Yoru and Phoenix

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It was a partnered assignment from the Valorant agency. Despite bantering and bickering, Yoru and Phoenix still partnered up a lot in spite of their indifferences. They had a certain 'chemistry' as some would call it. "Ugh... get a room already."

But despite their bratty romance, both agents were extremely good at what they do and could pull off miracles. Yoru was cold and calculated while Phoenix was impatient and reckless. In practice, Phoenix drew their attention and created the openings necessary for Yoru to clean up.

Only this time, they both messed up. Phoenix let an enemy walk up behind and knock him out cold. "That idiot," Yoru cursed reactively and gave himself away. When they came to it, both of the agents found themselves among the 'merchandise' they had been sent to rescue.

Stripped of all their armor, restrained with thick rubber robe and fixed in an befitting position face to face unable to say a word with two red ball-gags adoring their big mouths. "WHA-ph t-mh FU-mh."

Naturally they struggled to escape their predicament, and of course their prideful ego checked up on each other frequently as if to see who was winning in getting free first. But with thick unbreakable restraints, neither of them were getting close to freedom and the constant glances on each other's naked wriggling body was spurring another reaction.


The more they fought to get free, the more they wanted to just fuck already. But they weren't able to do that either. And just as their tall and towering lengths touched, their captor entered the room dressed in black with a mask. You couldn't see the grin but hear it in the smugness of his tone.

"Looks like my two uninvited guests are enjoying themselves already." His approach towards their dicks made Yoru stare like he was trying to kill the man with his eyes. A slight hint of panic in Phoenix's eyes as the man grabbed more rope off the floor.

"NO-omph!" Yoru snarled into the gag and furiously jerked his bound arms as the rope was raised to his dick. Moments later, his manhood was as restrained as the rest of him with his balls bound like a pair of cherries.

It didn't stop there. Phoenix then watched as his dick got the same treatment, the nervous sweat rolling down his forehead. Then a rope to connect their balls, joining their bondage by their genitals.

"A gift to keep you entertained for the stay," their captor taunted as he pulled out a small round device on a rubber band. ...A vibrator. He was joining their dicks with a vibrator, pulling the two hard shafts tightly together while pulsating enough to keep them rubbing against each other.

Both of them grunted and moaned as the device whirred on. "Have fun," the captor said and left them in the room again. They both writhed from frustration and pleasure.

After another thirty minutes of non-stop stimulation, their dicks were leaking precum and their faces blushing red. Realizing this was going to be a long night, Yoru shot his partner a sharp glare and tried to utter a sentence, "LOO-mh WHA-ph YO-mh GO-ph um IN-pho, IDI-ofm!"

"...FUC-mh MA-hn!"    

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  1. Congratulations, Borgim! An excellent picture accompanied by an equally great short story! I enjoyed reading it and I hope the two lucky studs enjoy each other's company! Maybe they even get a chance to relieve themselves. The addition of the rubber ropes was excellent! Really what was needed to keep the two handsome boys nice and tight!
    Thanks for sharing your artwork! I don't have a Twitter account, but it's always a pleasure to see you posting here.