Darius Ekko Academy Story

Darius and Ekko: Obey the King
    Chapter Index
  1. King of the Academy
  2. The Crown
  3. Test of Strength
  4. Power Struggle
  5. Dethroned

Chapter 1: King of the Academy

"Anyone else wanna try for the crown?" Darius raised the challenge to the crowd after sending yet another big-headed ‘class hero’ trailing out of the gym with a deflated ego.

Every guy before him hoped to cement their reputation as the hottest stuff by dethroning him as the reigning champion. An invitation that was principally a shameless contest of pure masculine ego between the academy’s jocks. And excellent showmanship.

Silence spread across the gym, like the kind teachers dreamt of in their classroom. Everyone was waiting to see who would step up next, but no one did.

“Heh,” Darius chuckled. Finally he had peaked. Now there was no question to his-

"Time to step up and show how it’s done," the voice of a young cocky black male shot through. Darius glanced between his peers to see who stepped forward, but found none. Instead the challenger emerged from the most unqualified clique.

The bookworms... the chess players... the know-it-alls. "...Nerd," Darius remarked.

Ekko was an exceptional example of such. The short and skinny kind of lean, large round glasses, fancy clothes and a shiny white hair-do that said, "I am smart and smug about it." 

“Hahaha,” Darius broke into laughter with an unimpressed frown like the wolf being challenged by the lamb and turning to the obligatory trash-talk, "Did someone hide your backpack again or... have you come to get embarrassed?"

"Hardy har har," Ekko retorted and gestured like a caveman with a matching tone, "Me big jock, gym my turf." His charm was already winning over the crowd, provoking Darius even further as he nonchalantly ignored the jock’s presence strolling into the center.

“What’s the last game you won that wasn’t digital?” Darius remarked and threw Ekko the ball. The nerd caught it smoothly, rolled it across his shoulders into his other hand before spinning it on the tip of his finger and taunting the jock. “Man, when’s the last time you won a game with style or is bulldozing your only talent?”

“Oooh,” the crowd exclaimed and Darius gritted his teeth.

“Fine... let’s see what you got,” he begrudgingly accepted Ekko’s challenge with a bothered sigh and eye-roll. The crowd cleared as Ekko prepared his shot, cocked his head and drew a confident smirk. Turning his back, he threw it over his head and landed a clean shot without even looking.

“Suppose that wasn’t… terrible,” Darius commended in such a condescending tone and glanced into the crowd the moment anyone tried to clap. Picking up the ball, he made a point of closing up behind the nerd  just for the physical impression. Easily two heads taller... wider, bigger. Clapping him on the head as if congratulating a child.

With a mocking frown, Ekko fired back with an equally ridiculous tone and taunted him again, “How about you spare me the big talk? Unless that attitude is as high as you can throw..”

“Hah, get ready to see some real moves, ner-” Darius began 

“Oh, big talk!” Ekko interrupted.

Laughter from the audience wasn’t helping Darius’ anger. He practically growled and rolled his shoulder, taking a deep breath and with a single hand, raised the ball up high before slamming it into the floor, bouncing it once before landing a goal. Strong and steady, much like the player. 

"Not bad... not bad. A little... unoriginal, but that's still nice," Ekko commented with a pursed lip. The compliment sounded so pitiful Darius snapped, “Let’s see you do better then.”

Taking three long steps further back, Ekko began to dribble the ball harder and faster in-between his legs. Phones came out in droves to start recording. As the momentum built up, he let it fly up in front of him, dashed forward and jumped up to hit it, sending flying backwards into another stylish goal.

Applause from the audience got louder and even Darius paused at the casual display of skill. 

“Hmph,” he grunted with a satisfied smirk, that spark of excitement in his eyes. Now that Ekko had actually managed to wow the audience, he had a worthy opponent to shut down and earn him even more prestige. A hunter who finally found the kind of game he lived for to conquer.

Without a hint of doubt, Darius moved three steps further back, crouched down and leapt into the air. Tossing the ball with such force at the ground it bounced against the floor, flew so high it almost touched the ceiling… then plunged into the hoop.

Applause roared from the audience as Darius once again walked up to Ekko and muttered, “...You know what they call me, nerd.” The way he still managed to make that "nerd" sound so insulting was an art, the tension between them so thick now you could cut it with a knife.

“King, king!” The crowd cheered as he was winning them back.

“I’m not bowing yet.” Ekko contended in face of his posturing, though not as confident anymore, took twice the distance this time and a deep breath before making his attempt.

Starting with the in-between his legs again, Ekko closed his eyes and whispered to himself, “Just… focus.”. Then, as the ball bounced up in front of him, he grabbed it, jumped into a backflip and threw it. It bounced off the floor, then off the backboard before swirling into the hoop.

The crowd paused in silence for a moment before breaking into cheer, “Ekko, Ekko!”

Darius blinked like, "Are you kidding me?" There was no world in which he expected Ekko to upstage his best move. At this point it was going to be hard to even match the nerd.

Still... he wasn't about to lose here. Impatient and determined to come out looking better, Darius moved to the far end for the highest distance possible with the single intent of cutting the match short and hauling home the win. And the cheer quickly changed to his title, “...KING, KING!”

Sure of his victory, Darius flexed before leaping impressively high up and launching the ball like a cannon. Even Ekko’s eyes widened at the shot.

A strong throw. ...Too strong, ricocheting more than bouncing. It smacked against the billboard and flew back.

The pause and silence felt like an eternity. 

"FUCK," Darius roared in frustration. He didn't wait for a reaction either and just stormed out. Which immediately made the crowd roar and applaud their newly crowned underdog. This was the kind of talk that was going to make the rounds for weeks.

Chapter 2: The Crown

The school day had passed. The once busy gym now stood empty, save for one student sitting and reading a book on the stands.

Soon the gym doors shot open and Darius, now dressed in his dark blue school uniform, marched in stomping like an angry giant and searched with his narrow stare. “Ekko!” He roared as he spotted his victim on the stands and berated him. Cracking a knuckle he came right at the guy grumbling, "...So this is where you've been hiding."

But rather than raising the fist, Darius dug underneath his shirt and pulled out a necklace, presenting it to the unusually calm nerd.

Ekko raised an eyebrow and remarked, “Oh… the crown is an actual item. I had no idea.”

"Ezreal held it for a minute. Garen won it from Jayce," Darius bragged as he held it up. A simple grey metal shape with three spikes and thin chain. It looked like the kind of trinket that was probably once awarded to a jock by a cheerleader... and then passed on through generations as a status symbol.

“...Oh! That’s what’s been keeping you busy in the gym… literally protecting your title,” Ekko remarked somewhat impressed and Darius nodded proudly.

But as Ekko reached out to receive his token, Darius objected and yanked it back before the nerd could grasp it. “You haven’t earned it yet,” the jock argued as he held the pendant up in the air with an inquisitive frown, “...A few cheap parlor tricks isn’t enough.”

“Hey!” Ekko complained and looked puzzled before it clicked. “...Ah. I see. You don’t wanna have to fight everyone again. If I lose it to someone else… you’ll have to wrestle it back and keep at it again until they back down.”

He reached the conclusion with a frown, “...You actually want no one to even question you’re the king. You want that title under your picture in the yearbook.”

Darius pouted and complained, “I worked hard to keep it. You just- ...caught me off guard.”

At first Ekko chuckled, realizing how ridiculously much he staked on this pendant. Then shrugged, “...Whatever man. We both know I won that. So does everyone else.”

“On-on-one, right here… right now,” Darius immediately demanded and walked up to Ekko on the stands, slamming his palm down on the bench behind the nerd and closed in. “...A real match, not some math bullshit. If you can beat me, you’ll get the title and necklace.”

Ekko snapped his book and shook his head before stating the obvious, "You know damn well I didn't sit here for hours just for a trinket... big guy."

The jock grinned like his suspicions had just been confirmed and flirted back shamelessly while inching even closer, "So... you were just trying to get my attention. Missed my dick, huh? ...Practicing just to get me all riled up and take you just as long and hard?" Leaning in even closer.

His flirting was always so awkward yet strangely charming.

“Hmm…” Ekko doubted and put a finger over his lips, "...Or maybe to put you in your place."

“What?” Darius blurted out with such an offended grimace like he just got blue balled and blinked unsure whether Ekko was suddenly playing hard to get or actually shooting him down.

“Man… your head is getting too big for that crown. Think you can take everyone… today it’s my turn,” Ekko asserted, lowering his glasses for a direct alluring glance.

“Hmpfh,” Darius grunted. Of course he didn’t take it well. With crossed arms, he doubled-down on his earlier proposal. "Put me in my place... I’d like to see you try, nerd. Alright then, I’ll be fair… IF you win this, you can be in charge this time.”

Of course there was no dodging the rematch. There was no way his stubborn pride would ever allow this mark on his record to slide. Ekko sighed and glanced at the cloak before accepting, “One goal.”

“That’s all I need,” Darius asserted as his eyes flared up again.

As Ekko got off the bench to play, Darius pulled a basketball out of his backpack. Of course he had a ball in his school bag. What would he actually be carrying in there, books?

“Alright,” Ekko accepted and Darius threw him the ball. "...Since you won the last time," he made it sound like such a small accomplishment. The nerd spun the ball on the tip of his finger before the dribble.

Darius grunted provocatively, “Fancy moves won’t help you this time.”

The second Ekko began to move, Darius charged forward. Even if he was more nimble, it was obviously not going to be easy getting the ball past that massive unit. And to Darius' surprise, the nerd didn't even try to contest it and almost gave him the ball. Without hesitation, the jock headed straight for the goal with a slam dunk in mind.

But as he jumped up to deliver his victory, everything happened so fast it was like time slowed down for a moment.

Ekko had jumped after him, boosting off the jock’s bent legs like a step and knocking the ball out of his grip in the exact moment he was holding it loosely above his head before the dunk. It flew backwards and bounced along the floor.

While Darius grabbed onto the hoop, Ekko landed and went straight for the ball. “SHIT! ...Shit, shit, shit, shit,” the jock began cursing as he had but moments to drop down and catch up, his heart already racing as he realized the imminent loss.

Legging it after the nerd as fast as he possibly could, he tried to stop the nerd before Ekko took the free shot. Only to watch the ball fly straight up and seamlessly into the hoop.

Speechless, Darius took a few steps back still processing it in his mind.

"...FUCK!" Darius yelled loud enough to scare the birds outside, his eyes flickering unsure of what to say. But when Ekko chuckled and reached out for the “good game” handshake with such honest eyes, a strange calm came over him and he felt a sense of relief. He knew Ekko didn’t think any less of him, how hard the boy had worked to match him.

For once he let a genuine compliment slip, "...How the fuck did you actually get... decent?"

“A hot jock made great motivation for practice,” Ekko responded, nodding with his thumb and index connected into a circle like a chef beaming with pride.

“...So you really committed to this, huh.”

Ekko at least acknowledged, “...You'd probably still whoop my ass in a full game. But I figured I could get good enough to take a shot at you. Didn’t expect it to go so well." Darius shook his head with a flattered grin, “Tsk… I’ve been playing against too many pretenders.”

The jock then exhaled and blew air up into his lock of hair. "...Can't believe I lost you twice."

Walking over to hand Ekko the well-deserved pendant, he still struggled to let go even as his fingers touched the nerd’s palm. With a hint of desperation in his eyes he demanded, “One more chance.”

“Come on, man...” Ekko frowned and pointed out the obvious, “...We got a date in an empty classroom, remember?”

Darius realized he had to sweeten the deal if he wanted another shot. “If you… erh… win again, hm…” Even he was struggling to come up with something that would entice Ekko, “...I’ll bottom for an hour… no, two… three...?”

He was fishing. Ekko wasn’t biting. “...Don’t think I have that much stamina.”

“Ok, ok...” Darius went back to the drawing board and tried to brainstorm out loud, “We can… compete in any game you want. Just as long as it’s not nerd stuff. Like a board game. Just as long as it’s physical?”

“...Hmm,” Ekko smirked coyly at the pleading jock. To see Darius this malleable was rare and an idea popped into the nerd’s head. An opportunity he had long hoped for.

“I’ll give you... one more chance to keep your crown. But it will be a... different kind of ‘physical’ game,” Ekko suggested with a coy smirk. Darius already knew in the back of his head this was a bad idea, but he wasn’t gonna back down without at least hearing what was on the table, “...Maybe, what game?”

Taking a few steps closer and running a finger down his big chest, Ekko only vaguely hinted at his intention. “Let’s call it a test of strength.”

“A test of strength?” Darius asked both curious and skeptical.

“...You’ll be naked-”

This was probably his best shot. He grabbed Ekko’s hand and locked into his eyes with a leer, "Try me, nerd."

Chapter 3: Test of Strength

The academy allowed students to stay and study in the library until night-time. Although few actually stayed and practically no soul was on campus on a Friday evening with plenty of unattended classrooms... more than enough privacy if you knew the secret passage into the locked rooms.

In one such lone room waited Darius, visibly impatient. Glancing at the clock every five to ten seconds, making a point of being audibly bothered with constant sighs.

“Finally... what took you?” Darius asked impatiently as he heard the branches rustle as Ekko climbed across them and in through the window, dropping his backpack on the floor. “I told you, man… had to pick up some stuff. For the test.” 

“Right,” Darius remarked and you could almost hear the brows furrow.

“This had better be good,” Darius berated with his charitable mood already long gone. Ekko opened the bag and revealed his fresh stock of thick brown rope. At first the jock looked appalled, then frowned with a hint of concern and then finally commented both disturbed and impressed, “You really brought… fucking rope to school?”

"I told you… a test of strength," Ekko suggested, rocking his palm slightly in a so-so gesture to Darius’ grimace.

In the most “...Fine” sigh, Darius looked down at the backpack, really questioning if he should agree to this. “...You want to tie me up?” Ekko nodded with a flirtatious grin and tried coaxing him into it, “I wanted to see those big muscles in action.”

“Naked,” Darius emphasized. It finally clicked what sort of “test” this was going to be.

The jock shook his head, chuckling in disbelief. He then cocked his head and asserted, "You really think you can dominate me, Ekko? ...Me?!” He really sized himself up in front of the nerd, just to remind him who had the actual physical advantage with his towering height.

Ekko didn't waver and raised ten fingers then lowered seven, "Give me... thirteen minutes to restrain you."

“Hm,” Darius huffered, pondering the offer with a raised brow before inquiring, “...How long would I get to break free?”

“...Thirty minutes?” Ekko asked and the jock immediately chuckled before boasting, “Wouldn’t take me that long, nerd.” He then paused to think, glancing at the backpack. Should he really? Maybe it would be easy… of course it would be easy. How much could the guy even do with thirteen minutes? With all the power lifting, some rope wouldn’t be difficult to break.

With a snicker, Darius suggested, "Say I entertain this notion… you’ll give me the pendant and obey me?"

"Sure,” Ekko nodded.

“And…” Darius continued, “...if I can’t?”

“...I’ll take my prize," Ekko finished the sentence with a smirk and glanced at the necklace, then down the buff torso it was hanging on.

So that was his game plan. Shaking his head, Darius reluctantly agreed. "Alright nerd... I’ll play along. But once I get free...," he stated like there was no shadow of a doubt, "...You'll be mine. My fuck toy. So enjoy your thirteen minutes."

Ekko nodded with a slight dubious frown. The challenge was on.

"Alright, King... undress." Ekko demanded to instigate the session. Probably the first time the nerd had ever tried bossing him around. Darius paused, just standing there blinking, not at all used to taking orders. He then sighed, glanced down and began stripping, starting with his jacket.

It really only took a second for the power to get Ekko’s head. He found a chair to sit back like a pimp and enjoy the show. "Tsk," Darius scoffed.

And a show it was. ...The padding didn't even contribute to Darius’ bulk. No, that really was just the actual size of his torso as he pulled off his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. His chest was massive and pumped with jacked arms and abs stacked like bricks. It wasn’t unfounded that he had been crowned “king” as the strongest guy in the academy.

“Still sure you can tie this down?” Darius remarked to the ogling nerd, flexing his large bicep.

Next he undid his belt and dropped his pants, revealing his white boxers and big package. The way it drew in Ekko’s eyes gave him a satisfied smirk, he grabbed the bulge in the “you want this” kind of tease and didn’t pull down until he got the eager nod.

“Hot damn,” Ekko complimented like he hadn’t seen Darius’ thick dick before, flopping out as he dropped and kicked his boxers into the cloth pile.

[Click to Enlarge]

And with that, Darius presented himself to the nerd. A shapely, muscular and powerful body, the kind of physique where you could visibly see the jagged shapes in his buff physique. Tall to the point where he was towering above glancing down, the sunlight glistening on his warm and smooth skin.

The nerd licked his lips as he took a moment just to appreciate the sight of such a strapping hunk, sailing his eyes over the masculine anatomy.

Most guys would probably be a bit embarrassed, but Darius loved the admiration and couldn’t help but flex and tighten more of his rippling muscles to really wow his audience.

"Like what you see, nerd?" He teased with a cocky grin. “Mmh, yes king...” Ekko responded in kind with his erection already poking up through his pants like an iron rod.

“Hah,” Darius chuckled. He was still the one in control. Even if he had to “obey” Ekko, the nerd was already spellbound by his physique and it wouldn’t be long before the boy was begging for his cock. To which end he slowly reached down, began stroking his length until it was towering in the air, twitching and begging for attention.

The nerd gulped with drops of sweat rolling down his forehead, his cheeks flushed and you could see the overwhelming desire flaring in his eyes.

“...Let’s start!” Ekko bursted out, bolted up from the chair as if struck by lightning. Immediately grabbing a bundle of rope from his backpack, stretching it out in front of the naked hunk

“Uh-oh,” Darius muttered as he realized his enticement had backfired and instead of seducing the nerd, it supercharged his motivation into a state of hyperfocus. When Ekko got like this, there was no distracting him anymore.

“Alright, alright…” The naked jock excused and glanced at the clock for his salvation, “Uh... thirteen minutes-”

"Put your arms behind your back," the nerd commanded.

With a sigh, Darius reluctantly complied and joined both his hands behind his back without further objection. Keeping his proud posture and chest high, only following Ekko’s movement out of the corner of his eyes. If he was gonna submit himself to this… he wouldn’t let it faze him. Remaining still even as he felt the rope wrap zip around his wrists.

Layer upon layer. Tight constricting rope pressing into his skin.

“Jeez… how much are you gonna use-” Darius complained as after a mere three minutes, both his lower arms were practically sealed together. He glanced back, tried wriggling them loose and couldn’t even move them an inch apart, like they were just stuck.

“Gotta make it a challenge to escape, yeah?” Ekko quipped as he had already grabbed the next stack of rope.

To him, the challenge wasn’t just... tying up Darius, but getting enough rope in to make sure his big captive would stay that way. Given the man could literally rip off a door and had carried a motorcycle over his back, Ekko needed to make every second count. This was like trying to contain a rolling boulder with a set of string.

“Ugh,” Darius complained as Ekko began to lasso two sets of rope around his chest, one across his chest and the other underneath. “Hnfh-” He grunted, jerking a bit to rebel.

“Stay still.” “Fine.”

After another three minutes, it was admittedly... starting to feel pretty tight. He finally caved and looked down, watching with disdain as his hard-trained pecs bulged out from the rope squeezed into them. Instinctively jerking his arms against the constricting grip on his whole chest, again and again.


It didn’t even give a little. He could really only flex his fingers at this point. "Ufh…” He grunted, it was an odd feeling to feel so trapped while also completely nude. His wood still standing tall.

"Join your feet," Ekko asked and Darius hesitated for a few again, mumbling a complaint as he didn’t really want to wobble in such an off-balance stance, but still complied.

Another two minutes and his ankles were glued together. He looked at the clock with a sense of urgency. Thirteen minutes had seemed like nothing and now the five minutes left felt way too long. He needed to give it his all soon to escape.

“Uh, you look hot like this…” Ekko remarked as he approached the bound hunk with even more rope. Darius gritted his teeth, jerked in his already heavy amount of restraints and objected with a sneer, “What you got left to tie...?”

“The best part,” the nerd noted with such a smirk.

Beginning from the jock’s back, Ekko joined the rope side by side and pulled the set over the trapezius, weaving his way down in a zig-zag pattern to create a harness over the torso. It all seemed like a decorative net... until Darius realized where the design was headed.

"Wait, ...what the fuck?” He immediately began jerking in the rope and barked, “....You're not gonna do my COCK-" Protesting like there was some unwritten rule as he looked down at his defenseless dick in Ekko's hand, the rope to bind it in the other.

His toothy smirk said it all. “I’m gonna claim my prize,” Ekko declared and taunted him with a hard grip on his hard dick to tighten the hold. “Ungh…” Darius groaned, realizing now what the nerd had meant. The guy was fully intent on dominating him.

“Ugh… fuck,” Darius complained as Ekko licked along his length, teasing the tip with a finger to really stimulate him.

In a moment of stubborn pride and sheer lust, Darius sneered and thrust his pelvis out to push his dick against Ekko’s face. "Just remember... this dick’s gonna ram your ass once I get free. Remember that while you’re roping it." This was who he was. He was going to own it and face any challenge head-on.

"You are... such a jock,” Ekko chuckled in admission.

Then corrected himself, “...The king of jocks.”

“That’s right,” Darius reinstated with a sly grin. It was that admiring glint he was hoping for... the genuine awe of his boldness and guts which made him feel empowered. Even in this naked captive state.

With a certain glee, the nerd then grabbed his big hung dick and began to work it. Teasingly licking the head, slowly stroking the length with his extra time. Leaving no spot unattended.

"...Unfh," Darius groaned a little, the way the nerd could work his tongue was astonishing. It didn't take before he was almost at the verge of release, his meat throbbing and hard as rock, towering in front of Ekko with the long shadow across his forehead.

With another toothy grin, the nerd grabbed the length and mercilessly began threading a rope around the base, looping further around his balls so tight that his erection stood out like a bound handle. His round balls wobbled with his every movement. It felt as intense as it looked.

"Fucking... arh... hell," Darius cursed and gritted his teeth looking down at his now completely restrained cock. Writhing from side to side, frustrated and horny. After several groans he complained, "Shit’s too tight... like a constant grip around my balls. ...Man. Fuck."

And there were still another two bloody minutes left on the clock.

The more he seemed to get upset, the more satisfied Ekko seemed to get. Confident, the nerd rose back up, pulled in the rope around his chest and asserted, "Time for you to kneel, my king...." 

“Ugh,” Darius groaned again and couldn’t even stop Ekko from forcing him down. At this point, his royal title was just a means to rub it in.

The nerd connected a final rope between his wrists with his ankles, stopping him from standing up again. A few tugs to check his work. He had finished with time with a minute spare.

Thrashing about impatiently, Darius’ patience had worn out and he began to assert the threats. "I really... really am going to enjoy this fuck." Glancing down at the insane ropework and his twitching, bound dick made his anger pick up as he turned his head back up and continued, "You REALLY asked for it this time."

“You smug, ann-” He cut off the insults as the nerd was holding some kind of leather pad with two long strings and a phallic knob on the inside intended to slot into his mouth.

An actual padded leather gag.

Glared straight at it, Darius gritted his teeth and protested, "...Put that thing in my mouth, Ekko... and you're not gonna be able to sit tomorrow. You hear me, nerd? ….I will plow your fucking ass so ha----rrmmpph."

Ekko really made a bit of a show of considering it, from feigning worry to speculating before optimism and finally the cheeky grin before cutting him off before shoving the gag in.

There really was no fear left of his lordship.

Chapter 4: Power Struggle

Half an hour ago, Darius and Ekko were standing in this empty classroom with the jock asserting his towering figure over the nerd.

Now, the big guy had been stripped naked. Bound. Gagged. Kneeling on the floor, jerking from side to side with a fiery anger that spelled, “You’re gonna regret this” as he practically chewed on the black leather stuck in his mouth.

“...One more thing,” Ekko mentioned as he picked up the loose rope from Darius’ bound cock and tugged it a few times like a leash before taking a seat on the table in front of the jock to enjoy the ensuing show.

This obviously did not go over well.

"Fuc-mmmph, oummh mh ff- mmoumph-" Darius kept running his foul mouth, even though the gag had muffled him entirely. He kept trying to talk like he should be able to, but all he could utter was just incoherent grunts. "Mmmmph, om-mm-mmph, ouumh ammph mph ah mmph!"

He tossed and turned his arms in frustration, still trying to shake the gag out.

Just watching Darius in this state was hypnotizing. Bound, gagged and struggling to get free. His chiseled body flexing and jerking from side to side putting every muscle to work. His tied dick swaying from side to side with every movement. Hearing his deep threatening voice so muffled, grunting and groaning. “Mmmphf-- Oomph-”

Finally managing some calm, he looked to Ekko for the declaration.

“Alright king. You got thirty minutes to escape, otherwise I’ll be taking that crown and the prize it sits on,” Ekko goaded and looked at the clock. “Three, two, one… go.”

If you could picture a fiercely strong man trying to escape from an impossibly tight binding whilst also naked and hard, this was Darius. He literally tried jumping on his knees, violently jerking from side to side like he was trying to snap the ropes holding him, his muscles literally tightening and bulging as he pulled as hard as he could.

“MMM-mh mh AAMH g-mph MMM-hree!” He grunted looking so unbelievably frustrated chewing into the gag in his mouth that robbed him of even being able to say a word in this.

Every now and then Ekko would reel him back in with a few tugs in the leash on his dick again, which set him off every time. “DOMMPMT D-AMMPH HMMHAT!” But rather than heeding the angry grunts, the nerd instead dropped his pants now and let his own dick out, nudging the tip of his own erection as he enjoyed the show.

Is he fucking serious?

It was such a telling display of power. How the nerd literally had positioned himself a few inches above just to look down into his eyes and assert dominance.

“FU-MPH Y-OMH,” Darius straight-up yelled at the smugness, not even sounding that loud. Lunging forward to close the distance, almost butting heads with Ekko just pushing him back with his boot and yanking on his leash to reel him in again. Like a wild beast being forcibly tamed.

He looked back at his own bound body again. From his hard dick roped up to his heaving chest and… the pendant he still had on, so easily removed now.

Taking a moment to catch his breath, Darius summoned every ounce of strength with one singular goal in mind: Break free. If he escaped, he would get everything he wanted. If he didn’t… Ekko would get him.

This time he focused his movement rather than going wild. Forcibly thrusting upwards and outwards, pulling his arms back before again lunging forward, hoping to snap the ropes when he hit the limit. Going at it until the sweat literally began rolling down his muscular body, unwilling to surrender before he had conquered these restraints.

Trying again. And again. And again.

All while Ekko kept heeling him back in with the leash on his dick, gently but firm enough he still felt the nerd’s attempt at claiming him.

“MmMmfh!” He roared into the gag, staring down at the restraints with sheer determination. “Break already, break!” He said to himself. His actual words, “Uummfh, bmmph-!” ...It had to be there, almost.


Why the fuck weren’t they tearing?

“WH-AMPH MH F-UPH!?” He roared frustrated, shutting his eyes into a blind rage and started fiercely trashing about just wanting some result. Sweat drizzled down his rapidly expanding and contracting chest, every jerk and movement being met with the tight constriction around him. All while he could feel his rock hard erection craving attention from all this excitement.

“Time’s up,” Ekko’s voice suddenly announced.

Darius’ eyes widened as he immediately glanced up at the clock. It couldn’t be true. ...It was true. Thirty minutes really had passed. He paused and looked at Ekko with a sense of bewilderment, his chest heaving from how much he had worked himself up.

What would happen now…?

...He couldn’t free. He actually couldn’t get free. He was stuck... like this.

Ekko moved his hand down to lift up the necklace in his palm, holding Darius by the chin as he looked dead-straight into jock’s eyes while asserting, “...Looks like you’re mine.”

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It took a few moments before the realization really sank in. ...Ekko had him. The nerd could do anything with his body now. He really was the nerd’s captive. This was what it felt like to be a- ...He was the fuck toy now.


Chapter 5: Dethroned

All this struggle for some little pendant. “Hm,” Ekko muttered amused as he lifted the chain up from Darius’ chest and glanced at it. A tiny but stylish crown glinting in the sunlight. 

Maybe it made sense. In a way, the trinket represented his overly competitive nature, constantly trying to best others for social standing. A king of the hill contest where there could only be one at the top. The prom king, the alpha jock, the hottest stuff on campus. Popularity, respect, party privileges and lots of sex. Everything that defined Darius.

Peeling the necklace off him, Ekko raised the chain above his own head and put on the necklace.

“Hail to the new king, baby.” Ekko gloated with a smirk as he once again tugged in the leash that was attached to Darius’ cock and balls. Sitting above the bound and gagged stud like a throne. Much to the previous king’s dismay.

“Mmmph Ek-kmho,” Darius tried objecting and writhed for a bit, but sighed and lowered his head with a disgruntled glance. Almost as if he had accepted Ekko as the new “King.”

At least he wasn’t in position to contest the title in this state.

“Hm,” Ekko muttered. In the mood for gloating, he taunted his captive hunk, “...If I’m the king now, what does that make you? ...My servant? ...My toy?” Making a point of hovering above the jock, finally at a height advantage. Darius grumbled and looked so vexed, definitely not used to being in the submissive position.

“Hmfh- hm-mph,” he grunted a response, looking like he was trying to chew through the gag.

Clearly enjoying this power trip way too much, Ekko pretended to understand the stuffed mouth and responded, “...You’re right! It’s both. Guess that makes you my... slave.”

It was like the word struck a chord with him. “N-oomh! ...N-OMH!” He objected with his muffled protest, still refusing to surrender his pride. Why had he doomed himself so much? ...Right, because he thought he’d be in the other position at this point. But a bet’s a bet.

...And knowing Ekko, the nerd was going to milk this session. Both figuratively and literally.

“Now that I have you as my slave, ...all evening...” Ekko’s teasing made Darius realize he had agreed to stay like this until sunset. Glancing at the clock again, that was easily three hours away. Three hours of being Ekko’s sex toy. Groaning like he just missed the bus by a second, “Fuu-mmp-mmph…”

The nerd smirked. He knew what he wanted to do.

Finally beginning to strip down himself, he jumped on the floor and slowly peeled off his clothes, making a point of dragging it by the restrained hunk who was still hard and horny. Teasing him to the point of almost sticking the buttchecks he couldn’t get to against his big tied cock. Obviously working from the blush on his face and the jerks in his arms to try and claim the lean body.

“MmmMm-mmmfh…” Darius almost whimpered with eyes that spelled how much he wished he could do anything.

Bending a bit down to look him in the eyes, Ekko walked a pair of fingers up his chest and flicked his nose to taunt him. “Since you’re not used to being the sub… I think this slave is due for some training.”

Training. Darius’ eyes widened at the very mention of the word. How was this happening to him?!

“Heh, and if you learn to obey and submit. Maybe I’ll reward you.” Ekko teased him and Darius scoffed like that was ever going to happen. “Wh-mpmh g-emph fr--ehhmmp,” he really was trying to master speaking stuffed in an attempt to talk back.

Leaning in closer, Ekko spoke in a softer and alluring voice, “First lesson… you’re my toy.”

Kneeling down in front of Darius, the nerd began thoroughly groping his slave, sailing his hands up and down the ripped chest, placing both palms on his huge pecs just to feel them squeezing in his grip. “These are mine now,” he remarked to the jock’s discontent eyes, “Mmmph-”

Inching closer, Ekko slowly moved further and further down Darius’ torso until he finally reached the jock’s restrained erection, jiggling his bound balls and teasing the shaft with gentle nudging and running it through a ring formed by his thumb and forefinger.

“This is mine too,” Ekko murmured. Darius scoffed and grumbled.

Running circles below the dick’s head with the tip of his finger, it only took twenty seconds before the dick began to throb again and pre-cum leaked out. All the pent-up frustration and cravings longing for release. 

“Amazing how you’ve been rock hard this entire time,” Ekko remarked and lowered his tone to suggest, “...Maybe you’re enjoying this, big guy?”

“N-OMMH,” Darius barked a grunt. 

“Your twitching cock says otherwise,” Ekko remarked and it was hard for Darius to keep objecting with his flushed cheeks and the sweat still rolling down his body. “...Gonna be a fun challenge to keep you on the edge and deny you from cumming too early.”

The way his eyes twitched in response to that notion said otherwise.

Ekko moved even closer to the point where he was practically sitting on his big slave and began kissing his pecs, moving back down to the dick and turned to licking, smearing the saliva on Darius’ bare skin as he traveled the surface up the chest. Embracing the body one inch at a time, leaving almost no spot unattended.

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As he reached the neck, Ekko moved behind Darius while keeping a grip on the jock’s dick, the other hand on his chest to tease his nipple.

Then began the edging. Switching between rapid stimulation, stroking his length fast and hard, to a sudden stop and a hard grip to kill the climax. Every time he felt the sweet sensation of release approaching, grunting, breathing faster, humping into the nerd’s hand as he felt the surge begin, just to reach that sudden stop with his dick practically begging for release.

“EK-MOH!” He grunted out loud.

Again the nerd repeated the notion. Again he was denied his climax. After the fourth time, he started to squirm in Ekko’s grip and pleaded, “L-ph mh CU-mph!”

“No,” Ekko stated plainly.

After another solid fifteen minutes of constant stimulation and being denied again, Darius finally began to crack and pleaded through his gag. “Lpmh mh mmmuh.” Repeating the sentence frustrated while the nerd made a point of keeping eye contact just to assert dominance.

“You get it now, don’t you. The first lesson,” Ekko asked as he stopped another climax. Darius squirmed like you could tell how unbelievably titillating it was to not be able to control his own orgasm.


Looking down at his restrained body, his dick still in Ekko’s hand, it finally struck him… he really would never be allowed to cum until the nerd allowed it. He was becoming a toy, losing his mind with the drool starting to ooze out of the gag, struggling to keep any focus and the pleasure was overwhelming all of his senses.

At this point… he would have to choose between his pride and his climax.

Ekko continued. Another twenty-minutes of edging him near his climax, Darius began to heave. His cheeks flustered. The way he looked at Ekko with such pleading eyes, begging him. The nerd finally asked, “You wanna cum… big guy?”


This was what Ekko had been waiting for and demanded, “You ready to obey?” He demanded and at this point, Darius didn’t hesitate to put the urge to come above his stubborn pride, nodding obediently “...Ye-mph.”

A triumph Ekko looked like he never expected to get. The unbreakable had been broken. Overly satisfied with himself, he declared, “Time for your second lesson.”

Second lesson. Darius started to wonder if he’d still be able to form words after this session. 

Untying the rope between his ankles and wrists, Ekko then grabbed the leash on his cock again, tugged and commanded his new toy. “Stand up, slave.” Even if he had finally submitted himself to the nerd’s authority, being told to stand up with the name of “slave” was still stirring the anger.

“Hmmpfh-” He grunted, but got back up on his tied feet with some effort. 

Once again Ekko got reminded of how much taller and bigger Darius was. But this time it felt different. Darius looked like a slave now. And to see such a large muscle-bound hunk in complete submission was gratifying.

“Alright my slave… lie down on the table,” Ekko commanded and looked to Darius still with a bit of doubt. 

“Hmmmpfh-” Darius complained but did as asked. Shuffling over to the edge with his tied feet, bending over and then attempting to roll in order to get his legs up. Just watching him try to move so immobile was already making Ekko’s dick twitch in anticipation.

The jock then glanced at the nerd, knowing what was coming. Accepting his role with a heavy sigh and a slight annoyed frown.

Diving into his backpack one last time, Ekko pulled up a plastic bottle. It had a white transparent thick liquid in it with the word “Lube.” He jammed the bottle down on the table next to his captive and then undid the knot keeping his ankles stuck together.

“Spread your legs, slave.” Ekko’s command made Darius glance down his restrained body one more time before grumbling and lifting his leg.

You could see the nerd’s “yess” in his eyes as he took a dip from the bottle on his fingers, then slowly running them in-between Darius’ cheeks until they slipped into the hole. Massaging it to prepare for penetration. The jock groaned and jerked a few times in his bound arms from the sensation.

Grabbing his dick, Ekko poured from the bottle onto his shaft. Looking like he had waited for this day to come.

He started pushing into Darius. With a grip on his shaft and raised leg, Ekko let his dick push into the cheeks and slid slowly into the hole. Feeling the tight fit all-around his dick as he squeezed his way inside, going as far as he could get in.

“Mmmpfh-” Darius groaned and squinted, still wrestling with his obedience.

Pulling out slowly, Ekko pushed in again faster. And faster. Thrusting into Darius and feeling his passage clench around the dick.

“Unfh… fuck. You’re so hot,” Ekko moaned to the slapping sound of his pelvis clapping against Darius’ ass. Staring intensely at the muscular chest heaving to keep up with the heat, his arms still wriggling a bit. He cocked his head against the table, overwhelmed by the heat with drool pouring down on the table from the black leather gag.

“Mmmmmfh-” Darius began to moan. His cock started to pulsate again in Ekko’s grip, starting to reach his climax again. “Not yet,” Ekko said and kept Darius from coming again. 

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And for the exact remaining thirty minutes, Ekko fucked Darius relentlessly. Taking only brief pauses to keep his stamina up. The sweat also started to drizzle down his own body. The fading sun glistened on their wet skin.

It was time for the final push. Picking up the phase, he thrust into Darius ferociously and began to moan, “Ah.. aaaah.” All while the jock groaned with each thrust. “Mmmfh- uuumh-” 

In a moment of perfect tranquility, Ekko jerked his head back, feeling the surge of pleasure as his dick pumped inside Darius. The warm steamy liquid flooded around the shaft, slowly spilling out the hole. Just standing there, breathing heavily as he felt the tension release and the sweet relaxation.

“Heh, such a drooling mess you’ve become…” Ekko remarked as he finally pulled out, letting Darius’ leg down while the semen flowed out of his hole. “Mmmmfh-” Darius grunted and glanced at the nerd, disgruntled and worn. His dick still throbbing and urging for release. 

Grabbing the bottle of lube, Ekko looked him in the eyes with a frisky grin.

“You’ve earned your reward... my slave,” he said as he took a grip on Darius’ stiff cock, coating it in lube as whatever smirk Darius could have under the gag finally appeared. “Hmmmph…” At least he was  

Scaling the muscular man, Ekko guided his dick straight up and began to slide down. Feeling the tip press inside, followed by the thick shaft slowly squeezing into his passage.

...Of course Darius wasn’t going to keep playing the submissive slave and unexpectedly thrust up, shoving it inside and bouncing the nerd on his hips. “Hmmph,” he grunted almost like a chuckle. 

To his surprise, Ekko still had the leash on his dick and tugged on it to pull in his balls and base. “MMMPFH!” He grunted, unwilling to give up this power struggle.

“Looks like the training didn’t completely break the alpha,” Ekko remarked with a coy grin prepared for this rodeo.

Pulling back out, Darius prepared himself with a few heavy breaths as he glanced at Ekko trying to reassert his dominance. “Hmm-Mmhpfh,” he grunted like he was initiating the intercourse and moved his shoulders further back to allow himself better control in his immobile state.

Ekko yanked in the rope on his cock as he pushed back down, almost pulling it into his ass while Darius at the same time attempted to thrust. They were either working together or trying to prove who was in control.

“Mmmmph… MMMMPFH!” Darius moaned, but this time sounding invigorated and ready to finish. Thrusting up again and again. His eyes began to shut again as he felt all of his tension and pent-up frustration gather in one single motion.

Finally. The pleasure washed through him like waves of blissful warmth. He felt his load shoot up through his dick. A sensation more intense than he had ever felt before with the rope still squeezing so hard around his base and his entire meat crammed inside Ekko

“Mmmmmmpfh…” He groaned and shut his head back. His dick still pulsating and unloading.

Ekko grinned as he began to step off, his own ass leaking with cum as well. The jock was completely done. His muscles and dick so limp. Resting on the table, breathing heavily as he recovered.

Joining him on the table, Ekko lied beside him to take a breather. Darius didn’t even seem to care about the rope or the gag in this moment, his big chest still rapidly expanding and contrasting, just glancing at the nerd with eyes that said, “Fuck man…” 

They both stared up at the ceiling. Their eyes met once and Ekko snuck in the question with a glance, “Did you enjoy that?” 

Darius rolled his eyes, sighed and then hesitantly nodded.

“Let’s see who will win tomorrow,” Ekko commented with a smirk. “Hmph,” Darius grunted and looked at him with a raised eyebrow with a glance that said, “You’re on.”

With a chuckle, Ekko raised the pendant on his chest and snuck in one last “...slave.” Furious grunting ensued.


  1. Love it. Especially the look that it might happen again at the end as well.