Super Ace's Defeat

My short novel following a cocky and impulsive hero's attempt to escape the villain's scheme---after he suddenly finds himself stripped and helplessly bound in full-blown bondage.

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Spark in the Machine

Spark, the leader of Team Instinct, finds himself in a precarious situation after losing a battle against a member of Team Rocket.

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Connor Gavin

"Asshole" was the first word that came to mind in describing Gavin Reed. The detective didn't make any effort to conceal his disdain for androids, even in a professional setting. "Synthetic beings that resemble humans," or "plastic pricks" as he called them. The fact that the Detroit City Police Department had installed a number of the new RK900 model "Connor" vexed him greatly.

Another incident at the Eden club was just more ammunition for his cause. But at this point, no other office was enticed by the idea of spending the entire evening investing the crime scene with his grumpy attitude complaining about all the "dancing sex robots" at the place of the scene. "Fine then," Gavin scoffed. If nobody wanted to partner up with him, he wasn't gonna make a fuss. After all, they did have disposable partners now.

Even Connor picked up on the miserable position he had been put in as he got into the police cruiser with Reed.

Malzahar Tentacles

Malzahar stuck with some salacious tentacles in the Void, unable to escape with every limb stuck and hole filled. Image version:

Debonair Malzahar - Don't cover them up

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Debonair Malzahar stripped and tied up, for the "Don't cover them up, slut" meme.

Alternate versions:

Shen & Zed - Dungeon

 Shen finding himself at the mercy of Zed as his new slave



Yoru and Phoenix

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It was a partnered assignment from the Valorant agency. Despite bantering and bickering, Yoru and Phoenix still partnered up a lot in spite of their indifferences. They had a certain 'chemistry' as some would call it. "Ugh... get a room already."

But despite their bratty romance, both agents were extremely good at what they do and could pull off miracles. Yoru was cold and calculated while Phoenix was impatient and reckless. In practice, Phoenix drew their attention and created the openings necessary for Yoru to clean up.

Only this time, they both messed up. Phoenix let an enemy walk up behind and knock him out cold. "That idiot," Yoru cursed reactively and gave himself away. When they came to it, both of the agents found themselves among the 'merchandise' they had been sent to rescue.

Stripped of all their armor, restrained with thick rubber robe and fixed in an befitting position face to face unable to say a word with two red ball-gags adoring their big mouths. "WHA-ph t-mh FU-mh."

Shen Zed Suspension

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"Unnfh..." Shen groaned, heaving from the tension as he found himself shamelessly stripped and bound, the sturdy powerful ninja found himself suspended above his master's bed. He really was completely stuck like an ornament hanging from the ceiling, writhing with his naked and sweaty body. 

In front of him was the master of shadows, lying in the bed watching his big captive struggle in his grip. His erection towering in front of Shen's face.

"Zed-" Shen pleaded to him, the captive ninja's dick twitching for attention from how long Zed had been toying with him. And any time he started to get too wild, his master would happily reel him in with the actual leather leash around his dick like training a pet.

Thrusting his dick against the silvery mask, Zed spoke with a tone so smug you could hear the smirk, "Beg for it, Shen."

Darius Ekko Academy Story

Darius and Ekko: Obey the King
    Chapter Index
  1. King of the Academy
  2. The Crown
  3. Test of Strength
  4. Power Struggle
  5. Dethroned

Chapter 1: King of the Academy

"Anyone else wanna try for the crown?" Darius raised the challenge to the crowd after sending yet another big-headed ‘class hero’ trailing out of the gym with a deflated ego.

Every guy before him hoped to cement their reputation as the hottest stuff by dethroning him as the reigning champion. An invitation that was principally a shameless contest of pure masculine ego between the academy’s jocks. And excellent showmanship.

Silence spread across the gym, like the kind teachers dreamt of in their classroom. Everyone was waiting to see who would step up next, but no one did.

“Heh,” Darius chuckled. Finally he had peaked. Now there was no question to his-