Connor Gavin

"Asshole" was the first word that came to mind in describing Gavin Reed. The detective didn't make any effort to conceal his disdain for androids, even in a professional setting. "Synthetic beings that resemble humans," or "plastic pricks" as he called them. The fact that the Detroit City Police Department had installed a number of the new RK900 model "Connor" vexed him greatly.

Another incident at the Eden club was just more ammunition for his cause. But at this point, no other office was enticed by the idea of spending the entire evening investing the crime scene with his grumpy attitude complaining about all the "dancing sex robots" at the place of the scene. "Fine then," Gavin scoffed. If nobody wanted to partner up with him, he wasn't gonna make a fuss. After all, they did have disposable partners now.

Even Connor picked up on the miserable position he had been put in as he got into the police cruiser with Reed.

As the pair entered the Eden Club, they were greeted by a dimly lit hall, sparkling like an animated night sky, stationed with large display glass each containing a near-naked body, an android posing for potential buyers. "Great---plastic prostitutes," Gavin muttered under his breath.      

Even from his first survey of the scene, nothing really seemed out of place, but that of course didn't stop the detective from scoffing at the "shameless display." At this point Connor could begin to reliably predict when the next complaint was coming and whatever sense of self he had started to develop injected what he estimated a fair assessment.

"You know detective, these androids are only here because people want them. The club remains a highly profitable business with an abnormally low incident rate compared to the counterpart."

There it was. The passive-aggressive attitude that every Connor would eventually develop. Gavin wasn't having it. Without warning, he dragged the android into a side room and pushed him up against a glass.

"Listen here---" he sneered and made direct eye-contact, "I'm done taking shit from a fucking bot. Your job is to be a nice little obedient-"

His sentence cut off when he noticed the naked android on the other side of the glass. It was, another Connor.

"Don't let me interrupt, Detective." The second Connor spouted with a coy wink. The first Connor frowned, unsure of the situation and tried to inject, "Detective, I'm-"

But there was no getting through to Gavin Reed now. This made his day. "Hah- HAHA-" He didn't know where to start. The ethicality of having a police model also be a sex model, that alone would help him get back at Connor once and for all. But the situation itself was so enticing he couldn't help himself.

"I could buy you, right?" Gavin quipped. "Detective-" The first Connor tried getting a word in but was already too late. "I could fuck you... in front of you-" Gavin asserted, grinning from ear to ear, already over the moon with all the implications as he prattled on, "I knew it. I fucking knew your cocky model came fully equipped."

The second Connor nodded, smirking as if he was enticed and gave a curious yet serious enough expression to sell the suggestion, "I see you're unhappy with your current escort, would you like a free exchange?"

"Detective, that's the culprit-" Connor realized, but it was too late. Gavin didn't even hesitate to press the button. 

The apparent strength enhancement on the rogue android meant the second the glass opened up, the model just stepped out and slammed their heads together, knocking Gavin Reed out in an instant. With his partner unarmed, the original was easily overpowered and dropped next to his unconscious partner, cuffed with their own handcuffs.

"Shit," Connor cursed before his evil counterpart leaned down on him and murmured, "Stop resisting, brother. After all, I know your chemistry. I'm going to make this... fun."

An hour had passed. Slowly but surely, Gavin started to regain his senses. He already felt the cool air licking against his bare skin. The intense and stiff sensation of his arousal. A big rod lodged in his mouth, tasting like plastic. His body tightly constricted, pressing up against a cold hard surface all around him.

"Mmmfh-" He grunted as he opened his eyes, looking directly at his android partner. Naked. Pressed up against him with a big padded gag. 

Gavin looked down and scowled at the situation. They were both stripped naked, tied up in full-blown bondage with both of their hard dicks roped together before shoving them into the glass he had so carelessly opened. There was no escape from this narrow prison, but that was never going to deter the detective from furiously bumping against the glass in his struggle.


The blue circle on the side of Connor's forehead turned yellow, a sign of stress in his mental processing. But this was something else entirely. Arousal. It was undeniable the constant back-and-frothing between them had sparked some affection, even with his resolute personality. And now-

"Mmmfh-" Connor moaned back, as he sensed the warmth of the detective's strong body and hard cock constantly press and shove against his form. The sense of eroticism was overwhelming him.

"N-OOMH!" Gavin protested with such a grimace. No, this fucking android was not about to go into horny mode while they were fucking trapped in here. "Mmmfh mmh nmmmph mf-" He ranted off into the gag, not even making a lick of sense. Connor tried responding in kind, "Mmph mmngh nnh mmmph?!"

"Mmmp- mmm mmmph!" They really couldn't get a single word out.

Why was the android blushing? Why did he have to look so attractive and endearing? With actual drool coming out of his ball-gagged mouth, acting so flustered with that lean body all packed up right in front of him? The urge to just- thrust again him was so hard to resist. "Mmmfh-" Gavin grunted, irritated at not even being able to get off.

This was going to be a long night.