Unsettled Duel

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The name of a renowned yet discreet festival that Freljordian warriors would sneak away from duty and spouses to join.  Many tried to excuse the occasion as “diplomatic summit between the tribes,” but never could remember even a single line of such dialogue upon their return.

It was what it was. A bunch of burly brutes meeting up for the sole purpose of reveling. Getting slammed with barrels worth of mead, communicating with nothing but fists, grunts and burps.

“Just men being men.”

No one really knew how the festival began. Perhaps it was a brawl between rivaling tribes that became a tradition. But soon enough, word traveled far and wide of a celebration where the greatest of warriors would meet to test their skills and crack open a cask.

Dozens of taverns now decorated the land. Horse wagons riding in with mountains of barrels and stock. Already the fields were crowded with warriors cheering at duels, wagering and drinking.

All of the noise came to a sudden stop the moment two warriors met. It was as if destiny was about to play out and the crowd immediately dispersed to create space, gathering around them in a circle.

Pantheon, the Unbreakable Spear
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On one end stood the mighty Pantheon. On the other, Xin Zhao. Both adoring ancient celestial armor, golden chiseled plates with a spirit flame trailing from the top of their helmet. Even their weapon of choice were the same, wielding a long powerful spear.

Xin Zhao, Cosmic Defender
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When any such two warriors met, it was “Kon Makor.” Roughly translated to “Fated Duel,” which all the men in the crowd began to chant. And neither of the warriors were going to back down from this challenge.

They met atop the snowy mountain. Only one referee would oversee their match at a safe distance. Between their overwhelming strength and power, an all-out duel would ravage the environment.

 “Let this day be legend,” Pantheon commended. “Fate has brought this challenge,” Xin Zhao respectfully responded and nodded, “…But only one shall revel in triumph.”

“First to fall to his knees is defeated,” the referee declared as per tradition. A blowing horn signaled the start.

For hours they fought. Through biting cold in the midst of a blinding blizzard, fighting for every breath with the pain of fatigue burning their every muscle. Yet every time one of them would come close to dropping, they both stubbornly pushed on, determined to succeed.

“The day draws, urgh, to an end…” Pantheon paused to say, groaning and panting, shooting the suggesting, “You ready to finish this?”

Xin Zhao looked to the setting sun, leaning on his spear,  then drew it up from the ground and assumed his combat stance. “Everything. In one final blow.”

They nodded, gathering every ounce of power in them, glowing with a fiery sphere around them, then launched at each other.

The blast was massive. Like a blue and yellow comet colliding at full speed, the two celestial warriors clashed one final time, sparks flickering between their clashing spears before all the energy exploded and sent out a large ring through the sky.

Neither of them really remembered who won the duel. Already long past their limit, the blast sent them flying in opposite directions and knocked them out in an instant.

Everything went black...

It was uncertain how much time had passed since they got knocked out. It took even longer for their senses to return.

At first it was just the pain of the pounding headache, their limbs still stiff and sore. When the feeling in their bodies finally began to turn, something already felt off.

They could feel the cold night breeze licking against their bare skin. With the exception of their helmets, all of the armor the two warriors had been wearing had been stripped away, leaving every ounce of their muscled bodies exposed, including their sudden, large and throbbing erections.

When their blurry vision finally focused, they were looking straight into each other’s eyes with only inches between their helmets.

“What is this… bondage-“ Pantheon said and groaned, tugging in his extremely tight restrained arms, finally realizing the layers upon layers of rope binding them together. Like a serpent coiling around them, squeezing them together in its grip.

Trapped as they were, they continued to jerk and struggle, looking down at their stripped forms.
The worst part was that their big dicks had been mashed together, stiff as they were, roped at both the base and around the shafts to align their lengths. “To seize and pervert… a man’s pride like this-“ Pantheon growled and snorted with disgust.

Xin Zhao, always the tactical thinker, didn’t let their predicament get in the way of assessing the situation and looked around to see where they had wound up.

The faint rays of moonlight through the grid of their prison cell showing a dimly lit dungeon deep in the mountain, housing several other cages each with similar residents. “Tsh,” he scoffed, already realizing the full scope of the plot. They were underneath the very mountain they had fought on… the event was both the bait and the trap.

 “To think- ….for a warrior to bested like… this-” He staggered with regret and the bitterness cut straight through his tone, “That I… allowed myself to get trapped. To think… we both got-”

His sentence cut off as he huffed frustrated. A storm of thoughts raged in his mind. It wasn’t even the shock or the indignity of their imprisonment that was getting to him, but… the clear frustration of having fought so long and so hard to prove his might as a warrior, only for someone else to utterly dominate them.

“Our captor…” Pantheon started to say, sensing the animosity in his otherwise level-headed opponent, “…Does not intend to best us as warriors, but to make slaves of the men underneath.”

For a moment, Xin Zhao almost forgot their precarious situation. What was this warmth he was feeling? Just alone the tone of Pantheon’s voice inspired such confidence that the whole sexualizing aspect of their humiliation felt like a mere dent on his masculine pride.

“Then let us escape,” Xin Zhao rebuked and scoffed, “…And make them regret this indignity.”

As if struck by lightning, the two warriors began to fight the ropes with every ounce of strength in their body. Wriggling and struggling furiously to try and get free, flailing from side to side with their limited mobility, flexing every muscle while their chests and dicks continued to rub against each other as they tried to separate.

 “Do… not… ufh… let up…” Pantheon groaned with the sweat already drizzling down his body, shoulders heaving as he panted. “We… cannot become let this dungeon claim us.”

“First… to get free…” Xin Zhao panted and looked into Pantheon’s eyes with a small hint of rivalry, “…wins.”

“Hah,” Pantheon chuckled and nodded approving, “An easy victory.”

Several hours later, both of them… were still stuck exactly as they were before. Their seemingly unending stamina finally ran out, panting and sweating as they reeled from the lost fight.

The silence broke as the door to the dungeon opened. A cloaked figure began to walk down the stairs, holding two red orbs in hand.

Pantheon’s attitude changed immediately and he refused to even look out the cage to see the approaching figure, instead stared straight into Xin Zhao’s eyes as he began pushing himself against his captured opponent, even thrusting his dick forward like some sort of… spear fighting.

“…Must you stare straight into my eyes?” Xin Zhao asked, unsure of what the warrior was even trying to accomplish.

“Yes,” Pantheon emphasized with a raised voice and then in the must blunt way possible he stated, “I’m establishing dominance.”

Xin Zhao paused, lost for words. “But we are both tied up-“ He started to argue, but then it finally clicked. Pantheon had realized they weren’t going to escape and whatever was coming now would put them both in a completely submissive position.

This was literally their last chance to settle their duel and feel some semblance of triumph.
Already they heard the door to their cell unlock and a dark figure stepped inside. But rather than immediately trying to dissent the captor’s identity, he now joined Pantheon in pretending the threat wasn’t even there and just focused on his “opponent” instead.

Maybe it was silly. But denying the captor’s existence also refused to acknowledge held any power held over them… like the duel was still going on and this was simply an “environment hazard” no different from the blizzard.

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“Fine,” he declared in spite of the red shiny ball-gags being hung around their necks in preparation and suggested, “First to get off wins.”

Pantheon nodded with narrow eyes and accepted, “You’re on, blue-boy.” Aggressively grinding his dick against Xin Zhao’s now with the explicit purpose of frotting. It wasn’t even difficult to climb towards his climax with the rope binding their dicks together adding such a tight sensation to their thrusts.

“Fuck-“ Pantheon cursed as the shadowy figure had lifted his helmet up and shoved the ball-gag directly into his mouth, stuffing it completely full before lowering the helmet back down again and muffling the rest of his sentence, “Mmmpfh-“

It was obvious to see it took every ounce of willpower for the warrior to not lose his temper there and explode in rage, but still he manages to focus on the “contest” and continued grinding, allegedly a great deal more aggressive now.

Xin Zhao already knew his turn was next, and still nothing could really prepare him for the feeling of having a big ball shoved into his mouth. “Da-mmmph oumh!”

It was at this moment the realization finally struck him. He really was helpless. He really was a slave now.

All this time he had been focusing on fighting, on trying to maintain some sense of control. It wasn’t until he literally got robbed of his last drop of power before he truly learned what it meant to get dominated. No more than just a naked wriggling body in someone else’s possession.

Yet in spite of everything, he still continued to frot with Pantheon. If he could at least… win this, he’d have won something. The closer he felt his climax approaching, the more excited he got.
Finally he felt it. His heart pumping, his blood rushing through his veins, the sweet sensation of release as hot steams of white liquid shot out of his dick.

At the exact same moment as Pantheon came.

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“Hmpf- Ummfh!” “Omfh- Mmmph!” Xin Zhao and Pantheon both grunted and moaned as their loads decorated Xin Zhao’s chest from the angle they shot at. A release that just kept going given how pent up they both had gotten.

Again they had tied, unable to find a winner. The frustration over their still unsettled duel was overwhelming. Pantheon tried to speak but could only utter incoherent grunts now, “Mmmfh- oomph- mmmph!” It was even stranger and entirely alien to hear his deep and masculine voice gagged.

“Mmmpfh-“ Xin Zhao tried to reply, but fell as short of words as his captured opponent. With no more chances to compete, they had finished as equals… only for someone else to dominate the contest and conquer them.


  1. Well gotta do something to keep the competition going even when captured LOL. I love this.

  2. Noticed this only had one comment, which seemed like a real shame since IMO this is one of your hottest pictures yet! The overall posing is a delight, and there's so many little details to pick out about their bodies and how they're tied against each other. And let's face it... naked muscle guys wearing only helmets is always going to be hot.

    The story to go with it is very hot as well. You always capture the "feel" of rivals well, especially how a rivalry changes (or in this case, doesn't change) when bondage enters the mix. On my first readthrough I'd actually thought perhaps their final attacks against each other had resulted in the destruction of their armor, leaving just two naked, unconscious warriors to be picked up by the presumed kidnapper. Speaking of the kidnapper, it's interesting you didn't explore his character in this, or even really bother describing him. He's reduced to simply a vehicle for the plot. But by choosing to ignore him and focus on each other, the two warriors really are exerting what remaining power they have in this situation--though that would still be precious little, it turns out in the end.

    What details of the kidnappers scheme we do get are tantalizing though. We're gven one glimpse at the environment and told there are several other cages around them full of similar prisoners. Is the kidnapper taking every man who came to the festival? Or is he only interested in warriors who prove themselves sufficiently "worthy" first? Or perhaps it's just those who trespass on his mountain? Either way the details are vague enough it's fun to imagine what his plot could be, and what's going to happen next.

    All in all a fun story used to flesh out some GREAT art.

  3. Man, gotta love this piece of work. Honestly good and detailed except for their captors and the other cages but that's irrelevant right now because the main focus for this story is Pantheon & Xin Zhao. And It is very good. Hope they continue their rivalry.

    But I do have some idea on who their captors are. No idea of their backgrounds or identities, only an image of the captor and Pantheon.


    1. Nevermind, it's probably Varus in his Conqueror skin.