Sett's Punishment

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Only Rakan could drive Sett as crazy with lust as to not notice the spell forming beneath them. The way the charmer had danced around him in the arena, so slippery and taunting with his glamorous display. There was no subtlety in the flirts, "Do you thrust as hard in the bedroom?" Even landing a solid smack on his ass in front of the entire crowd, prompting their "Ooh."

It was more of a mating dance than a fight and everyone could see that.

When Sett finally pinned down the tease, he was ready to plow Rakan on the spot. But the boss still held enough composure to at least drag his trophy off to the bedroom, cheeks flushed already. The guy didn't even seem sorry and grinningly waved goodbye to the audience as he was hauled away over the tall fighter's shoulder.

The clothes flew straight off mere seconds after entering the chambers. He allowed Rakan to worship him, touching and feeling up all the bulk. The size difference between them was immense, but that didn't deter Rakan from sailing his hands over the muscled giant.

Both their dicks was throbbing with excitement already. It was time to see just how much the tease could take of the fighter's length.

"What's with the gooey stuff?" Rakan had asked. As Sett tried to take a step but couldn't, he finally noticed the pool his feet were already stuck in. A green, thick and slippery liquid, moving upwards as if it was alive and intent on trapping them as more slime kept oozing out of the floor like brought forth by magic, 

Sett wasn't having it. "What the hell?!" He yelled out and began to thrash about to get free. The Boss wasn't about to let some weird ass magic interrupt his heated moment.

But no matter how much of his overpowering strength he put into pulling his arms free, the slime would just shoot out tentacles that lassoed around his limbs and pull them back in again. And with the blob starting to reach the halfway mark now, it wouldn't be long now before they were completely immobilized and helplessly stuck together. Rakan already so pressed against him the guy's head was buried in his chest.

Finally the boss yielded. "ALRIGHT! ...You've had your fun. Show yourself, mage."

A small crystal ball began to shine on the nearby table, planted there ahead of time. The light projected a hooded silhouette in front of them both, only revealing his smug triumphant grin under the shadowy hood. His voice sounded like a distant echo, but still clear enough to make out what he was saying.

"Looks like revenge is finally mine, half-beast!" The mage declared, quite satisfied with himself. Sett just looked utterly unimpressed and half-assedly noted, "...Am I supposed to know who you are?"

That remark didn't land well. The mage gritted his teeth and barked, "The spell trader you kicked to the curb? You called my scrolls useless scribbles. Who's the feeble one now that I got the great boss and his lover trapped in my summon." By clenching his fist, the slime tightened around them and pressed them together even further. It was clear he was controlling the slime.

"Nope, don't remember a nobody."

Rakan's eyes widened and tried to speak with his mouth squeezed between the big pecs, "Se-ph!" Being so cocky and arrogant was only making things worse.

"So trapping you with your lover meant nothing?!" The mage glanced at Rakan as if an idea formed in his head. Like he just realized exactly how to topple the boss' stupendous amount of pride. With a twirl of his finger, he managed to pull Rakan's head out enough to allow the guy to speak.

"Look man- ...I just came here to fuck," Rakan tried to reason. And the mage nodded in agreement, "I think there's a way we can both get what we want."

The guy still didn't get it. The mage looked baffled like he had to spell it out. "I want to punish this big brute... you want to fuck." It finally clicked with Rakan and his cocky self-indulgent grin was back on, "You got yourself a deal, mage."

"Wait- ...Rakan! I won the fight-" But before Sett could get another word in, the slime that had been wrapping around his neck like a collar probed into his mouth to shut him up. The mage's image disappeared and the slime flooded out on the floor, pulling them both into position. Sett bent over and trapped, Rakan mounted behind with just enough flexibility to penetrate the big fighter.

Sett kept grunting in defiance. "Ommph-" This was so unfair. He wanted to top.  

Piece by Hom0Zed
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  1. Too bad for Sett, it's always more fun when it's the big bad top whose ass gets taken.

    Even moreso when it's THE BOSS.