Shen Zed Suspension

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"Unnfh..." Shen groaned, heaving from the tension as he found himself shamelessly stripped and bound, the sturdy powerful ninja found himself suspended above his master's bed. He really was completely stuck like an ornament hanging from the ceiling, writhing with his naked and sweaty body. 

In front of him was the master of shadows, lying in the bed watching his big captive struggle in his grip. His erection towering in front of Shen's face.

"Zed-" Shen pleaded to him, the captive ninja's dick twitching for attention from how long Zed had been toying with him. And any time he started to get too wild, his master would happily reel him in with the actual leather leash around his dick like training a pet.

Thrusting his dick against the silvery mask, Zed spoke with a tone so smug you could hear the smirk, "Beg for it, Shen."

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