Hom0Zed Commissions Second Set

These are all commissions made by the talented @Hom0Zed and posted with permission from the artist.
Zed's Conquest Set
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Malzahar and Zed
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The first warrior to fall before Zed's conquest was Malzahar, Prophet of the Void. While the dark mage opened countless portals and filled the area with all sorts of small skittering monstrocisties, the shadow ninja was far too agile and quickly closed the distance between them.

Malzahar thought himself dead but rather than his life, Zed had taken his body and dragged his body back to his temple, locking his foe up in the dungeons stripped and bound as a trophy pet.
Yasuo and Zed
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The second warrior to fall victim to Zed's conquest for dominance was Yasuo the Unforgiven. A wandering samurai and a wanted man, he already sensed the ambush just from the change in the wind. A fierce and long duel, but the ninja claimed victory simply from having picked a time his foe was already tired out and won the fight through simple attrition.

The legendary swordsman awoke in the same damp and dark dungeon as Malzahar, finding his pants already dropped to the floor. "Mmmpfh-" he complained, gagged by the ball lodged in his mouth with both a collar and rope decorating his muscled body as the second pet.

Pantheon, Mordekaiser and Zed
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The purpose of the ninja's conquest had become clear. It was to prove that no matter how much bigger or stronger the warrior was, Zed would prove himself superior.

And when he jumped in-between the duel of two legendary and mighty knights, Pantheon and Mordekaiser, no one could dispute his superiority from the result as both of the bulkier and much taller males soon found themselves standing naked and bound in his possession, their superior physique attributing no more than a statement of his boundless dominance over not only their combat skills, but their very sex.

Shen and Zed
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Last but not least, the only man Zed ever considered his equal. Shen, the Eye of Twilight. A duel he had to retake many times before finally managing to push an advantage strong enough to overtake his muscled rival.

There were no words to describe his satisfaction and pleasure finally being able to strip Shen off his armor and watching the man underneath squirm in his grasp. He wanted to complete the transformation, to completely reduce the famous ninja to just a man, slowing and smugly pulling off his mask. Now so absorbed he was completely unaware of the uninvited guest spectating.

Shen, Zed and Jhin
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Zed had done it. He had stripped his life-long rival Shen entirely down, made the bulky ninja just another "pet" in his dungeon. So overtaken by his success, he ignored his captive's attempts to warn him and a solid hit from behind knocked him out cold.

The sexual dominance he had exerted over Shen was now being returned tenfold and Zed awoke the image of his own ninja armor and mask on the floor, the cold dungeon breeze now also licking against his bare skin. Their long forgotten enemy, Jhin the Virtuoso, a mad artist was now making a rather tasteful display out of them both. "Mmmmpfh-" Zed protested into his gag with Shen joining behind, "Ommfh."

Shen and Zed
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Their masks back on, but the gags still remained. "Mmmpfh- OMMPH!" Zed raged with his muffled voice over the sheer indignity of having his very own body used for such an erotic sculpture, not only tied together but actually mounted on top of Shen in a fixed position of intercourse. Feeling his rival's length inside of him, all the while Jhin was standing back in the shadows to behold his handiwork.

"Art!" Jhin declared triumphantly, overtaking Zed's conquest of dominating the dominant with the master himself as his first slave.

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