trick in the book. There was no visible trails to follow, they had all picked paths that would cover their footprints, so trying to stalk their tracks would be a waste of time. They also wouldn't make any obvious traps, as hunters already knew the tools of the trade... out of the box thinking was what would win this hunt.

Rexxar knew exactly where he had to go. As a hunter, the biggest advantage was the element of surprise. And it was hard to remain unseen on a flat landscape, let alone set up traps on hard dried-up soil crust. They would likely pick some abandoned buildings or much preferably, forestation with lots of cover, materials to build with and grassy soil to hide your prints. There was only one place in this section of the land with such a patch.

The Forgotten Pools
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"The Forgotten Pools." A lush oasis with tropical plant-life blooming all around the nourishing enchanted waters from when druids once attempted forestation of the desert. The exotic flowers all released some sweet scents that mixed with the humid air, making it hard to even rely on his strong sense of smell. And the thick long grass on the ground made it easy to hide traps under his step. These was the perfect hunting grounds.

If only he had been allowed Misha, at least she could have walked in front of him to soak the traps. Now he would have to watch his every step. It didn't take long for him to encounter his first trap. A simple pitfall covered by palm tree leaves. "Heh... amateurs," the champion chuckled as he easily sidestepped the trap.

The next trap he came across was a bit more elaborate. There were left deliberate signs of tracks to bait the tracker to follow them. Since there was no tracks beforehand, there was no way the hunter would have just have started messing up and stepping on stems.

A careless tracker would fall for this and follow the path in-between two thicker trees, which left no room to dodge the tree ahead with a surprising amount of shrubbery around the base. Likely to cover how it had been sawed so far in that a single solid push would cause it to fall and slam directly down on whoever was standing in its path, knocking them out cold.

But since the trap required the prey to be looking at the ground, there was no room for any trap wires... meaning that whoever had set it needed to monitor the trap and trigger it manually... likely behind in the bush brust behind the bent tree and carefully listening to the distance of the footsteps. Already Rexxar knew how to bait out the hunter.

He simply pretended to be following the tracks to spring the trap. And just as predicted, a figure emerged from the brush ahead and immediately pushed the tree, causing it to dive right down on the champion. But the large half-ogre just raised his big massive muscular arms and caught the tree with his bare hands, then bent his legs like a spring and bounced it right back at the attacker.

The unsuspecting enemy barely managed to tumble aside in time to avoid the reflected trap. "Y-You gotta be kidding me," he gasped. As he got back on his feet, the sunlight above him suddenly got blocked by a mountain of a figure that had moved up behind him. He quickly turned and was now facing Rexxar face to face.

"So what's it gonna be... Drax?" Rexxar mocked his foe with a smug grin and his big arms crossed.

It was the orc with the wyrm skull helmet, the one he had deemed the most skilled of the five hunters back from the table. Admittedly... it was an impressive trap for a makeshift contraption. But now that the trap had failed, the orc's best chance was to run and disengage from the greater foe. Yet Rexxar knew Drax would never flee, because orcs were way too proud to ever turn tail, especially in front of his hero.

Drax gulped and you could almost see the sweat drops rolling under his helmet as he took a combat stance and readied himself to fight the champion. "J- Just imagine what the guys are gonna say when I tell them I beat... and caught the champion in a duel," the orc boasted nervously and tightened his fists. Rexxar cracked his neck and taunted, "...Catch me, huh? You know, I don't see that happening."

Without any weapons... it became a duel between men. Or in this case, a duel between an orc and a much bigger half-ogre bulking with muscle, whom he had to tilt his head back to even make eye contact with. Still the hunter didn't show any fear and charged his foe head-on, their hands locking together in an arm wrestle.

Already Drax was forced on his knees. Rexxar was just so much stronger and it was like trying to push against a huge boulder. But the orc quickly changed strategy and started pulling instead while diving down under Rexxar, using his legs to kick the champion and effectively flipping the giant over him. His large opponent tumbled over and groaned before getting back on his feet, "Not bad... not bad!"

They engaged again and this time the orc used his smaller size to his advantage by side-stepping the blow and strafing around his foe, grabbing the half-ogre around the waist and trying to force him down on the ground again. Despite his shorter height, Drax was still very strong and managed to lift the champion and toppled him again, with Rexxar grabbing him and forcing him down with him.

It became clear what Drax was trying to do as he attempted to grapple Rexxar's left arm and bend it back with his full strength. He was going to try and restrain the champion with the rope that had already fallen down on the ground during their struggle. He was literally trying to wrestle his prey his submission, like Rexxar had done himself so many times with his beasts.

"Fat chance," Rexxar cackled and simply rolled over. The orc fell down and the situation was instantly reversed, with Rexxar easily able to hold the orc down on the ground with the sheer weight of his body. Drax roared and struggled to get free, and Rexxar could feel the orc's entire body squirming under his own, their chests squeezed against each other while he held the warrior's arms in place, breathing down on his face.

...He didn't expect to be enjoying this game so much. But fighting another hunter like this, as one man against another, both of their muscular bodies mashing together to try and dominate each other... he felt the adrenaline surging through his veins. And from the hard bulge he could feel pressing against his abdomen, he could guess the orc was as equally excited with Rexxar's own dick beginning to pulsate.

But it was already over. With Drax now locked in place, it didn't take the champion long to turn his foe on his back and with both of the orc's wrists locked together in a single-handed grip, Rexxar used his other hand to grab the rope and secure the orc's arms behind his back. He then let go of the orc's hands and proceeded to loop another set of rope around Drax's big chest, firmly securing his upper arms as well as the lower.

Drax Restrained
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Stepping off the orc, he finally let Drax get back on his feet, which now took the orc some effort with both of his arms locked behind his back. He immediately proceeded to try and wriggle his way out of the restraints, not to much avail.

Rexxar couldn't help rubbing his bulge watching the proud orc flail from side to side, grunting and panting as he strained his muscles to fight the rope. It was like the orc was his prey now... and he felt a certain satisfaction in having such a powerful male in his possession.

"Damn it, DAMN IT! Can't get free!" Drax conceded at last and ceased to struggle, bending down in admission of his defeat. "What to do with you..." Rexxar pondered as he looked at the kneeling warrior and already he could see Drax feel a bit uneasy, looking up at his captor's bulge with his own erection poking through his tabard.

There were several options for the orc. Rexxar could satisfy the excitement from the battle right now and have the orc take care of his erection... but that would be beyond stupid with several other hunters likely lurking in the area, possibly watching them right now. If he let his dick decide for him, he'd probably end up joining his captive.

The naughty fun would have to wait until after the hunt, he sighed somewhat disappointed. He looked around to consider his other options. There were at most five other hunters still unaccounted for, and at least four more hours before the sun would set. He glanced down at his surprisingly cooperative foe, Drax didn't seem like he was going to try and escape as long as his eyes were on him, but keeping the orc in his company would also make it hard to go unnoticed and slow him down.

"I know what to do with you," Rexxar snickered and inclined his head to gesture for the orc to stand on his feet and Drax obeyed without any argument. He then twirled his finger to command the orc to turn around and the hunter gulped as he complied, suddenly bending over to let the champion have his way with his rear. "What- No!" Rexxar injected, "I'm going to use you as a decoy!"

"Oh!" Drax sighed with relief as he rose again and Rexxar couldn't help but snort into a light chortle. Even the captive hunter couldn't but join in and the two shared a short moment of genuine laughter. As his chuckle came to a halt, Rexxar took a deep breath and then admitted, "I still gotta finish this hunt. Maybe tonight there'll be some time for that kind of fun... consensual." The orc nodded along with a slight blush and stuttered, "I- I would like that..."

"Alright!" Drax suddenly barked and his attitude seemed completely different, over the top optimistic. "I'm gonna help you win... champion!" Rexxar tilted his head with half a smile and raised a brow, "Oh? ...I'm not releasing you if that's what you're fishing for... prey." The orc flinched a bit befuddled, then shook his head and assured, "No-no, just... I'll tell you how these hunts usually go."

"Ah..." Rexxar nodded acknowledging and crossed his arms with a slight head tilt as to listen, "That would be helpful." The captive orc looked around the area as to do a quick scan before lowering his voice a bit, "Okay... so Nazgrel's always roaming and ends with two captives stowed away somewhere. We've never even found them once."

Rexxar nodded along and Drax continued, "The other orcs usually set up several traps and camp out.. trying to follow where the game goes. Of course... I think they're all looking for you this time." The champion shrugged his shoulders with a sigh before asking, "That's what I figured... what about the troll?" The bound orc seemed a bit surprised and shook his head, "...Taz? Eh... that troll always sets up somewhere, gets bored... then walks into an obvious else's trap."

"The pitfall?" Rexxar asked and raised a brow unimpressed and the orc paused a bit before nodding, "Yeah... that's usually how I get him." Rexxar rolled his eyes before moving on, "...And what about this infamous goblin?" The orc hesitated a bit and gritted his teeth, "I don't know, actually... Nazgrel always complains about him. Think he wants to make a coin off our hunt."

"Yeah... that sounds like a goblin, alright." Rexxar sneered through gritted teeth. After a brief pause, he clapped the bound orc on his shoulder and broke into half a grin, "Alright... I think you know what you're gonna have to do." The orc nodded along and turned around again, walking in front of the champion as they journey further into the oasis.

With the orc in his company, Rexxar could take more risks and walk in one of the more blatant paths, moving alongside the shore of the pool while keeping his eyes peeled on the trees for any hints of a figure or trap in-between. This way he could scout the area safely and save time not being overly careful.

"Rexxar... Rexxar!" The orc whispered from ahead of him and the champion turned his attention to him. "There's a silhouette across the waters, sitting behind that big wide brush in-between the rock and the two palm trees..." Drax hinted without giving it away, pretending he hadn't seen it.

...If Rexxar was gonna take advantage of this, he couldn't afford to look either. If someone was observing them directly, a change of behavior would give it away immediately. He would need to stage a distraction if he was gonna ambush the hunter and retain the element of surprise.

"Pretend to run," Rexxar commanded with a whisper and the orc hesitated a bit, then began to sprint away from his captor. It didn't take the champion long to catch up and forcefully shoved him down in the sand, keeping him pinned to the ground. "Ow... why did you do that..." The orc groaned and Rexxar leaned down to his head as if to threaten him, but instead whispered, "Play along." The orc nodded and began struggling as if he was fighting back, not that he could actually get free.

"Now... I want you to try and escape again, this time run into the shrubbery on the left." Rexxar instructed and as soon as he gave the orc a bit of room, Drax obeyed and slipped out of his grip, legging it into the jungle. "Get back here, prey!" Rexxar roared and chased after him into the thicket, trying to make it look as convincing as possible.

As soon as they were out of sight behind a big bush, they dropped the act and crouched down. Drax panted a bit, then broke into a wide smile and chuckled a bit. Rexxar realized he was also really enjoying this hunt... he never felt more alive than coming up with strategies on the fly, not knowing what would happen next and feeling the thrill of danger once again.

"Now... I'm gonna tie you to a tree, and then I'll sneak around and catch the other hunter off-guard," Rexxar explained and the orc nodded but added one thing, "You don't have to chain me here. I'll stay." The champion chuckled as he looked at the bound orc, "You won't run... prey?" The orc scoffed a bit at the teasing remark and shook his head, "On my honor, champion."

Rexxar got the feeling he could trust him and nodded, leaving the orc behind as he treaded lightly through the shrubbery. Meanwhile, Drax began to thrash around the brush, causing it to shake and drawing attention away from the champion. "Clever," Rexxar admittedly thought as he continued to stalk his way around the lake.

It took around ten minutes to sneak around the pool, but the silhouette was exactly where Drax said he saw the figure. It was a large burly green figure hiding behind a thick bush near the shore with a large rock behind him, undoubtedly one of the other orc hunters. Already Rexxar could feel his blood rushing in excitement as he slowly approached.

In addition to the palm trees at each side of the figure, there was a third palm tree completely bent down to the ground behind the hunter... most likely a hidden noose rope going out to the shore he was watching buried under the sand, which would snap and catch whoever walked over it by simply cutting loose the rope that tied the tree down.

The champion knew he would have to move fast to catch the hunter by surprise once he closed in. He quickly sprinted towards the figure and leapt over the rock to catch him. Grabbing the orc in his large arms, he squeezed the hunter tight and boasted, "Got you now!"

A little while passed with nothing happening. Rexxar was at least expecting the orc to struggle, instead... the head popped off as he squeezed what felt like palm tree leaves glued together filled with grass. The whole straw man was coated in a sticky yellow oil that had given the green leaves the yellow hue of an orc's skin.

"Crud," Rexxar cursed as he heard a branch snap and a hidden net of rope suddenly sprung up from under his feet. Through he was a heavy weight, the force of the tree was still enough to pull the wide net over his head and swing him up in the air, bending down again like a yo yo from the sheer weight of him. In the end he hung just slightly above the ground like a big boulder inside a sack.

Not a problem. All he had to do was just grab the net and tear until it ripped. But as he tried moving his arms, he suddenly felt increasingly numb. He finally caught the scent of the salve that had been smeared all over his arms and chest when he wrestled the straw man... Briarthorn crushed with some Kingsblood mixed into tree sap. That was an old trick in the book and made for a temporary paralytic poison that sept into the skin.

"N-No...!" He grunted. He still had some movement left in him, but the doze was still large enough to immobilize him. All he could do was flex his torso and kick with his legs, which did nothing more but rock the net back and forth. He was... actually helpless. And to add insult to injury, it was such an obvious trap that he had only sprung because he got overconfident in his excitement... one of the biggest mistakes you could make as a hunter.

Hopefully he would be able to escape before his captor showed up. But just as he looked around for signs of the hunter, a nearby brush began to rustle and the troll jumped out, his eyes widened at the sight of what had been caught in his trap. "I can't believe it, mon---ya... ya fell in my trap? MY TRAP?!"

Rexxar didn't want to dignify his blunder with a response, just grunting in frustration. "I got... I got da champion!" Taz squealed excited and Rexxar squirmed inside the net squirming as much as he could, hoping the poison would wear off soon. Circling around the captive champion, the troll snickered ever so satisfied and started to touch Rexxar's large form from outside the net, giving his numb arms a few good squeeze just to feel the firmness of his muscles.

"Oooh..." Taz purred as his eyes lit up, an excited bulge already swelling up on his crotch as he ogled the champion's muscular form. "Dat... dat god-like body..." the troll mumbled in admiration, circling around the net as if to get a picture from every angle until it suddenly struck him, "...What it be like naked?!"

"Wait, WHAT?!" Rexxar huffed and jerked inside the net, realizing that just because he had chosen not to take advantage of his captive... did not mean he would be given the same courtesy. And from the troll's peering eyes was already peeling his armor off, it didn't seem like he would have much of a say in the matter. He had to get out NOW.

But he still had almost no mobility. It was like he tried to move his arms and nothing was happening. The numbness from the poison still stinging into the flesh, making his limbs feel stiff and wooden. "Damn it," Rexxar grumbled and began to struggle as much as he possibly could, managing a few weak kicks inside the net only only for gravity to tilt him sideways and bump his head against the ground.

"MONKEY, SWINE, BULLS- ARGH!" Rexxar swore loudly as he felt his temper rising, he was not used to being this helpless. But another voice responded to his profanity. "...Rexxar?!" An orc's shouted back in the distance and Taz immediately put his hand over his captive's mouth to shut him up, "...Ya need to be quiet, mon!"

Rexxar didn't exactly take well to being manhandled and barked, "LIKE HELL I'LL BE QUI- MMPH!" But before he knew it, the troll had pulled a bandana out from his backpack and curled into a ball at the center, shoving it into Rexxar's mouth through the net and pulling the straps behind his fur hood, tying them together at his neck. Now all Rexxar could do was shout muffled into his new gag, "Omfhmp-MMMMMPMFH!"

Taz looked around the area panically, still highly alert. "I won't let him steal ya, mon! ...Ya be mine now!" He urged before suddenly releasing the net from the tree, causing Rexxar to drop right down on the ground. The enormous male began flexing his torso, the only movement he really had left, rolling in an attempt to peel the net off.

Rexxar Ambushed
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But as the net came loose, the troll jumping on top of him like mounting a giant bull, Rexxar violently trying to shake him off like a rodeo. They went on for a good solid minutes before he finally huffed, accepting the troll's position on his back. But it wasn't until the numbness in his arms finally began wearing off that he actually noticed what the troll was actually doing... as he suddenly felt the rope that was biting into his skin, joining both of his arms in a tight hold behind his back.

It became a race. If the troll managed to secure his arms tight enough before his strength returned... he could actually get captured. A possibility Rexxar hadn't even considered until now. "MMMFH!" He groaned and began flailing like a fish on land, but the longer the troll stayed on top, the tighter the ropes grew and the easier it became for Taz to restrain him.

"NOO-MMMPH!" Rexxar roared as he had regained his full mobility, but between all the thick layers of rope locking both arms together, the only thing he could flex now was his fingers. And as he watched a new set of rope being pulled over his head and down around his big chest, he recognized he was now in the exact the same situation as his own previous captive.

"Gotta make it hold..." Taz groaned as he used all of his strength to tighten the rope he had now coiled around Rexxar's chest and tying several knots, before he then grabbed set of rope and strung it in-between the champion's arms and rips, straining the chest tie so much Rexxar couldn't even wriggle his upper-arms anymore.

If nothing else, it was solid ropework. The troll had spared no expense restraining him, knowing full well how insanely strong Rexxar was and even the slightest crack would cause the whole casing to break. The captive champion let out a long defeated sigh as he knew it was over... the troll had actually won and regardless of how meager the young hunter seemed, he knew his ropes.

Still overly excited, Taz didn't waste any time climbing off and announcing, "...Now for da good part, mon!" Despite already being pretty done with it, Rexxar's eyes widened anew as he felt the troll pulling off one of his boots. He had almost forgotten why the troll had tied him up and realized he was about to get stripped. Worst of all, he couldn't even see past his own massive broad shoulders and had to blindly kick to try and stop the troll. He at least managed one hit as Taz yelped, "Ow, mon!"

But despite his resistance, it still didn't take the troll long to bare his feet and move on to his belt, fiddling with the buckle. "NO-OOMMOH-MMP-MFPH!" Rexxar protested angrily in his gag and began tossing and turning with his arms, seriously starting to put the ropes to the test. Not long after, he felt his loincloth being pulled off, stripped him entirely naked.

"Dat ass... fuck mon!" The troll praised his rear with a smack, before the three-fingered hands gave his buttocks a good long squeeze. Realizing the hand wasn't far from reaching his manhood, Rexxar quickly shot his legs together to deny the troll access... which turned into an even bigger mistake as the troll took the opportunity to loop some rope around his now joined ankles.

It was actually amazing how fast the hunter worked. It didn't take more than thirty seconds before both of his ankles were locked together tightly as well. Another rope got whipped out, and next his legs were getting pulled up and bent back in an effective hogtie. Him, the supposedly greatest hunter in the Horde, hogtied in the middle of a jungle. He felt his rage flaming up in a matter of seconds.

"HMMMMPFH!" He roared again and ironically began struggling like a wild beast. He tossed around so furiously that even his captor took a few scared steps back, thinking maybe had made a mistake and the large brute was about to snap the restraints, ready punish the troll for such humiliation.

But as the minutes began to stack up and the sweat rolled down Rexxar's naked body, it began to sink in. He really wasn't getting free. The ropes were obviously firm enough to hold an overly muscular orc and with the thick layers he had gotten wrapped in, not even his strength was going to cut it. All he had managed to do was get his dick hard by grinding it repeatedly against the soft grass below.

"Hmmph," he groaned and looked to the troll, curiously observing from a safe distance with the exact same look as any hunter... a gaze that said, "Did I do it? ...Did I capture the beast?" With a long exhale through his nose, Rexxar conceded and closed his eyes to quiet down, "Hm-mmmph..."

It took a few minutes before the troll realized it as well, feasting his eyes on the champion's now still form. "...I- I did it, mon. I really did it." He approached the muscled giant, tapping him a few times to see if Rexxar was going to try and tackle him again, but the captive remained submissive. There was no point now, and no amount of anger was going to change the facts except wear him out even further.

The troll began to run his curious hand over Rexxar's bulky form, fondling every muscle just to feel the champion's physique in his own palms. "Mmmpfh..." Rexxar muttered actually enjoying the troll massaging and worshipping every inch his body. He could just remain here... however helpless, it wasn't like the troll could actually carry or force him to go anywhere.

"...Rexxar! Where are you?!" The silence was suddenly interrupted as he heard an orc yell again, still very distant. The soft embrace came to a quick stop as the troll moved up and started trying to pull him away by feet, dragging him only half an inches with each heave. "Ya so h-heavy, mon...!" Taz gasped in his utterly pointless endeavour, still unwilling to give it up.

"Hmpfh..." Rexxar sighed as he felt the twigs and pebbles slowly scrape against his bared skin on the ground, beginning to sulk at the indignation. Did the troll honestly think he could whisk away a giant mok'nathal male all by himself? Even if Taz had managed to capture him by some miracle, the size difference alone meant Rexxar wasn't going anywhere by force.

Still the young hunter didn't give up and sounded more hysterical by the minute. "I- ...I won't let dem steal me prey! ...Rexxar's mine!" Taz snapped as he tried lifting Rexxar's legs up to drag him like some wheelbarrow over his shoulders, actually managing to drag him along a few inch before he had to take a break completely out of breath.

"Hmm-mmmpfh..." Rexxar growled, starting to wish the orc would just show up already. It was then he began to ponder who the orc was... he had left Drax tied up and even though it wasn't as tight as his own bindings, it would still take the orc a few hours to wriggle his way out of Rexxar's own ropework.

It was then Rexxar began to think about it. What would actually happen if someone were to find them? He looked back at the troll still trying to heave him away... that dude wouldn't last five seconds in a direct confrontation. So the troll would get caught alongside him and he would wind up as someone else's bounty. What if...

The image of Nazgrel laughing popped into his head. Laughing hard and out loud. "You, hahaha- you- HAHA- got caught- HAHAHA, by the troll?! HAHAHA!!" Rexxar sulked at the thought. In fact, how would any of the orcs that admired him so reacting to his captive state? He looked back at the troll with an idea forming in his mind.

"Mommh-mpphh-pah!" Rexxar tried to call out, pushing the gag out of his mouth with his tongue. The troll didn't even pay him any attention, being far too busy trying to haul his prize away. "Mpmha-mha- pa- Taz'dingo!" He finally managed to push the cloth out enough to actually formulate words and called out. The troll looked back as he cursed, "Down here, ya dim cur."

"...No, ya need ta be quiet!" Taz urged and quickly bent down to Rexxar's front, grabbing the gag to shove it back into his mouth. Rexxar gritted his teeth, cocking his head from side to side to avoid it while getting a few words in, "Just- ...LISTEN! ONE SEC- I'LL WAL-MMMPH!" He looked into the troll's eyes with a serious frown as Taz pushed the gag back into his mouth, clenching his jaw with a slight twitch in his right eye as if to say, "If you seriously don't take that thing out now I'm going to lose it."

Taz paused with his hand still pressing the cloth into Rexxar's maw, clenching a bit before nervously pulling the gag back out. The champion took a deep breath to calm himself before suggesting, "I'll walk. Just, untie my feet." Taz seemed rather surprised to hear his big burly captive suddenly act so compliant. "R-really, mon...? Ya-" But Rexxar cut him short rather impatient, "Yes."

The troll looked at his bound feet still hesitating, then it seemed a thought struck him as he shook his head and his tone changed complete, looking utterly betrayed. "NO! Ya- ...Ya trying to trick Taz! It won't work." Rexxar rolled his eyes and sighed again, "I'm not... trying to trick you." But the troll raised two fingers and recited,  "Lesson two: Never trust da beast."

Rexxar grumbled and retorted, "That was in regards to- ...Nevermind." In the end, he knew the troll was right. He had done that same dance so many times... bigger prey always tried pulling those tricks on him and he couldn't fault the hunter for following his own principles. Taz was already on edge and had every reason to worry about losing Rexxar, his capture already being an impossible feat.

"Just loosen them a bit then. Just enough to walk," Rexxar dully suggested with a deep frown and the troll at least seemed to buy the idea, "Still, mon... ya be much stronger den Taz. Ya could just walk away-" But Rexxar interrupted him and injected, "Use a leash then. Do what you have to." He looked up in the troll's eyes and raised a brow before giving a slight nod to show sincerity.

Taz couldn't help but blurt out an honest question, "Why ya wanna help Taz, mon? I be ya captor..." Rexxar looked away and paused. "I..." Was he honestly gonna confess his shame to the troll? At this point, there was nothing left to lose. "...I wish to avoid Nazgrel." The troll looked a bit baffled but understanding, "I get ya, mon... Taz wants ta stay clear of dat orc too."

"You don't get it," Rexxar scoffed and looked directly down into the grass as he began to explain, "Nazgrel is a war strategist. He'll predict my delayed start... round up some stragglers, then proceed to come for me." Taz took a moment to chew on what Rexxar explained and then finally seemed to realize what that meant for him, "But dat means... Naz- ...Nazgrel be coming here!"

"We gotta get outta here, mon!" Taz stressed and now instantly rushed over to Rexxar's bound ankles without further complaints, fiddling with the knots. But again the troll paused as he realized something else. "Ya... ya want Taz ta set ya free, mon?" But Rexxar didn't even hesitate in his answer and just gave him a blunt, "No."

"But- ...But ya be Rexxar! ...Ya could take down Nazgrel! Dat... dat orc DESERVES ta lose, mon! ...Taz, don't mind. Nobody would believe he caught da champion anyway..." the troll digressed as he looked down at the big champion naked and bound before him, realizing he had gotten one of the two powerful warriors destined to duel before they even had a chance to fight.

"That's not honorable, Taz'dingo." Rexxar's response made the troll peak up again. "This hunt... these hunters... all accepted the same rules. I might not like it... but I am your prey." Hearing Rexxar concede that made the bulge on the troll's tabard shoot up like a tower and the champion wriggled a bit in his bindings, knowing what was going to come next.

"Alright, mon..." The troll finally agreed and had seemingly grown a lot more confidence. "Taz won't let anyone steal ya! Ya- ...Ya be me pet now!" Rexxar shut his eyes in slight regret, that phase was never going to sit well with him. "Rexxar as Taz's pet..." The troll echoed, grinned triumphantly overly happy his squirm captive.

"Taz... the ropes." Rexxar reminded with a slightly resentful grumble. "Right, mon..." Taz at least nodded and stepped over to untie his feet. Finally the rope connecting his ankles and wrists came undone, allowing his legs to fall back down. The troll then sat on his calves and fiddled with the ropes around his ankles, before suddenly saying, "Done!"

"You didn't do anything," Rexxar remarked as he could still feel the rope tightly strained around his ankles, the only difference was now he could pull his legs a bit apart with two ropes joining the cuffs around his feet, "...That's it?!" The troll climbed off him all the same and concluded, "Ya can walk now." At best he would only be able to inch along.

"Ya really keeping me on a tight leash," Rexxar growled and the troll clapped, "Dat be a great idea, mon! ...I'll put a leash on ya too!" The champion gritted his teeth in sheer regret, why did he have to use those words? "Now, me pet... stand up," Taz commanded as he stood in front of Rexxar looking directly down at his captive.

With a gulp, the troll quickly swallowed his new-found attitude as Rexxar rose up to his full height. He had almost forgotten how big a mok'nathal male really was, but now that Rexxar was standing straight up right in front of him, he almost had to look up in the sky to meet the mountainous figure's glowing azure eyes with the dark intimidating wolf hood.

"Erh..." Taz scrambled for words. It was first when his eyes traveled back down Rexxar bared form that he refound his confidence as he could see the chest bulging under the tight layers of rope, the overly muscular arms tightly secured behind the back with the gag hanging loosely around his powerful neck. No matter how big, tough and menacing Rexxar truly looked, he was still a captive.

And as the troll's eyes continued traveling down Rexxar's chiseled abs, his heart began to pound as he finally noticed the huge boner towering in the air, twitching ever so slightly. And with the size difference between them, the tip almost reached his chin. "It- be so big, mon!" That was the typical reaction Rexxar got to his manhood.

"So what will it be, 'master'...?" Rexxar remarked sarcastically with a smug grin, the troll's tongue almost sticking out at the sight of his big juicy cock. The troll shook his head to regain some self-control and reached down in his backpack for the last of his rope, "Alright, pet... lean down for ya leash."

Rexxar rolled his eyes with a disappointed sigh, but he might as well get it over with and bent his head down as much as he could with his arms locked behind his back. But the troll had gotten mesmerized by his huge dick again and he had to bark to snap the hunter out of it, "Taz. ...TAZ!" The troll's eyes suddenly shifted between Rexxar's intimidating face and the tempting cock. It even took Rexxar a few seconds to realize what was going through the troll's head.

"No, no-no-no. NO!" Rexxar barked as the troll stretched out a rope in front of his exposed and unprotected erection. But despite his numerous protests, the troll still mercilessly seized his big meat in pure lust. After a few coils and knots, Rexxar's humongous dick had been turned it into a bound handle with his balls tightly strained by a spiral of rope, serving as an anchor for his new "leash."

Words failed him. He just stood there frozen in place, teeth clenched with his right eye twitching as he stared down at his own proud cock tightly restrained. The rope looped around his base like a mooring post, able feel every bulging vein in his manhood as his dick pulsated in its absolute strained state.

It was first when the troll gave a few tugs to test the leash and his hard cock jiggled like a bell that he felt the inevitable burst of rage fire up through his chest. "YOU DAMN CUR-!" Rexxar roared, only inviting the gag back inside his wide-open maw, muffling the rest of his profanity into a long set of loud grunts, "MMM-OMRRH-Mmmfhp! MMM-OMMFHP! MMPFH!"

"D-AMPH Y-MMH" Rexxar grunted angrily, shooting back up as he glared down at the troll, grunted and huffing through his nose while he jerked his bound arms in raw frustration. But he about to learn just how this power dynamic really worked, as his otherwise small captor stared straight back into his eyes and with a squint, literally told him off like an animal. "I told ya to be quiet, pet."

The champion stared at the troll blank with wide eyes, baffled by his newfound attitude and change of tone. Never in his life would Rexxar have imagined underneath all that fumbling and inexperience was such a power high control freak. Not only had Taz stripped him naked, bound and gagged him, but was now toying with his proud manhood while talking down to him.

"That's better, pet. ...Now follow." Taz applauded with a surprisingly smug tone. And something in Rexxar snapped. As the troll casually turned and tugged in the leash for Rexxar to follow, he quickly learned from his grip on the leash that the champion wasn't going to move an inch. He looked back at Rexxar and tugged again, but even though the big hard dick wobbled from the strain, the mountain still didn't move.

Taz tugged, again and again. It wasn't that the rope didn't have any effect and the harder he pulled, the heavier Rexxar's breath got with a few held back groans. He just stood there, back straightened with his chest puffed up like a large shadowy tower in front of his captor. The troll clenched the rope leash in his three-fingered hand and followed the line to the base of Rexxar's bound dick, pulling in it again as if to reaffirm it was working.

"...Move, pet!" The troll stressed, trying to make eye contact with the champion's eyes. Rexxar merely snorted in response and glared back as if he was saying "make me." It was now a standoff between men, both of them trying to assert dominance. Rexxar by refusing to acknowledge the troll's control over him, brushing it off as nothing. Taz by trying to make his captive obey and prove that he could control such a large figure.

The troll pulled again and again, Rexxar groaning and even taking a light step forward in recoil before shaking his head and biting down on the dry cloth balled up in his mouth. The longer the battle went on, the more he felt his limbs starting to trumble from the pain, begging him to give him. But he wasn't going to give in, not again.

"Mmmmpfh..." Rexxar groaned and shut his eyes as the troll pulled in the leash again, long and hard. When he opened his eyes again and looked down, he thought Taz would have at least gotten frustrated with him, that he was winning... instead the hunter had broken eye contact long ago and was instead looking intensely at his body with studying eyes, paying attention to his heaving chest, every muscle spasm and the precum starting to leak out.

He recognized those eyes... they were the eyes of a hunter, trying to understand his prey. Taz was trying to see what him tick, how much he could actually take before collapsing. And much to his surprise, the next time Taz yanked in the leash, the shock through his trembling body finally made him recoil and take a few steps forward. Rexxar's eyes widened in sheer astonishment... he was actually getting tamed, his very own body controlled by someone else.

"Ya ready to follow now, pet?" Those words made Rexxar's heart sink in his chest. He looked down at his own twitching cock, almost pulsating at this point. His own sex was betraying him, the involuntary movements had already lost him the battle. In a way, it made him excited... he had never been bested and dominated before, this was entirely new to him and his eyes kept shifting between his leashed cock and the troll holding the rope.

Again the troll tugged in his dick and without further argument he started walking almost involuntarily, scuttling along with his small steps like the chained prisoner he had become. Still baffled and unable to comprehend this was actually working. "Mmmmpfh..." He grunted and the troll took the lead.

He couldn't help but stare down at the small troll in front of him in bewilderment. Somehow, someway... beneath all that fumbling and awkwardness, there was a truly quick study and dominant male. For a brief moment, he actually considered the troll the superior male... until the guy started humming a cheerful tune and Rexxar sunk back into his unimpressed sullen mood, starting to jerk in the ropes again with his arms.

After a good twenty minutes with Taz constantly stopping to scout from behind cover, as if anyone wouldn't notice the broad naked giant behind him, they finally got clear enough from the jungle to enter the bright light of the afternoon sun, sparkling and bathing on his still sweating skin. A sight that made the troll break into a satisfied smirk. Rexxar ignored him and looked back at the oasis one last time... at least he had avoided the orcs as originally planned.

"Come pet," the troll commanded and yanked again. Rexxar groaned, jerking frustrated in his bound arms a few times before following suit with a long sullen growl. "Need ta find a place ta hide until sunset," the troll assessed as he scanned the horizon, "...Gonna be hard ta find a spot for someone as big as da champion!" He winked back at Rexxar so triumphant, much to his dismay.

"Rexxar!" A voice suddenly called from the jungle. Taz almost jumped into the air, that pretense of confidence quickly vanishing. "Shit, we gotta run-" The troll sneered and looked to Rexxar, who shook his head and pointed down to his cuffed legs.

Still the troll yanked and tried to get him to move faster, but quickly realized there was no way they were gonna get away in time. That was the difficult part of the hunt, securing your prey... especially someone as big as Rexxar. "What can Taz do-" The troll tried to think and looked around for nearby hiding spots... on an almost barren desert.

"Rexxar!" The voice called again, this time much closer. Suddenly an orc emerged from of the oasis yelling, "...Wait for me!" The troll instinctively flinched and cried out, "No! Ya won't steal him, mon! Ya won't... won't..." His words stumbled off as he caught a glimpse of the orc and a moment of silence befell the scene. It was Drax.

The orc froze up on the spot, trying to fathom what he was seeing. "Re-Rexxar?!" The orc stuttered, completely shocked at the sight of his hero in bondage. Rexxar couldn't even bite his lip in regret, as this was the reaction he had hoped to avoid by following the troll. But now the cat was out of the bag and Drax was gawking completely dumbfounded.

Not only was the great and powerful "Champion of the Horde" completely naked with his muscular body in plain sight, tightly restrained with thick ropes keeping his arms bound behind his back and thoroughly gagged with a thick cloth stuffed deep inside his toothy maw, but he was also hard as a rock with his big stiff dick leashed on a rope being led around by a troll half his size, the very same troll Drax had repeatedly and often mocked.

"N-No..." He stammered, almost speechless. Yet even if the orc didn't want to believe it, it was impossible not to see how completely and utterly dominated state Rexxar was in. "You fucking got him..." Drax admitted, knowing the only way a warrior a proud and strong as Rexxar could ever be subjugated like that was if the troll had actually overpowered him. And Taz nodded with a wide grin as he tugged in the leash just to gloat over the power he held over the hunter's hero.

"UHH I-PHIOPH!" Rexxar grunted trying to yell, "YOU IDIOT!" As the orc had not yet actually escaped Rexxar's capture and his arms were still tied behind his back. That reckless guy had actually just given chase and thought the champion left him behind, coming out of the clearing completely unable to help and defend himself. A fact that Drax was now starting to realize as well as the troll glanced at him smug.

Taz's eyes started shifting between them as he realized what was going on. "Ha... ha... HA! ....Da champion caught ya!" The orc couldn't stop gawking with a slight twitch in his eye. "How- ...How the HELL did you catch him?!" Drax protested as he wriggled with his arms uneasy. The troll exchanged a look with his captive champion who gave a beckoning look that said, "...Just leave him." But the troll shook his head and yanked in the leash around his dick again, "Mmmpfh-"

"It be looking like..." Taz started boasting as he tugged Rexxar along and moved towards the orc, "...I got meself another prize." Drax gritted his teeth and slowly backed away as the troll came closer, only to carelessly trip over a rock as he backpaddled and landed on his rear. "Crap," he gulped as he looked straight into the palm of the three-fingered hand reaching for his face.

Chapter 4: Hunters and Prey
It didn't take long for the prideful orc hunter to end up in the exact same situation as Rexxar. After a quick tussle, Taz had not only managed to strip away his legendary gear but even reapplied the restraints mimicking that of the champion's, leaving the orc with only his treasured tooth necklace to decorate his large chest, retained only through massive protest.

It was strange for Rexxar to see the naked orc underneath all the armor. He had another set of claw scars on his forehead that had been hidden underneath his wyrm hood, with a short mohawk on his otherwise bald head. It was like the troll had stripped away his hunter status, capturing the man underneath.

...Which was very much the same feeling Rexxar had when he got caught in the trap, but it became much more apparent watching someone else get the same treatment right in front of him. He couldn't even do anything about it, the heavy layers of ropes still keeping his massive arms in check, as the troll took the orc he had captured previously and joined him together with Rexxar.

"TAGO NUK ZUGOK!" Drax cursed and yelled in orcish as the troll moved down to his dick, fashioning him a similar collar by straining several layers of rope around his thick meat. Despite how utterly humiliating it was, there was something incredibly arousing about it that kept them hard as rock. Like a constant grip squeezing around the base, their manhood completely dominated.

"Complain all ya want, mon. Dis be karma fer da times ya got me," the troll remarked with an overly satisfied grin as he rose back up and tugged the leash several times to assert his dominance. "Hmph," Drax snorted and jerked in his bonds before ranting, "You didn't do shit. The champion got me-" His words cut off as he glanced at Rexxar next to him, looking even more disgruntled than before.

"...And I got da champion. Since ya be his prey, now ye be mine." Taz gloated. It was hard to argue with the troll when he already had someone as powerful as Rexxar under his control. He ran his hands over the bound orc's body and gave his pecs a good squeeze. "Not as firm as da champion's, though..." He mocked a bit with a pursed lip, the power really starting to go to his head. But who were they to complain at this point.

To finish off, Taz reached down into what had once been Rexxar's backpack and pulled out the bandana, forming into another gag in order to seal Drax's mouth as well. The orc refused and shut his mouth tight to block the gag, but the troll simply pinched his nose with two fingers and soon enough, the orc gasped for air... opening wide for the cloth to fill his mouth.

"Mmmph-Mmmpfh----MMMMMPH!" Drax complained to no avail. At first he looked so crossed with his brows arched across his scarred face as he furiously tossed and turned with his bound arms, until he finally tired himself out while the troll was simply enjoying watching him with a smug grin. Since it had worked on Rexxar, Taz already had complete confidence it would work on him.

The two captives shared a sullen look. They were next to each other, but couldn't even talk. It was like they were pieces of property now, not even permitted to interact. Both so utterly dominated by the troll. Yet they shared an unspoken understanding as if they could read each other's mind and say, "I can't believe this shit happened to us." Or that Taz now was the one to leave the oasis with both of the other hunters as his captives.

Taz drags his prey along
[Click to Enlarge]
"Off we go, mon." Taz ordered even more confident than before and kept yanking in their leash to make them follow, their stiff cocks wobbling like jelly. "Hmp-Mmph..." Rexxar grumbled with Drax joining in, "Mmmpfh..." Another tug in their dicks and they finally started walking in tow, however indignant and resentful they felt about it.

"Mmh-Ommmfh-Mmmph!" The orc complaining every step of the way with his muffled grunts. The troll didn't even pay his complaints any heed and simply overruled them by pulling the leash. But still he kept at it with long growling moans. Either he was temperamental or perhaps he just refused to acknowledge the troll, Rexxar thought.

...Admittedly, neither did he concede being subdued by someone so meagerly looking. Yet with both of them in his possession, the smaller guy suddenly seemed much more powerful in his appearance, brazenly humming as he dragged such enormous muscle-bound males around. It would have been an unbelievable sight if he didn't literally have them strung along by their dicks.

They spent a good thirty minutes trying to find a suitable hiding spot. There were not a lot of good places with enough cover to hide a pair of such large males. Which was probably why Nazgrel choose The Barrens for his hunt, to make it difficult to play safe. Time was also starting to run out as the sun beginning to set and the blue sky was starting to turn orange. In about two hours, he would be spending all night long as the troll's fuck toy.

Then they came across a building along the outskirts of the designated zone that not even Rexxar recognized, despite having traveled almost every inch of the land. It seemed to be a recent construction from the still shiny stone with an unusually clean banner sign that actually read, "Dungeon For Rent."

Dungeon For Rent
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"Amh mh-omh com-mmph!" Rexxar grunted trying to say, "That's strangely convenient." Something didn't seem right about this. Why would someone construct a dungeon in the middle of nowhere? He got the feeling that building was the last thing he should be entering in his current state. "MOMMH-MMMPH!" He protested and tried pulling back, but the troll was already enticed and and yanked hard in his leash to make him follow.

"Whoa... dis be da perfect place ta put me prey!" Taz commented and walked up to the front door, "I wonder how much de charge?" Before he could even knock, the large wooden doors creaked open and a small creature peaked out. It was so short even the the troll had to look down to meet his eyes. A green goblin about half the troll's size came out to greet them, dressed in a fancy black tux.

The Dungeon Keeper
[Click to Enlarge]
"Welcome, honorable master..." The goblin complimented and rolled out his fingers into an open palm in a fancier gesture. It took the troll a while to register the goblin was referring to him, pointing to his own face, "...Me? ...I ain't no master, mon." The goblin shook his head with a bit of confusion, then pointed to the two captives leashed by their still hard erections. "...Are you not the proper owner of these two... muscled slaves?"

Being referred to as a slave made both Drax and Rexxar join in muffled protest, "Mmpfh-mpmfh!" "Om- OMMPH!" This only made the goblin break into a subtle smirk as he continued to lead the troll on, "...And for such a young owner like yourself to hold such veteran warriors... truly you must be a powerful master to have subdued such superior physique."

Like an idiot, Taz swallowed every word of the goblin's flattery and shrugged with a slight blush, "Well, mon... Taz did set up a pretty clever trap." The goblin nodded acknowledging and then casually strolled back to the gate, giving it a surprisingly strong shove and revealed a pedestal at the center of the dungeon's entrance with a big book resting on the stand.

"...Master Taz then," the goblin said as he jumped up on a tall stool behind the pedestal, then opened the book wide and dipped a brush in some ink. "Shall I assume you will be registering these two slaves for... an extended stay? Two months perhaps?" The goblin asked and glanced at the champion towering behind the troll with a sly wink, "I assure you, we have a cage large enough even for a Mok'Nathal." Rexxar looked absolutely appalled by the suggestion and growled threateningly, "MOMMFH-MMMPH!"

"...Slaves?" Taz repeated the goblin's words and looked to the two hunters he had captured in the game, "Dese... not be slaves, mon!" The goblin tilted with his head with a raised brow and questioned, "But surely... they're your property, no? You already seem to fully control their... attire and permissions. Who would willingly submit to such a status?"

The goblin's question made the troll looked a bit baffled as he glanced back at the two captives, unsure of how to explain and started to realize just how far he had gotten carried away. Now realizing they didn't go full on bondage until after the hunt, but he still already had them naked to boot, bound and gagged during the entire exchange like they weren't in the conversation.

He scratched the back of his head trying to think of an explanation. "Well, erh... dis be kind of... a special hunt. Ya see, we be huntin' each other until da nightfall." Disappointed, the goblin shut the book and nodded with closed eyes. "Very well," he concluded and Rexxar sighed with relief. At least they weren't about to get installed in an actual prison.

...But something about this was fishy. Rexxar recognized the goblin, it was the very same that had told him about the event. Not only that, but the guy had literally been expecting them and weren't at all taken back by the sudden sight of such large naked males in bondage. So if the goblin knew of the event's nature... that meant he had bet on the champion winding up in front of this dungeon. "Hmm... hmpfh!" He grunted and winched, already certain the goblin was lying through his teeth.

And before the troll could walk away, the goblin broke into a cheeky grin and played a suggestive tone, "...Perhaps afterwards, would you still wish to use the dungeon for the night... free of charge?" Taz paused for a moment and pondered, "Free? ...Taz wouldn't have to pay ta use de room?" The goblin grinned with such sharp teeth it was like a small tiny shark that had just caught its prey.

"There's just one little thing you would need to do in return..." The goblin remarked and waggled one of his fat little fingers. "Ommfh-mmph," "Mmp-Mmmpfh!" Rexxar and Drax now both grunted, trying to warn the troll. "...What would Taz need ta do, mon?" The troll asked and shrugged a shoulder. You could see the shadow spread across the goblin's face as his brows furrowed with a widening grin.

"To the northeast of here, there's a cave with some... unattended slaves. Bring them here," the goblin said and pointed to the nearby mountain. "Could dat be..." The troll looked curiously to the horizon as his ears twitched, "...Another hunter's prey?" Rexxar scowled, how had the goblin managed to track other hunters from inside this structure?

Taz kept shifting between his two current captives and the small mountain in the distance. "Taz... could get even more prey..." He muttered as he pursed his lip. Already Rexxar could see the overconfident sparkle in his eyes, trying to bite more than he could chew. "Do-mph mh mho iph!" The bound champion tried to advice, but he remained completely mute in this conversation.

"Alright mon," Taz nodded to accept the goblin's bargain, shaking hands despite both captives' continued muffled protests to dissuade him.  "Mmmpfh-" "Omm-Tamph!" Instead the troll dragged them by their leash to the dungeon wall besides the entrance, sitting them down on the ground. To make sure they wouldn't go anywhere, he leaned down and tied their ankles to their thighs, effectively locking their legs together.

"Be back for ya soon, mon..." The troll promised with determination in his eyes, but Rexxar simply huffed having realized he was now a prisoner in a game now long past his control. An item being juggled around with seemingly no near end to his bondage. Whatever he tried now was useless and he probably had to get used to being tied up. "Hmmmpfh..."

As the troll left them behind and turned around the corner of the building, the goblin wasted no time walking up to the two new captives with a wide toothy grin rubbing his two little dirty hands together.

Chapter 5: End Game
"Well, well, well..." The goblin taunted as he turned to the two large bound males right at his doorstep. They both glared at him intensely as he slowly circled around them, briefly touching them to measure their sheer size with his hands as if to inspect some merchandise he had just scored in a trade.

"I'll admit, I thought it was a long shot..." He teased as he walked along Rexxar's side, running one of his clawed nails across the champion's side down to his waist and confessed as to gloat, "I didn't expect to actually get you delivered on my doorstep. Along with one of the orc hounds, no less!"

"HMMM-OMMMMFH!" Drax and Rexxar roared as they both began to struggle furiously, kicking and thrashing about. The goblin clapped three times as to make them quiet down. The only reason they actually paused was because they already had put the ropes to the test and with their legs crammed together, they were really only able to wriggle at best.

"Now I know what you're thinking... that little goblin can't possibly move us, big titanic warriors!" He shook his head and pulled out a small vial from his pocket, "Potion of strength... an alchemic boost you might say." He popped the cork and gulped the yellow translucent substance down. Then he approached the orc and in a single heave, lifted the guy up above his head. ...Which at the goblin's height as not very far up, more like levitating.

Still, with both his arms and legs constrained, all Drax could do was flail like a fish as the goblin wobbled like he was walking drunk, trying to carry the enormous orc into the dungeon. "DR-AMMPH, DR-AAAAMPH!" Rexxar roared and repeatedly thrust his chest upwards while bending his arms down as if struck by an electric shock to strain the ropes around his chest.

Panting heavily with the sweat rolling down his chest, he looked to see if it had any effect. It actually worked and the ropes had loosened... about a quarter of an inch. "DA-MPH IPH!" He cursed into his gag as the goblin came back outside, no longer with Drax in sight. Presumably the orc had been stashed inside, likely in some box or cage.

"W-amph mh mph om Dr-amph?!" Rexxar growled as the goblin wiped his hands like a job well done. Turning to the Champion, the goblin smirked and answered as if he had actually understood what Rexxar had tried to say, "Don't worry... your fellow hunter is waiting for you in the cage. Why don't we lock you two inside before that troll comes back... or even that grumpy old orc?"

His gloating quickly turned into an annoyed scowl as he had expected Rexxar to protest and put up a fight, but instead the champion had stopped struggling entirely and simply looked at him unimpressed with a raised eyebrow. "What?" The goblin huffed and it wasn't until the shadow of a large bulky figure covered him he realized why.

As he turned around, a large beefy green orc was standing right next to him with his muscular arms crossed over his heavily scarred chest, looking down at the little gnat with an angry sneer. "N-N-N-N-Nazgrel!" The goblin stuttered and tripped backwards over his own feet. "So that's your plan, maggot." He glanced at his bound friend and his eyes actually glowed red with fury.

"No-no-no, I was just OFFERING your hunters a room-" The goblin immediately tried to lie his way out of the situation as he got back on his feet, but Nazgrel shook his head and took a few steps back into a small dash and with one solid kick... punted the goblin high up into the sky. He held his hand above his eyes as he watched the green blob land far away in the distance.

"Hmp-hmp-hmp," Rexxar let loose a muffled laugh and Nazgrel cocked his head with a raised eyebrow a bit curious and judgemental. The champion had all but forgotten for a moment how naked he was in front of his old friend and immediately tried to explain, "Om-mmpfh, mhmmh Na-mpmp!"

The orc winched and shrugged his shoulders as if he was supposed to understand any of that. "I was expecting to fight you, old friend. ...Not find you trussed up like a bitch," he mocked Rexxar and the champion let loose a disappointed sigh. Nazgrel then turned into more of a smirk as he grabbed his bulge and massaged it, "Not that I'm complaining. I still got you."

"Na-mphgel, NA-MPGHEL!" Rexxar kept trying to communicate, but Nazgrel seemed a bit preoccupied with stroking the growing boner on his loincloth. He always was a simple orc and now getting hornier by the minute. He feasted his eyes on Rexxar's muscular physique with a toothy smile, "Ya know, they all went looking for you. Made them an easy catch. Got them all stashed nearby, too."

"NAAGGMPPH!" Rexxar almost shouted and the orc started to grow annoyed with the champion's constant grunting. He sighed and stepped forward, pulling out the gag from Rexxar's mouth and scoffed, "What?" Rexxar hacked a bit in relief from finally getting that cloth out of his mouth before he explained, "...Drax's imprisoned in the dungeon!"

"...Drax?" Nazgrel asked a bit confused as he looked at the open gate and peaked inside. He nodded as to confirm, but rather than going inside he paused as if he suddenly realize something. "Wait... If Drax's in there... and I got the other orcs..." He winced at Rexxar with pursed lips and the champion immediately looked away, you could almost see the sweat drops roll of his forehead under the wolf hood.

"...The ...troll-" Nazgrel heaved before bursting into laughter, "Hahahahahaha, HA HA HA!" Rexxar pouted and muttered, "It was a good trap, okay." The orc wiped a tear from his eye and gleamed, "This is the best day ever..." His mood returned to horny again as he looked at the naked captive again and put a finger under his lip, "You know... this dungeon thing might prove useful after all."

"What?" Rexxar asked furrowing his brows, suddenly feeling a bit uneasy again. But Nazgrel shook his head with his signature toothy grin, that one he always sported when he was at his happiest... bossing people around. "I got you here Rexxar. Mr. Tryhard's inside the cage. And I got the stragglers."

What Nazgrel implied made him realize something. "Not the... north-eastern cave, is it?" Rexxar asked and the orc raised an eyebrow, "Good guess-" From the champion's concerned look, Nazgrel was starting to catch on as well. "Wait... where is that fucking troll? No way he'd leave YOU behind..."

"The goblin knew," Rexxar remarked and looked into the distance in the direction the goblin had been sent flying, "...I don't know how-" But before he could finish his sentence, Nazgrel had already started sprinting towards the small mountain as he howled, "DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH MY PREY!"

"Nazgrel! ....NAZGREL!" Rexxar shouted but to no avail. The orc was already long gone and left Rexxar behind with his one-track mind. "How did I get myself into this..." He muttered and sighed, looking down at his own bound body. In spite of everything, he was still hard as rock with the tip of his penis glittering in the sunset.

"Why is this... still... so enjoyable," he complained as he began easing himself into another struggle attempt, wriggling his feet along the ground with the small patches of grass tickling his soles. He tried to reach any of the knots behind his back, but he still only flex his fingers at best with both his arms stuck together in the cuffs of thick rope.

The only movement he still had left was to thrust his hips, which at this point he just embraced. He curled together, then used his feet to push his waist up as he shot his head back. He really had to put all his muscles to work just to achieve that simple motion, straining both his arms and legs to push against the ground just to flex his abdomen.

Still he tried, again and again, heaving as the sweat rolled off his body. He could feel the blood rushing to his ground, his stiff member twitching in the cooling air as he stretched his abdomen.

Rexxar Struggles
[Click to Enlarge]
He didn't know whether it was the heat, the strain from the rope around the base of his manhood, all the tension in his muscles or the tingling sensation from squirming in the green patch, but he finally felt his climax surge through his body and groaned, "Unnnfhh," as his load splattered all over his bound chest.

"Fuck..." Rexxar panted as he looked down at the mess glittering in the sunset. His cock still pulsating with a few drops leaking from the tip, quickly drying in the sharp light like a thin wax. The muscular chest expanding and contrasting with his rapid breaths. "Hmph," he grunted slightly dissatisfied.

The scene was suddenly interrupted as the goblin came back from the corner, still reeling from the kick that had sent him flying. "Erh..." Rexxar muttered unsure of what to say, but the goblin completely ignored him as he shifted his head around looking for Nazgrel. He spotted the orc's heavy footprints across the plains and immediately gave pursuit while screaming enraged, "Aaaarrrhh!"

"...Nazgrel!" The champion muttered as he suddenly began twisting and turning in his ropes, but he already knew it was of no use. He hadn't been able to get free for the last couple of hours, and he certainly wasn't gonna get loose now. Still, what could he do?

Desperately he gritted his teeth and looked into the horizon while shouting, "...Misha! MISHA!" There was no response. Of course, his bear was too far away to hear his call. And likely still sleeping outside the tavern.

But Rexxar wasn't about to give up so easily. If he couldn't summon his bear, then maybe another animal could help him. He was nicknamed "The Beastmaster," after all. He bit his lip as he looked through the terrain for anything, then finally noticed a sign of movement behind an old log. He couldn't make out what kind of animal it was, but still tried calling out with a long loud whistle. A sizable rodent suddenly popped up from the ground in response to the hunter's call and hopped over.

Weasel Tunneler
[Click to Enlarge]
"So that's how the goblin has been keeping taps on us..." Rexxar sneered as the critter obeyed his summons and sat down in front of him, "...Weasel tunnelers. ...Sleazy little goblin trained pets." The mammal even had a stylish black hat and chewed on a small stick like a cigar, looking more like a henchman than an animal.

"Still... this will have to do." Rexxar rued and concentrated on the weasel, staring into its eyes and almost hypnotizing the rodent. "Eyes of the Beast," the the champion chanted and both his and the weasel's eyes began to glow as if he had possessed the animal.

"Go... follow them," Rexxar commanded and the creature immediately darted across the plains at rapid speed. Through the beast's eyes, the champion could see past his own limited position and observe what was going on. It was like he had become tiny and almost flew along the ground.

It didn't take the weasel long to reach the mountain. There was a small cave in the stone wall, just a small pocket easy to miss if you weren't looking for it. But as a trained scout, the rodent immediately spotted it and instinctively looked around for a place to observe, climbing to the top of a nearby tree for a higher vantage point. From there, Rexxar to see everything going on inside.

Already he could see Nazgrel confronting Taz inside the cave, standing in the center of the passage to bar any chance of escape. Behind the troll were three other orcs, all of them on their knees naked, bound and gagged with their huge arms firmly restrained and hung hard dicks all leashed together. The "Taz treatment," Rexxar thought.

"Look at you, trying to snatch my prey..." Nazgrel remarked at the three captive orcs, all of them looking severely annoyed to not only have been stripped, but also have their manhood roped up. None of them looked like a pushover, each seemed a battle-hardened warrior with both scars and war paint decorating their burly muscled bodies. It was obvious it wasn't the troll who had managed to take them, only Nazgrel had the capability of dominating such a large number of powerful foes.

"N-Nazgrel, mon! ...Taz weren't tryin' ta' steal from ya!" The troll tried to excuse but the orc took an intimidating step forward and scoffed, "Oh really? So it wasn't you that tore off their armor and fucking roped their dongs?" The naked orcs nodded in the back as if they were witnesses to a trial. Nazgrel then shook his head and sneered, "You know... usually we save the naughty fun until AFTER the hunt is over."

"S-Sorry, mon. Taz... just never caught anyone before..." The troll admitted with gritted teeth, but the orc was fuming. For such an easy opponent, Nazgrel was really getting worked up... Rexxar then realized this was a matter of pride. The orc had likely always been the strongest player in the hunt, but now the troll had somehow managed to truss up five out of the seven hunters. Taz was actually threatening Nazgrel's perfect game, an error the troll wouldn't walk away from lightly.

Yet Nazgrel's attitude quickly changed as he put his hands on his hips and gloated, "But thanks to you... and I don't know how, but you got the one guy that could have ended my win streak. I was actually thinking this was going to be hard." It took a moment for Taz to realize what the orc meant, then gasped and pointed threateningly to him. "...No! I caught Rexxar... he be mine!"

The orc wouldn't hear it and shook his head disapprovingly, "But... I got you, little troll. So are we gonna do this the easy way or... who are we kiddin', they're both easy." Taz looked a bit taken back before finally summoning some courage, "No mon... Taz will win dis hunt!" The orc snorted and laughed out loud at the attempt to stand up to him.

"What... you're gonna take me on fist to fist? Come on, try me..." Nazgrel taunted and bared his palm while crooking his fingers to beckon a fight. Taz hesitated a bit and took a few steps back, looking at the three bound orcs at his side who each stared at him as if to say, "You're gonna get it now." He gulped, clearly outgunned and trapped in a corner with the orc barring the only exit. There was no way out of the situation... he was undoubtedly about to join the orcs he had tied up.

Then, out of nowhere, the goblin jumped Nazgrel from behind and lashed on to his face. Not even Rexxar watching from a distance had paid any attention to the little guy. "Now, Master Taz!" The goblin screamed as Nazgrel fumbled with the goblin's thick fingers clawing into his face and covering his eyes.

"...No!" Rexxar roared out loud, which no one of them could hear from his position back the dungeon. Taz charged right ahead and tackled Nazgrel's legs, tripping him onto the ground. As the orc tried getting back up, the goblin covered his mouth and pinched his nose, forcing him to focus on the fight on his head for breath.

"ARRGH," Nazgrel roared and tried to pull the goblin off his neck with both his hands. Which gave the troll a perfect opportunity to wind some rope around both of his wrists. But simply cuffing his wrists wasn't enough, he still needed to join them together. He tried to force them down with all his strength, yet Nazgrel was way too strong and didn't even give an inch... until the goblin played dirty and poked his eyes, causing him to flinch.

"NO! Damn it!" Nazgrel cursed as the troll managed to pull both his cuffed hands together behind his back, then began tightening the binding with layer upon layer of rope until his arms were completely locked together. "NA-GMMMPH!" The bound orcs called out as they watched their previous captor get tied up with the goblin finally able to jump off as the hunter began to restrain Nazgrel's muscular chest.

Finishing his last knots, Taz finally climbed off the orc and let him get up from the dirt. He didn't bother to try and stand fully up, instead just knelt down in defeat looking ever so bitter and frustrated with his bared sharp teeth. "I-I can't believe it, mon... I got him... I got N-Nazgrel!" Taz gasped as he reeled from the encounter.

"Yes, yes, yes!" The goblin rejoiced and jumped in the air with his fists raised in celebration. He pointed to the disgruntled captured warrior with his big hands and mocked, "That's what you get for kicking me!" He even ran over and kicked the orc's big leg seemingly to no effect as if Nazgrel didn't even feel it.

"Doesn't matter..." the goblin scoffed and looked at him with a vicious grin, "Now the rest of your hunters are gonna be slaves." But Nazgrel ignored the goblin's threats and turned to the troll who was pulling out the last of the rope from the backpacks that had been in the cavern, "Hey runt... looks like you have a choice to make."

The troll looked up somewhat curious and asked, "What ya mean... mon?" Nazgrel grinned and turned his head to the sunset with the light starting to disappear behind the mountain line. "You only get the prey you have at sunset. How are you gonna carry four bigger orcs back to your little dungeon?" He looked to the other orcs and they all nodded to acknowledge his plan.

Then he turned to Taz again with a smug grin, "You'll have to choose. Either us... or your precious champion." The troll seemed a bit baffled and the goblin shook his head like it was nonsense, "That doesn't matter, stupid orc. The champion's already bound and gagged next to my dungeon. So what if the sun has gone down, he's not going anywhere-"

"No, mon." The troll interrupted and shook his head. "Nazgrel be right. I hafta get all da prey by nightfall ta keep dem. Dat be da rules." The goblin looked so fraught with the illogic of that sentence and immediately began to argue, "Why? ...Who cares about the rules?! You got them. You ALL of them! Don't tell me you're gonna abandon..."

But he stopped ranting as the troll walked over to the bound warrior and straightened his back with crossed arms to look tough and asked, "So all Taz gotta do is get ya ta walk?" Nazgrel frowned somewhat suspicious, "Fat chance. I'm not moving a leg, runt." But the troll seemed confident in his confrontation, "And... since ya be da last hunter, de hunt is officially over now... right mon?" 

"Obviously," Nazgrel remarked and shifted a bit in his bindings unsure of where this was going. "So it be okay ta do naughty stuff now," Taz said with a wide smirk and held his three-fingered hand over the warrior's mouth. The orc furrowed his brows and huffed through his nose, the closest thing to consent he was ever going to give.

Without further hesitation, the troll leaned down and undid the orc's belt, exposing his flaccid dick. Grabbing the thick meat with his hand, Taz pulled back the foreskin and stretched out his tongue to tickle the head teasingly while slowly grinding his length. The other orcs starred with wide eyes as they watched the troll blatantly toy with Nazgrel's dick. "Guess your mouth is good for something... ungh..." He groaned as his erection quickly rose up.

Nazgrel thought he had won by saving Rexxar, but the smug expression on the goblin's face said otherwise. "Why are you smiling-" He complained only to realize the blowjob had stopped prematurely just as he gotten fully hard. "Wait-" Nazgrel said as the troll reached for the rope again, then stretched it out in front of his tall erection and immediately started to loop it around, grabbing his balls to tie them along with the rest of his length.

"Fuck-" The orc warrior cursed foully and was about to mouth off, only to suddenly get interrupted as the troll slapped his hand over the orc's mouth. His eyes widened in fury, never before had that little whelp ever dared raising a finger against him and now the troll was manhandling him just like the rest. "MMMPFH!" He grunted and almost tried to bite the palm.

"Quick, mon... get a gag!" The troll urged frantically, turning to the goblin with frightened eyes like he wasn't gonna be able to hold the beast at bay for long. The goblin nodded quick and promptly began searching through the backpacks stoved in the corner of the cave, pulling out another bandana. "Got it!" He said, quickly tying a knot on the center before tossing it over.

As the troll raised the gag to his mouth, Nazgrel stared at him with his red glowing eyes that was like looking into an inferno. "I... am the devilsaur," Taz muttered to himself and focused his eyes on the orc. He then pinched the orc's nose and entered the battle of wills as he met the orc's penetrating gaze, holding out for the inevitable gasp for air. Quickly he shoved the gag deep into the orc's toothy maw, clumsily tying the strings behind the large orc's neck.

Nazgrel took a few silent heavy breaths and you could almost hear his blood pressure rising like a kettle whistling, before he broke into a long and loud muffled roar, "OOOMMMMMMFH-MMMMMPFH-MMMMMPH!!!" The other orcs and even the goblin were almost dumbstruck watching this perverted miracle happening before their eyes, like they couldn't fathom the courage the troll had in dominating this monstrous warrior.

"Holy crap, mon..." Taz gasped as he took a few steps back watching Nazgrel stand there, huffing and puffing air through his nose, humiliated with his restrained dick twitching in the air. The troll kept staring at the mighty orc naked and bound before him, like his eyes still couldn't believe it. It was first until the goblin tugged in his pants that he snapped back to reality.

"Master Taz... the sun's going down!" The goblin urged and pointed to the sky. There was about twenty, maybe thirty minutes left until dusk. "Right," the troll nodded while the orc winced in anger, intending to stand his ground.

It was then Nazgrel was about to learn how just one tiny troll had managed to drag a mountain like Rexxar around. Taz quickly grabbed the last rope and after a bit of quick work, he had joined all the orc's bound manhoods together on a single leash. Nazgrel's eyes widened with a sense of utter dismay as he looked down at his own roped dick and already guessed what was coming next.

"Move it," Taz barked and after a few merciless tugs, even the prideful group of muscled orcs began walking obediently in line. With Nazgrel being the last in the caravan, he couldn't even afford to put up a fight without directly hurting the orcs in front of him. Instead he seemed completely dumbstruck by the troll's achievement and it was going to take him at least an hour to accept that really happened.

As they walked out of the cave, the goblin finally noticed the weasel staring at them from the tree with glowing eyes. "Wait... what's my weasel doing?" The goblin commented and picked up a small pebble, tossing it right at the critter. The impact broke the trance and Rexxar was snapped back into his own sight in an instant. "Damn it," he complained as he found himself back in the same spot as before lying in front of the dungeon's entrance.

Chapter 6: Into the Dungeon
If Rexxar could escape his bondage now... he might be able to save Nazgrel and the others before the sun set and seal them all as the troll's prey. In a final attempt at escape, he began to struggle wildly and strain against the ropes, flailing about like fish stuck on land. And the erection he had finally managed to quell quickly rose up again. All while the sun slowly began to set in the distance, turning into a bright orange flare with the sunlight glittering on his sweaty wriggling body.

Barrens Sunset
[Click to Enlarge]
Finally reaching the point of exhaustion, Rexxar paused his fierce struggle to catch his breath. Contemplating the situation, a sinking feeling began to fill his chest like a heavy weight as the realization dawned upon him. He was actually a slave. Never before had he felt so helpless as he did now, completely powerless to do anything.

"RE-MPHAR! RE-MPHAR!" He heard a muffled voice from inside the dungeon and soon enough, Drax came crawling out of the gate, still bound by rope and squirming along the ground like a worm. He looked to Rexxar, then to the silhouettes starting to appear in the distance.

"No-mph w-amph!" Drax grunted as he watched the troll come marching with the remaining orcs in tow. All of them naked, bound and gagged, dragged by the single leash connecting all their dicks. The goblin marched in front, looking even more satisfied than the troll holding the lead. Not only did he make it back in time, he still had a good ten minutes to spare.

"GU-MMPMH!" Drax called out distraught as he watched all of his hunting buddies arrive in solid bondage, looking ever so defeated with Nazgrel especially resentful. But their disgruntled frown quickly turned to astonishment as none of them knew Rexxar had been captured already, looking both shocked and genuinely impressed at the sight of the captured champion.

"RE-MMPHAR?!" One of the gagged orcs blurted out, sounding only as a muffled grunt. Almost the entire group was now unable to talk, joined together in captivity. Rexxar let out a heavy sigh before looking up at the troll proudly reeling in the orcs. "Looks like you won... Taz'dingo," he feigned a compliment with a quarter smile. "Rexxar... mon! Ya... still here!" The troll gasped at such an obvious conclusion... but perhaps he had expected the champion to escape?

"Ya won't believe it, mon... I got Nazgrel! He came ta protect his prey-" Taz started telling as he turned to the orcs behind him and tugged in the leash to make them step forward. Nazgrel shut eyes in shame and growled as he jerked in his ropes, "Grmmph..." Rexxar could tell how utterly frustrated the orc was to return not as the victor, but as another captive.

It was then Taz finally realized why Rexxar was still there, as he looked at the three other orcs behind Nazgrel and with a single finger, he pointed to each of the captive hunters and counted their numbers, "One, two... three... four..... f-five..... SIX!? ...But dat's... dat's... ALL DA HUNTERS?!" There was literally no one else left to compete with him... he had gotten them all.

After a few quick breaths, Taz's expression quickly lit up like a candle while the orcs in turn grumbled and wriggled in their bindings. "Dis can't be real, mon... ya all here. I got everybody?!" The troll gulped as he looked through their numbers, feasting his eyes on their physique. He had always been the underdog in the group, always treated as the least important... and now suddenly, he was in charge of them all.

While Rexxar wanted to tell him not to rub it in, the troll had earned this moment. It was Nazgrel's own actions that had led to the goblin attacking him, and whether it was through skill or pure luck, Taz had managed to round every contestant up in time. Even though it was through the means of jerking them around by their dick.

"...Oh! Looks like a gag failed," the goblin remarked immediately as he noticed Rexxar's unconvered and sprinted over to the restrained champion. Rexxar realized exactly why the goblin was panicking... he didn't want the troll to know about his plans. "Taz'dingo! You can't tru---ommrph!" Rexxar tried to warn the troll, but the goblin had already leaped up on his big chest and shoved the gag right back into his mouth before tightening the knot behind his neck.

"Wait, what did Rexxar say...?" Taz turned his attention from the squad of bound orcs to the champion who was jerking around in his ropes again, roaring into the gag to try and get the troll's attention. "MMOMMFH- TA-MPH!" But the goblin shook his head disapproving and sighed, "He's just angry..."

"Angry?" Taz asked but then looked around the crowd who all seemed to be as frustrated, "Ah..." The goblin jumped down and paraded through the group. "Who can blame them? They all expected to win. And they obviously thought you the weakest." Taz shrugged his shoulders, it's not like he didn't know that already. They had never tried to mask that fact.

"And yet..." the goblin paused and broke into a wide smirk as he shrugged with open palms, "You managed to capture them all. And if I was a big beefy orc... I'd be pretty salty losing to the little guy. Because now... you're the alpha. You're in charge. Whether they like it or not." The troll looked between all the defiant orcs, grunting and wriggling in their bindings, and his eyes lit up.

"Ya right, mon... I be in charge now. Ya hear dat, guys? Tonight, ya'll gonna be my slaves!" Taz declared with a big wide smile as he tugged in the rope leash again, just to assert his dominance. "Mmpfh," Nazgrel growled from the back. "I even got... da Champion of da Horde!" The power was really going to his head and Rexxar sighed, already knowing the cage that awaited him now.

"Now... Master Taz'dingo, how would you like a photograph to commemorate this... incredible bounty, before you take your new slaves into the dungeon?" The goblin suggested with a raised hand. The troll nodded eagerly with a smile and tugged in the rope leash again to align the orcs in front of the dungeon.

He then turned his attention to Rexxar and Drax who were both lying on the ground, finally undoing the rope around their legs only to attach a new leash on their dicks, joining them together with Nazgrel. With all six captives at his side, one leash in each of his hands, he kept yanking in their dicks to get them to line up at his side, their restrained erections still wobbling as the troll continued to tug away.

It didn't take long ll the orcs had been lined up for the group photo. Rexxar's eyes continued to travel down their ranks, not one of them lacking in neither strength nor size. Another tug in his dick fixed his stare at the overly excited troll in front,  quivering with excitement while trying to hold a dominant pose amongst this crowd of both bigger and stronger males.

The Hunt's Bounty
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"Mmph-Grrr-mph..." Rexxar growled and Nazgrel grunted back at him to get his attention, "RE-MPHAR!" The other orcs and even Taz paused to observe as their eyes met. The two warriors everyone had thought would end up fighting, now instead joined here in bondage.

It was hard not to look at his friend and see the naked captive he had become, the gag stuffed in his mouth so unbecoming of his intimidating face. From the way his glowed and shifted, Nazgrel looked like he had about a hundred things to yell about. He wanted to get the last word in as always but couldn't even speak anymore, much like when Rexxar and Drax had been joined in captivity. Whatever duel they were destined to have had been hijacked and it was now about the troll.

The scene was interrupted as the goblin came dashing out with a camera and ran to the distance to get a good shot of the entire group. It was a strange picture. A line of battle-hardened muscular warriors all but naked, firmly restrained with a solid gag in their mouth, grumpy and irritated in their submissive state. A single troll holding them all captive with two ropes leashed to their rock hard cocks, looking ever so proud with flushed cheeks and a giant bulge poking through his tabard.

As they watched the goblin climb up on a rock to get a good height, Rexxar's mind wandered back to the time they were all sitting in the tavern together, drinking and sharing hunter stories, before the camera clicked and the flash brought him back to the reality where they were now standing all in bondage. He couldn't help but huff at the absurdity. Even if he had known they'd all wind up in bondage, never in his life would he have imagined the untrained newbie would hold all these strong hunters captive by the end of the day, let alone himself in the mix.

"There we go! ...Picture taken!" The goblin said as the camera printed out a small photo, then whistled and his weasel pet came running. He nodded as if to give some signal, then handed the animal the picture and it scurried off with it. The troll seemed a bit confused by the interaction and asked, "...Do I not get the picture?" The orcs already didn't seem to happy about being photographed like some captive prizes. "Ah, uhm... he's going off to get a bigger size at the main office! ...For now, how about we get your slaves inside?" The goblin tried to distract and with the last bit of sunlight disappearing in the horizon, the troll nodded and tugged the leashes again to make the crowd of captives enter the dungeon.

"...Finally!" The goblin squaked excited and ran ahead to open the dungeon's door completely. He resumed his position at the pedestal and paged through the book again with the brush in hand. "Come inside... Master Taz. And... bring your slaves." He looked to the orcs with a wide devilish grin and dipped the brush in his ink bottle.

The guys looked to the horizon as the last ray of sunlight vanished. Nightfall had come and they were now officially honor-bound to obey the troll. They all had their own fantasy of how the night would go, but now it seemed they would all be spending it as slaves in the dungeon. That was the result of their wager.

"One at a time," the goblin instructed and pointed to them with the brush in hand. The troll nodded and organized all the naked orcs into a line, joining the two leashes into one, going from ballsack to ballsack much to their displeasure. The three orcs Rexxar didn't know were in the front, then Nazgrel, Drax and himself as the last. Because of the way they were joined, as one orc moved the other were forced to follow.

"Master Taz'dingo," the goblin announced and elegantly wrote in his big book before giving a short respectful bow as the troll passed the threshold into the dungeon, leading the queue of bound orcs further inside.

The orc with the white beard and topknot was the first in line. The goblin glanced down and feasted his eyes on the orc's naked and restrained muscular body with the big erect cock in tow, as if he had just scored some priceless merchandise and breaking into an overly satisfied toothy grin. "SLAVE... Samuro," the goblin taunted and noted in the book, much to the orc's displeasure.

After writing the name in his book, the goblin reached into a drawer inside the pedestal and pulled out a brown leather blindfold. "NA-WWRPH!" The orc jerked his head and grunted in muffled protest, but the stand was in perfect height for the goblin to pull the blindfold down over the orc's eyes and secure it behind his head.

The orc immediately tried to shake the blindfold off rapid swinging his head from side to side, but it stuck to him like glue. "Ooh..." Taz commented as he paused and turned to watch the orc's furious struggle, continuing on for several long minutes until the goblin simply placed a hand on his shoulder and after a few deep breaths, the orc finally stopped and sunk his head in defeat.

Rexxar's eyes widened at the sight of the blindfolded orc... never before had he seen an orc give in to anybody like that. And now, with the face almost completely covered by the mask, suddenly the proud warrior was gone and all that remained was a faceless slave, walking obediently in his naked submissive state unable to see where he was going.

"Please proceed, Master Taz'dingo," the goblin politely reminded with a short clap and the gawking troll snapped out it and nodded eagerly, "...Oh right, mon!" He tugged in the rope and consequently all of his slaves' dicks, commanding the line to move further up. The blindfolded orc crossed the threshold and the next orc with the black beard and long hair passed up to the pedestal, looking ever so sullen at the goblin.

"Slave... Krom'gar," the goblin said and the orc just sighed as if to say, "Just get it over with." His plan seemed to be to endure as the goblin slipped a blindfold over his eyes. Still he didn't seem to be without regret as he jerked his head and grunted, before being forced to move forward blindly as the troll yanked in the leash again to keep the line moving.

The next orc was entirely bald, but much beefier than the other orcs with a big wide square jaw, a long scar going from his forehead over his left blinded eye all the way down his pec with a pair of horde symbols tattoos on both his shoulders... a war veteran Rexxar recognized. "Slave... Grok," the goblin said with delight and the orc scowled, almost quaking with anger as the goblin slipped the blindfold over his eyes.

Then came one of the big ones. Nazgrel was already taller than the other orcs and the goblin actually had to climb up on the book to reach his red glowing eyes. The orc seemed to have accepted these were the terms of his defeat and simply ignored the goblin as if he didn't even exist, not even flinching a little as the goblin finally covered his red glowing eyes with the brown leather. Still the mask stole what little resemblance of power he had left in his appearance... and even Nazgrel could become a slave.

"Slave... Drax," the goblin noted in the book again with an over the top swipe, pulling out another blindfold and attaching it to the last of the orcs. After Nazgrel, it didn't seem like Drax was going to put up as much of a fight, just turning away and trying to duck but the goblin just stepped up on his large shoulders to reach. And just like the others, Drax suddenly became far more compliant once the leather covered his face and hesitantly stepped forward to join the dungeon's ranks as the rope tugged away in his still hard dick.

Rexxar felt like cattle being rounded up, only instead of bovines it was large muscular men all in bondage, with each of the orcs now blindfolded and trekking far into the dungeon. But he refused to yield and unlike the orcs, he was far taller and his head way out of the pedestal's reach.

"Alright...Slave Rexxar," the goblin declared with a determined look in his eyes as he looked up at the enormous hunk with ambiguous eyes and the blindfold in hand. He leaped from the stand to climb the champion's massive chest, but Rexxar simply bent over and tilted his torso to drop the goblin.

Unfortunately, Rexxar's signature hood seemed to turn against him as the goblin managed to grab on to the flaps that always rested on his chest and hung onto them like a lifeline. "Ha ha...!" The goblin taunted as he looked directly up in the champion's furious eyes and began to scale the mountain. "HMPPMH!" Rexxar growled with a frown and immediately changed strategy, swinging his head backwards to fling the goblin forward like a slingshot.

"Shi-" The goblin yelped and only managed to latch on to Rexxar's head in the nick of time, clinging to his face with both arms and legs like a facehugger. Now Rexxar couldn't see anything but the goblin's suit and began tossing and turning rapidly to shake the leech off while the little sucker held on desperately like a crazy rodeo ride.

Rexxar's heart suddenly skipped a beat as he felt his wolf hood slip down his face and cover his eyes. The goblin was clinging to the helmet so tight that the added weight was pulling it off. If he continued to struggle, the goblin would fall down... along with the hood. ...And nobody had EVER seen him unmasked. Without his hood, he would no longer be the legendary hunter... but just a mere half-ogre.

Against all common sense, Rexxar quickly flipped his head back up to rustle his hood back in place. Just as he could see through the sockets in his hood again, a brown leather mask immediately covered his eyes followed by the tight straps pressing into his hood as the goblin crawled up on his forehead to tie them behind the back. "NAWWWRR!" Rexxar roared into the gag and squirmed in defiance, but the goblin had already jumped off and yelled, "Alright, take 'em inside!"

"HMMM-MMMRRRH..." Rexxar growled furious as his chest rose and fell with rapid breaths. But his anger quickly died down in the face of complete darkness. He couldn't see anything anymore. Not the orcs in front of him, nor the goblin's presumably smug grin. It was as if he had been detached from the world, trapped in his own body and only able to feel. The cool wind brushing against his skin. The rope straining around his limbs. The gag soaking all the spit in his mouth. His hard cock twitching in the air.

A hard pull tugged in his manhood again. Without even thinking about it, he had lowered his head and took a blind step forward. It was almost an instinctive reaction. He was unable to see where he was going. But he knew he had to move or it was going to hurt. Not only him, but also the orcs in front of him. He suddenly felt so helpless with his heart drumming in his chest from feeling so vulnerable.

Now he understood why the orcs had become so submissive the moment they got blindfolded. They all felt as helpless as he did. Their numbers vanished along with their sight. He couldn't see them anymore. They were no longer six slaves against one master, but a separate slave only able to feel the hard stone floor under his feet as he threaded forward one step at a time. He could hear the sound of the large wooden door shutting behind him and the flow of fresh air coming to a stop, with only the echo of their muffled grunts filling the ambience.

"In ya go, me prey..." He could hear the troll speak and a metal gate creaked ahead of him.... a cage. They were actually going in a cage. The orcs grunted as they hesitantly proceeded into their prison. How many of them were already in the cage? How did the dungeon even look? All he could do was stand and wait his turn to join the others in the cage.

After a long while of listening to the metal bars rattling and the orcs grunting, he finally felt the tug in his dick again. But instead of leading him ahead, the troll was leading him to the left. Without warning, his head bumped against a metal grid. Apparently his chaperone wasn't paying much attention and it took a while before the troll commented, "Oh... Ya need to lower ya head, mon. ...Door not be as tall as da champion!"

But even in his blindfolded state, Rexxar knew where he was headed was going to be both tight and cramped... did the troll honestly expect him to willingly curl up to be put inside some container for storage? "NO-MPH!" Rexxar protested with a loud grunt and shook his head. There was no way he was going to willingly enter a cage.

"C'mon, mon..." The troll's voice pleaded but the champion was resolute and shook his head. This was simply too degrading, he had already allowed himself to be enslaved and led by a leash on his dick... he was down to the last ounce of his pride.

After a silent pause, Taz seemed to have gotten a new idea as he felt the troll tugging in his arm and whispering to his ear, "Alright, mon... if ya crouch, Taz will remove da blindfold." Why was he being secretive? Didn't he want to let the other know? ...That was when it struck him. The troll was trying to treat him equally. Perhaps to not to neglect the others and pick him as the favorite.

Was he really going to milk his status to get special treatment? Rexxar pondered his honor for a moment. "Hell yeah," he thought to himself and leaned down to get the blindfold taken off. If he was gonna be a bottom bitch all night long, at least he would get to see this orgy of muscular orcs about to take place.

The light of day finally returned to his eyes as the leather blindfold came off. Or at least, the dim light of the damp and dark dungeon. The troll smiled at him like he was just happy to help the champion, and Rexxar took a moment to scout the room. It was quite spacious for what had seemed like a block in the middle of the desert.

Just as he had expected, it was just one big single hall. There were three jail cells built into each of the walls with all sorts of bondage furniture stationed around. A wooden cross, a tilted table, pillory stocks, chains and hooks, racks with dildos and gags, a big open chest full of other various sex toys... with each of the other cages already brimming with the naked orcs all squirming in their cramped bondage.

"Alright, me... uh, slave, get in da cage," the troll tried to command, but came off more as a request and Rexxar furrowed his brows as he looked at the cramped jail cell. At least his cell was empty while the orcs had to share their space. He looked down at the troll whose eyes almost sparkled at his naked form.

With a heavy sigh and a gulp, he swallowed his last ounce of pride before shoving and elbowing his way into the jail, having to crouch down to even fit inside. As he turned around, the troll didn't hesitate to slam the cage and turned the lock to seal Rexxar inside with his big dick squeezing against the bars. Then the troll simply walked away.

So much for being Champion of the Horde, Rexxar thought as he watched the troll ignore him after putting him in his container. "Hmmpfh...." He groaned with a long and dreary exhalation with the other captives whimpering as they wriggled about stuck in place. Now the option of just running away wasn't even there, they were truly stuck like actual prisoners, trapped and forced to wait for the jailor to decide when to even let them out.

Taz seemed frozen in place, staring at them in awe with his jaw wide open. Rexxar recognized the look in the troll's eyes, it was that of a hunter who just hauled home his first big game. The realization that he really got them starting to sink in, watching the prey toss about inside the cage was always the transition between a wild beast and a tamed pet.

Then, as if struck by lightning, the troll began to strip and fling off his clothes, standing naked in the dungeon with his own erection towering in the air. His expression fixed on the muscle-bound captives, lurching over to the cage like a lunatic and immediately groping their big beefy bodies through the cage bars.

"Ah, very impressive..." Another voice commented. The goblin had stepped into the dungeon and was inspecting all the orcs in the cages, as well as giving Rexxar an especially taunting wink. The troll took a while to register him, then turned around with his own naked body and looked a bit concerned, "Uhm... mon, dis be private time now."

The goblin shook his head to apologize, "Ah... I just wanted to give you another gift." The troll's ears twitched in response, "...A gift?" The goblin nodded and took out a key, opening up a chest in one of the corners. Inside were a larger number of clear flasks each containing a translucent tawn liquid.

"Thistle Tea... I'm sure you've heard of it," the goblin noted and the troll nodded looking a bit confused, "But mon... dat be stuff for dem rogues." Taking a flask out of the chest and popped the cork, then took a small sip as to test it. "Mmmh, it does actually taste good as well. And you're right... some uses it for refilling energy in combat... but it also refills a different kind of energy."

"Ya mean..." The troll looked more intrigued by the potion as the goblin handed him the bottle. "Exactly... If you're gonna enjoy this night, you'll probably need a few boosts if you're gonna take on six slaves all at the same time." The goblin suggested and pointed to all the cages, and the troll nodded getting even more excited, "Thank ya, mon!"

"Very well then... I shall leave you to it. I'll check up on you in the morning," the goblin noted and bowed respectfully before leaving the dungeon. The troll took the bottle already in hand and gulped down the entire flask before turning to look at his slaves again telling him, "I can do dis..."

Chapter 7: All Night Long
If you had a dungeon full of naked muscular slaves, what would you do? The answer was fairly simple... anything you wanted. Taz ran his eyes through all his naked prisoners before abruptly turning his head to look at all the dungeon's facilities. "What ta do first... what ta do first." He raved as he shifted between the different exhibits in the room, nodding with a raised finger and shifting to the orcs in the jail cells.

"You'll go over here... and I wanna fuck- ...and suck-" The troll began to make a list counting with his fingers before coming to a sudden stop and fixating his gaze on Rexxar in the left cage almost breathless with the stare of an owl. "...And, I wanna ride da champion!" He slobbered with with his eyes fixed on Rexxar's big dick inside the cage, quickly shifting his gaze to the tilted table and already formulating a plan.

"But first..." His eyes focused on the two orcs in the cage opposite Rexxar. Honestly, between the bars and the blindfolds, he couldn't even tell who was who anymore... he'd never seen them naked before today, and they were all nearly as equally beefy with a few of them sporting a six pack. They had become so objectified they all looked the same to him, just naked faceless bodies for the troll to toy with.

Going over to the right cage, Taz pulled out the two blindfolded orcs by yanking in the leash still on their dicks. They grunted and protested in response as they wriggled their arms to the best of their ability, but the leash still kept them obedient slaves.

The troll then guided the two over to a pair of shackles hanging from the ceiling with the chains raised by a wheel crank on the wall. "Stay," he commanded the bound orcs and began to spin the wheel to lower the shackles all the way to the floor. Then he attached one pair of shackles to the first orc's ankles and the other pair to the second orc's wrists, gradually untying the rope to fit the cuffs around their limbs without giving them any chance to move.

Both of the large males seemed a bit uneasy with their erections twitching in anticipation, only able to hear the chains rattling and the cold steel around their limbs. What came next caught them both by surprise, as the troll returned to the crank wheel again and through a great deal of effort, spun it enough to lift them both up in the air.

Since the first orc had been shackled by his feet, he quickly ended up upside-down in the air while the other was hung in his arms, both with their head next to the other's groin... their stiff dicks already poking against the other's gag. "Mmmopfhmp!" "Mmmpmfh!" They complained irritated, only for Taz's to remove their gags and replace them with the other's dick, shoving them deep inside and making sure they stuck by taking the leash and tying it around the other captive's neck. And knowing these orcs, their stamina and stubbornness to keep swallow loads in such a humiliating predicament, it would be a long time before either of them went flacid enough to actually speak.

Rexxar was genuinely impressed as he watched the orcs flail about in the air, stuck in a bound sixty-nine sex position. Never would he have expected such a level of dominance from the troll, especially with such large orcs, and gulped as the troll's gaze fixated on him inside the cage. "Mmmpmfh-" He grunted and wriggled with his arms as his captor approached him.

Once more, the troll yanked in the rope leash on Rexxar's dick, forcing the large slave to limp out of the cage. He looked back at the remaining orcs in the center cage as he walked through the dungeon, still standing there clueless to the scene developing. Would they all end up in some form of contraption for the rest of the night?

The troll led him over to the tilted table, perhaps the only piece of furniture that seemed to stand a chance of fitting a man of his overwhelming size. "Lay down on da table... me slave!" The troll commanded, not even trying to play nice anymore despite Rexxar's weary frown. The champion sighed, turning over and leaning down on the tilted wooden board, even letting the troll pull his arms under the table and redoing his restraints under the table.

"...Perfect, mon!" Taz declared as he took a few steps back to admire his handiwork with the champion's muscular body posed over the table, the chiseled abs perfectly flexed with his scruffy chin digging in between his pumped pecs, with an additional set of rope tying him to the board on his chest and waist. Rexxar was fairly sure that if he struggled hard enough, the table would simply break. But at this point, he might as well let the troll have his fun and just stay the night.

Taz playing with his slaves (WIP)
[Click to Enlarge]
"I've been waitin' for dis...," the troll stated with delight as he finally took hold of the champion's large cock and rubbing it with his hand. He then grabbed his own dick and poked it against Rexxar's ballsack, grinding it in-between the perfectly round and soft spheres tightly squeezed by the rope looped around the base.

"Hmmp..." Rexxar groaned looking ever so perplexed by the troll literally fucking his balls, his precum already leaking out from the tip of his own dick. He couldn't help himself... it wasn't just that that was surrounded by naked males moaning all around him, this whole bondage experience was new to him and exciting in the way that it felt a bit dangerous to have no control over what was happening

The troll took a lick of the precum with his tongue to savor his taste, looking him in the eyes with a half determined grin before climbing up on Rexxar's legs. The table creaked from their weight as he stood tall the champion's waist, then slowly began to crouch down while holding Rexxar's massive cock straight up with both hands.

Rexxar felt his tip began to slide into the troll's tight hole as Taz descended, the tunnel slowly but surely expanding around his girth, squeezing around his meat as it pressed further inside the warm moist passage. He didn't think the troll could take his full length, but Taz actually managed to slide all the way down and he could see his dick bulging out on the guy's abdomen.

"Ah fuck, mon!" The troll moaned and Rexxar tilted his head back as he started panting from the pleasure. All he wanted to was thrust and fuck the guy silly... but the rope around his chest and waist kept him from even pushing his hips up. He was stuck to the table like a fuck toy. And surely enough, the troll tilted down to lean on his stomach to position for the ride.

"Hmpfh... MMMMPFH!" Rexxar began to groan in pleasure as the troll grabbed on to his flaps to pull himself back up, before kneeling back down in repeated squads to ride his full length, gradually picking up the pace with the thick meat squeezing in and out of the small hole, the precum and sweat coating his whole shaft.

Rexxar's chest rose and fell with rapid breath as he panted for air to keep up, the gag leaving him with only nasal breaths blowing down his pecs. He didn't know it was the sheer exhaustion or pleasure, but his vision began to blur as he grew lightheaded the lust, his climax starting to approach as his cock began pulsating inside the tight, warm and wet passage.

Finally the troll pushed himself back up into the sitting position, thrusting himself down to Rexxar's base again and tightened his hole as much as he could, squeezing tight around the champion's full length. That was the last push needed and Rexxar felt like an electric shock of pleasure shot through his entire body, the warm streams rippling out and filling the already tight space as he shut his eyes and let loose a large moan, "MMMMH-Mmmmmpfh..."

The champion heaved and reopened his eyes, his focus flicking a bit before sharpening again. He could see the troll's own load had shot out and trailed over his chest. Then Taz finally collapsed down on his powerful torso, lying down with his head resting on Rexxar's left pec like a pillow. The champion's cock still lodged inside his ass with the white warm semen slowly dripping out and down on the rope shackled around his ballsack.

"I just wanna stay like dis... mon..." The troll sighed with relief and groped the champion's large pecs as he made himself comfortable. Rexxar could honestly feel himself drifting off too, however weird a pose it was to fall asleep. Between the long hunt, the hours spent struggling and the hot sex, he was well worn out.

They stayed still for a while until a large grunt suddenly interrupted them. "MM-Mmpmfh!" One of the orcs complained inside the cage, ramming against the sides and rattling the bars. The troll rose up and turned his head to the remaining orcs as the realization began to sink in. "Oh loa, der be so many... I'm gonna be busy all night!"

Rexxar watched the troll dismount him, the cum flooding out from his ass, trailing behind him as he jumped down and walked over to the chest with energy flasks, gulping down another bottle. It didn't take long for the troll's erection to rise up again as he pondered his options. One by one he led the orcs out of the cage, chaining them up in different parts of the dungeon until each and everyone of his slaves was mounted or hung somewhere.

The hours flew by as the troll shifted between each of them, constantly keeping them hard and on edge, taking turns letting each of them cum. Sometimes he would mount them on top of each other, other times he would fit their entire length down his throat and swallow every drop. Only every once in a while he would return to Rexxar, almost hug his dick like returning home from work, humping the champion's strained ballsack again.

He seemed to have managed to single out one of the orcs and mounted the guy on the pillory, giving the orc's ass a few hard slaps before going to work on his hole and fucking him with all the strength he had left. "Dat's what ya get, Drax...!" The troll groaned still trying the muster the energy to dirty talk, but Rexxar was fairly certain that orc wasn't even Drax. And whoever it was seemed to be getting angrier by the minute.

After a few more minutes of dry-humping the orc in the pillory, the troll finally passed out on top of him and began snoring loudly, despite the orc's angry grunting and constantly struggling. The other orcs stuck in various positions around the dungeon also seemed to have quieted down, if not already asleep. "Maybe I can sleep a few minutes," Rexxar thought to himself and tried to lean his head back on the tilted table, closing his eyes.

He fell into a deep sleep shortly after.

Chapter 8: The Morning After
"Mmmpfh," someone suddenly groaned nearby. Rexxar woke up in an instant as he felt someone bump against him. Everything was still pitch-black. ...Was he even fully awake? He felt so groggy after the night long session and his body sore from the bad rest. "Mmmp-ommpfh?" He tried speaking, but felt a large plastic-tasting ball lodged in his mouth.

Now that he was regaining his senses, he could actually hear constant moaning all around him along with the sound of chains rattling, but he still couldn't see anything but the pitch-black darkness. His wrists were still locked behind his back. He was lying on the floor with someone else leaning against him, wriggling a bit. Cold iron shackles were locked around his ankles and from his attempt to move, he could make out a chain connecting both his hands and feet.

The cold morning breeze licked against his bared skin... he was still naked. And from the cold hard steel squeezing around his morning wood, he was guessing his cock had been restrained with something a little more solid than rope this time. So... he had iron shackles, an actual cock ring, a ball-gag in his mouth and a blindfold around his fur hood that he had still been allowed to wear for some reason.

Again someone bumped into him. "Mmmppfh," a male groaned somewhat desperate... but a different type of voice than all the orcish groans. He recognized the tone. It was Taz'dingo, the troll who had been in charge of them. Suddenly he felt the fear creep into his chest... if Taz was captured besides him, then who was in charge?

He tried crawling forward and bumped the solid steel cage the troll had him inside when they first arrived. He stayed still for a moment and listened. Just identifying the number of different tones from the ambience of constant grunts and moans. Three... four... five... six. There were six different guys in here with him. That was all the other hunters, including the troll who had been their master for the night.

It didn't take a master detective to guess the goblin had taken advantage of their snooze, probably chucking another strength elixir to shove them back into the cage while they were sleeping, capturing the troll along with them to make sure they wouldn't be set free in the morning... and stay as permanent guests in the dungeon.

"Shit, shit, shit..." Rexxar thought to himself. The goblin was actually going to kidnap them and turn them into slaves. ...No, they had already been kidnapped. Nobody knew their location, they were already all naked and chained inside a cage, completely helpless now in the goblin's possession. He growled and roared into his gag, dreading the idea of what the goblin might do with them. He needed to think of a way to escape. Now.

If he was gonna make it out of here, he needed to be able to see. Fortunately, for some reason, the goblin had still left him his wolf helmet and strapped the blindfold tightly around it again. And the hood acted as a softer layer in-between. He blindly reached out with his forehead until he hit the metal bars, then pressed his head in-between them and rustled his helmet loose. With it, the blindfold came off.

Rexxar never took off his helmet. This was the one desperate exception. And as he regained his sight, everything was exactly as he thought. All the other hunters were locked inside the cages. All of them naked, now chained up, blindfolded, ball-gagged and a cock ring around their hard dicks as they kept blindly wriggling around and mashing against each other trying to even move around.

And the troll was indeed standing next to him, wriggling nervously, already having long guessed how bad the situation was. He was the one that had trusted the goblin and led them all inside, only to let his guard down and allow the villain to join him with the rest of his "slaves." And now, they were all slaves.

But first things first. He nudged the blindfold off before tipping the hood over and bending down to mount it back up on his head. Now he didn't feel as naked anymore... despite every other ounce of his body bared. As he looked around to consider his options for escape, the goblin finally stepped back into the dungeon.

"Oh, someone managed to get their blindfold off. No matter," the goblin remarked as Rexxar stared angrily at the little demon on the floor. The goblin was carrying a chart and counted them in the cage, checking off their names on his list. "HMMMPFH!" The champion growled intimidating, but the goblin shook his head and let loose a villianish laugh, "Hahahahaha... you're all my property now. The crew will be here with the zeppelin in a few hours. ...Then, you're going to a private island where, oh boy, you'll be a big attraction. I'll be set for life. Of course... you'll be slaves for life."

Rexxar looked around at his fellow hunters. These were once proud warriors of The Horde, skilled trackers and powerful fighters. Now reduced to mere sex objects with their very manhood restrained, squirming helplessly stacked on top of each other in these small cages. Watching the troll that had been so proud to win their hunting game lean against the corner of his cell, blindfolded and gagged like the rest while whimpering helplessly, filled Rexxar with a fury unlike any other.

But looking at the troll squirming gave him an idea. He hopped over to Taz, all while the goblin smugly observed him from outside the cage, and lowered his head into the same height as the troll's. "MMPH-MMMPH!" He grunted to get his attention. Taz raised his blindfolded head trying to understand... and that was all Rexxar needed.

The champion leaned down and pushed his chin against the troll's, slipping the strap from his ball-gag under the troll's tusk. "Wait... what are you doing?" The goblin suddenly asked as he rushed over to the cage, rattling the bars with his hands. Rexxar nodded and in turn shook the troll's head, then gave the signal with a grunt, "Hmph!" The troll seemed to understand and began pulling his head back while Rexxar pulled in the other direction.

A snap sounded. The ball-gagged dropped out through the bars and down on the ground. "Wow... you actually got the gag out. I'm impressed. Now I'll have to find a better one for you-" The goblin mocked with a condescending tone, but Rexxar started to inhale until it was almost like his chest was about to burst. Then, at the top of his lungs, he shouted, "MIIIIISHAAAAAAAA!"

Everyone in the cages stopped as they heard the roar. The goblin frowned and mocked, "Is that... supposed to reach anyone? This building is made from solid stone, it's not gonna-" A sudden small quake shook the dungeon as the wooden door cracked. Rexxar smirked and noted, "She follows my scent if I didn't feed her. Now... she knows there's breakfast."

Misha Charges In
[Click to Enlarge]
"S-S-She can't get in here!" The goblin stuttered. Another bump and the door rattled. "MISHA, IN HERE!" Rexxar called again and the otherwise solid wooden door suddenly splintered and broke as a large giant bear rammed through it. The goblin barely had time to react as the bear charged forward and the champion commanded, "MISHA. CHOW TIME!"

The beast caught the goblin with her big maw, flipped him up in the air and in one single gulp, the goblin was gone. Misha then walked over to the cage to meet with her master, groaning satisfied and licking his face through the bars. "Misha. Lock. Bash." He cocked his head to the direction of the cage door and the bear nodded as if she understood, then waltzed over to the giant lock and with one swipe of her bear claw, tore it to sunder.

Even the bound orcs could hear the events unfold and the cage door open, cheering as best they could in their bound state. "Mmmpfh!" "Mmm-miimha!" Rexxar squeezed out of the cage, instructing the orcs to wait. Misha watched curiously as her master wriggled his way out to her, then straightened out the chain between his wrist before her and rattled them.

"Misha. Bite!" He commanded and the bear crunched down on the solid chains with her powerful fangs, shattering them just like that. "Good girl," the champion praised as he finally regained his mobility and stretched out his arms, patting her head with his freed hands. She belched loudly and coughed up a bit of the suit the goblin had worn, turning into a satisfied toothy grin.

One by one, Rexxar freed his fellow hunters from their cages while his bear sat down and waited patiently, watching this strange activity. With his bare hands, he tore their chains asunder and released them from their bondage. The guys didn't hesitate to pull off the blindfold and spit out the gag, thankful for their freedom.

As the last to be freed, Nazgrel ripped off his blindfold rather than simply pulling and crunched the plastic ball that had been stuck in his mouth in the palm of his hand. He coughed and looked up at the champion, standing together with the rest of the orc in a circle, the broken shackles decorating their wrists and ankles, still naked to boot with their morning woods intact and the small tight cock rings lodged around their base.

"TAGO NUK ZUGOK!" He cursed as he tried yanking off the ring to no avail, the others with the same result... they weren't coming off until their erections had finally died down. It probably wasn't that they were cursed with some unending boner, Rexxar thought, but mostly just being in the presence of so many hot males and watching all their dicks stand tall only added to the lust. Truth to be told, he could go for a quick session too, however inappropriate it probably was.

"Let's... get out of here," Rexxar dully suggested as he looked over at the splintered and broken door, "...I've had enough of shackles and stone." The others nodded and together they began to walk out of the dungeon as a group. But as they were leaving, Nazgrel limped over the troll and put a hand on his shoulder before remarking, "I've got a bone to pick with you, whelp."

Taz seemed a bit scared by the orc's sudden angry demeanor and immediately began to apoligize, "L-Look mon... if Taz had known da goblin were gonna kidnap us... he'd never-" But the orc shook his head as if to say, "That's not it." The others stopped to watch the exchange, somewhat concerned. "T-Then is it about da cave? Taz didn't ask da goblin to jump ya, and erh... ya were Taz's prey-" But the orc gritted his teeth getting only more annoyed by the second.

"Those..." Nazgrel shrugged with a frown, "Those were regular kind of fuck ups. But how was it last night went again? Oh yeah... Drax, take this. Drax, take that." He squatted and pulled out a big fat dildo from his ass, still vibrating in his hand. You could see the color leave the troll's face as he realized the gravity of his mistake. The orcs in the back bursted into laughter, only to instantly shut their mouth as Nazgrel glanced at them with his furious red eyes.

"I think... we'll be staying here a while longer, just the two of us." Nazgrel concluded as he clawed his fingers into the troll's shoulder and the boy gulped. "Should... should we help him?" Drax asked as he tugged Rexxar's arm, but the champion shrugged and shook his head, "Believe me... there's no getting out of this one." The troll reached out to them with his arm and desperate eyes as they turned around as if to say, "Help meee!"

With that, the rest of the hunters finally stepped out of the dark dungeon and back into the bright light of day, the bear following her master obediently. "Well... that was something," Rexxar commented as he glanced down at his still hard dick, again trying to pull off the ring. At this point it didn't faze him being naked in their presence after having spent the entire night in a sex dungeon with them. Guess it was just... normal, now.

"I can't believe..." Drax began to say as he looked back at the dungeon with the troll getting dragged around inside, "...that Taz fucking won." The other orcs all frowned, nodding in complete agreement. "Yeah... how the hell did the little rookie fucking get all of us?" Another of the orcs griped. "There's just no fucking way... he must have cheated."

"Hm..." Rexxar thought back at the moment they were all standing here previously, back then they were all bound with rope, struggling to get free with the troll holding them by a leash on their dick. Now that they were free, a whole group of large muscular men, it did seem surreal to think that one little guy had managed to subdue all of them. And the only reason he didn't feel as bitter was probably because he still managed to come out on top with their rescue, reclaiming at least some of his masculine pride.

"...How did he even manage to get you, Rexxar?" Drax asked the inevitable question and the orcs suddenly held their tongue surprised by that fact. Rexxar let loose a weary sigh, knowing at this point he might as well just fess up. "I think... it's because the troll's used to his prey always being bigger than himself, that he made a trap strong enough to hold me. And... I got too overconfident thinking it would be easy, judging him by his appearance alone."

His answer seemed to genuinely made them think, as they looked amongst themselves starting to realize that maybe they were underestimating him too. "You know... he's been here three years now. If I always lost, I'd come back trying even harder next time." Drax admitted and huffed. The orc with the white beard and top knot nodded and confessed, "I think... we all got overconfident. And then the one guy always knowing his limit won. We all underestimated our opponents... and henceforth ended up losing to our own pride."

They all went silent for a moment, just bowing their head in shame with closed eyes finally admitting their defeat. Then the bald beefy orc with the tattoos finally lost his patience and fussed, "I can't believe he dragged me around by my pride... I just wanna get this damn ring off my fucking cock already." The orc with the long black hair and beard grinned and suggested, "You know... there's an easy way to get it off."

They all looked to Rexxar as if they required permission to jerk off. He shook his head and broke into a wide grin, then grabbed his own still hard dick. "Well... it ain't like a new thing between us now." He winked suggestively at them with a bit of a grin, but the guys looked at him pouting and he cocked his head, "What?"

"It's just..." Drax pouted and looked away, "...I didn't see shit all night. The troll kept all the fun to himself..." It was then Rexxar realized, he had been the only one to actually witness the orgy. All the other guys had simply been blind actors in the play, just bodies the troll had used as he pleased. "Ah..." He pursed his lip and looked at their hungering eyes, "Well then..."

With a playful grin, he bent down on his knees, leaning back with his palms on the ground and spreading his legs to thrust out his stiff dick. "...Have at it, warriors." The orc's dicks twitched in response and it didn't take more than a few seconds before they were all over him.

One orc began groping his pecs, another climbed on top of him and let the champion's dick glide into his ass, riding him like the troll had before. The third went behind and hopped on the first, thrusting into his ass while jerking him off at the same time, Drax began touching and feeling Rexxar's big biceps, only to get invited up with a head tilt and began slow kissing while masturbating at the side.

It didn't take long before all their loads shot into the air, groaning and moaning as they reached their climax. Misha covered her eyes with her big paws on the ground, as if she had been taught to do that by her master already.

"I leave you guys for FIVE MINUTES and this is what happens," they suddenly heard Nazgrel bark. He came limping out from the dungeon along with the troll... who was also limping now, looking a bit weary with a twitching eye. But unlike the rest, they were now fully dressed in their actual armor with the orc carrying a large linen sack and the metal shackles no longer decorating their ankles or wrists.

"N-Nazgrel," Drax stuttered as they broke it up and climbed off the champion. Rexxar got back on his feet, still smiling rather satisfied as he finally was limp enough to pull the cock ring off his now flaccid dick. Nazgrel raised his clenched fist to give him a heads up, then threw him a key. Rexxar looked at the silver key in the palm of his hand before it finally clicked, "...Oh!" He turned the key in the keyhole on his broken shackles and the manacles finally came off.

As the orcs took turn unlocking their cuffs, Nazgrel threw the large sack in-between them. It contained all of their armor and the orcs looked relieved to be able to see their gear intact. "That stuff would probably have been gone if that little gremlin hadn't gone around to collect it during the night," the orc commented and punched the troll's shoulder to remark, "...and that's why you don't strip the prey until after the hunt." The troll flinched and apologized, "Ow- Sorry mon."

Taz had probably been expecting to be quite unpopular now, but instead the other hunters praised him as he rejoined the group. "Looks like someone finally stepped up," one of the orcs complimented him. "From now on, we'll be taking you seriously..." Another of the orcs commented and Taz blinked like he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Drax came up to him and the two looked at each other in silence for a moment. Then the orc bowed his head and sighed, "Guess you did pretty good... Taz'dingo." The troll almost gasped at the mention of his full name. The orc put an arm around his shoulder and dragged him along the rest of the orcs as they began walking back to the camp, "Now... you gotta tell me about that trap. We need details man, details."

As Nazgrel and Rexxar watched the gang leave together, the orc turned his head to his old friend with a grimace, "I was expecting him to get beat up. When did they suddenly become friends?" Rexxar chuckled in response with raised and curved brows, "Guess they realized he beat them fair and square." The orc scowled with gritted teeth like he couldn't believe what he was hearing. "That's NOT what happened."

But the champion just ignored him and turned to his bear, who was still lying on the ground with her eyes covered, and called to her, "Misha. Time to go." She peaked out and then quickly got back up, following her master as he began wandering in the opposite direction. The orc shook his head and ran up to him in pursuit.

"He only won because I got teamed! You hear me?!" The orc insisted and pointed his finger at the champion, who shrugged with a tilted head as if to say, "Sure, whatever you say." The two of them walked alongside each other for a while in silence, Nazgrel pouting and Rexxar seemingly uncaring. Then Rexxar turned to his old friend and commented, "You know... that was fun."

Nazgrel furrowed his brows and looked to the champion, "...Fun? You're kidding. We landed in a fucking dungeon. And got dommed by a whelp," he argued and grumbled as he crossed his arms still upset. "Yeah... but you were right," Rexxar remarked and the orc looked at him genuinely curious as he continued, "...To let the man in me be part of the hunt. Don't think I've ever been so hard before."

The orc finally grinned again and snorted, "Too bad you got suckered and trussed up by a troll." Rexxar nodded acknowledging and sighed, "Guess I'll have to try harder next year." The orc's eyes lit up at the comment as he loudly repeated, "NEXT YEAR?! ...You wanna join again next year?!" The champion tilted his head with a smirk and remarked, "Yeah... I didn't win. I hate losing." The two of them shared a hearty laugh.

Motivated again, the orc puffed up his chest and scoffed, "You know... I'm gonna get ya sorry ass next year before you fall into some stupid trap again." Rexxar lifted his eyebrows unimpressed and proposed, "Oh yeah? ...Is that a promise? ...Maybe we should settle this now. Whoever catches our breakfast gets the loser's ass."

Nazgrel broke into a wide toothy grin and taunted, "Hah... you're on." Without further hesitation, he dashed forward to get a head start. Rexxar looked to his bear and said, "Alright Misha... let's go." Then the two of them followed the orc into the wilderness.


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