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"Hmm-Mmmfh!" Talon complained as he was forced to kneel in this embarrassing state. He was the Blade's Shadow, a master assassin bound to the Noxian High Command. Yet that title did him nothing in his current situation, instead it had made him a target for this perverted master. What was supposed to be a cut-and-dry payload had turned into an elaborate trap, just to pin him down like this. Now he was in for it.

Talon from League of Legends, after he failed an assassination. Rather than having the assassin executed, the target nobleman ordered the guardsmen to throw him in the dungeon. Now stripped off his armor and bound kneeling on the dungeon floor, Talon can't do anything but wriggle in his bindings as he waits for his new "master" to come play with him.

This was a single separate character illustration I did. While I normally prefer to restrain the arms behind the back, having them in-front with the dick poking out between the shackles is also very fun.

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