Without work, Jack Morrison just can't get time to fly by until a friend offers him an alternative way to waste around doing nothing.


  The Overwatch headquarters. The main office of the global military organization renowned as the heroes that saved all of humanity from extinction during the great Omnic Crisis.

  At the center of the office square, a triumphant statue of the great war hero Jack Morrison towered above the crowd in commemoration of their historical victory. The man himself now the first official Strike Commander of Overwatch. A symbol of heroism, honor and justice.

  Inside the head office, a much less glamorous-looking Jack groaned at his workstation, his chiseled features now stained by fatigue and stress.

  There was paperwork to do. There was always paperwork to do. In truth, he could and even should be delegating this work, but burying himself in mission reports and work policy was the only way he could distract himself these days.

  His lonely eyes darted to the picture in the locket on his desk with an expression longing for the past.

  With a heavy sigh, he shut the brown box and tapped the desk interface to open up the display for his desktop, blankly scrolling through files on the holographic display with the tip of his finger. Looking for something... anything to keep his mind busy.

  Just as he was about to open a report, an old friend barged into his office. Always dressed in black with a beanie, a full goatee accompanying his scarred brown face.

  If Jack Morrison was the shining hero representing Overwatch, then Gabriel Reyes was the man covering his back, just hidden enough in shadow to avoid the public eye. A comrade from the simple military days long before the political era of Overwatch, which was just about the only reason the man still had clearance to barge in unannounced.

  “Morrison,” Reyes exclaimed with his usual shiteating grin, slamming down a large official Overwatch container on Jack’s desk excited to share.

  “...Evidence?” Jack asked, sounding dubious with a raised eyebrow. Gabriel shook his head, “The spoils of war. An evidence container was the only way I could snatch it without stealing it.” Somehow that explanation didn’t make it sound any better.

  Without a drop of hesitation, Gabriel planted his ass on the desk to tell his story.

  “So I was on a mission,” Gabriel began to narrate and Jack just immediately opened the report, much to his annoyance. “This isn’t in the report,” Gabriel argued as he brushed the holographic display away with a hand to close the application.

  Both stared at each other annoyed until Jack finally sighed and allowed it, “...Fine.”

  Gabriel’s shiteating grin switched back on as he crossed his arms and started doing the voice for dramatic effect. “Alright... so we’re rounding up goons in an underground network. Rats running loose everywhere. McCree suggests we pin ‘em down somewhere while we hunt down the remnants. I post a guard outside the room and start piling them up inside. One of the thugs starts mouthing off-.”

  “Please tell me you didn’t deck a restrained detainee...”

“I mean, that IS my go-to...” Gabriel admitted with a cheeky grin before shrugging it off, “But... the dude kind of killed the mood when I noticed he was getting a little, hm… too excited.”

  Gabriel chuckled as if it was flattering.

  “...Excited?” Jack frowned as if he still didn’t understand the moral of this story. “...Did you finally find your soulmate, a thug wanting consenting to a pummeling?”

  Gabriel cocked his head and snickered. “No, blondie.” His eyes darted down suggestively. “Excited as in... the dude’s pants started to bulge a little too far up. ...Not that I blame him, I am pretty hot.” Only Gabriel could deliver such a line without batting an eye. The surprise on Jack’s face was exactly what he had come for. That honest “...Oh.”

  “Maybe he was… into that kind of stuff?” Jack suggested, gritting his teeth.

  “That’s what I wanted to investigate. Because either the dude has a serious kink or... I was just irresistible to him.” Gabriel proposed and looked to Jack with a cheeky grin, winking in an exaggerated attempt to be seductive.

  “No,” Jack concluded without hesitation.

  “Come on Jack… you can’t lie to me,” Gabriel mocked as he nudged against Jack’s chest with a knuckle. He bit his lip and added, “...All these years, nothing? You never found me the least bit attractive? ...Not even one boner?”

  Gabriel was never shy of being blunt or inappropriate. Even Jack had to take a few to comprehend the directness. Which only fed his smug grin.

  Jack leaned in closer. Held his hand briefly. Then whispered, “No.” 

  But Gabriel wasn’t ready to give up. If he did, he wouldn’t have been half the soldier he was. He shook his head and sarcastically retorted, “Jack… Jack. Why are you lying? Have we forgotten Rio de Janeiro? ...You got so drunk after our mission you asked me to flex and if you could feel my bicep. It only got more frisky from there.”

  That made Jack blush and blank for a minute, trying to recall the details.

  “...I did not get frisky, you fucking liar. As I remember, you got slam drunk and bragged about your gains for twenty-minutes straight in a wager between the men to try and turn me on. Then you offered to split the winnings if I played along,” Jack corrected and glared.

  Gabriel just chortled. Thinking back, these were the kind of games he always used to play. Butting heads against the other soldiers, trying to fuck with them and establish dominance. An urge to poke back rose, maybe it was longing for the simpler times or maybe it was just Gabriel’s charm that brought it out.

  “Maybe I did find you attractive,” Jack turned a slight smile.

  “Wait… for real?” Gabriel’s eyes lit up as if he had just been given a bread crumb to a forbidden path. He got off the table and slammed his hands down, his tone hilariously playful. “There’s no getting out of this now, Jack Morrison. You’re gonna spill.” 

  Jack cocked his head a bit playful. “You always had a way to make light of a grim situation. Even on a desperate battlefield, you always found a way to lift the morale.” He changed his voice in an impression of Gabriel, “Did you guys see that bastion? I can understand why that bot wanted to revolt. ...That’s one ugly-ass coffee machine.”

  Gabriel snorted. “When they blew it up, one of the men yelled: I don’t want your expresso.”

  After they both laughed it off, Jack smiled at him and added. “That was the reason I always thought you were better suited for this position. I was the peacemaker. But you were the professional.”

  The genuine compliment left Gabriel at a loss for words. He took a while to chew on it. Then with a smirk he remarked, “...So it was my confidence you were attracted to?”

  Jack chucked, “Yeah… but you were always straight as an arrow, Gabriel.”

  Admittedly, Gabriel never actually expected Jack to give him anything, let alone confess an old crush. Suddenly he felt a bit unsure of himself, realizing he was probably pushing more than just his usual shenanigans here. Still he couldn’t help concede some of his own thoughts with this sudden brush of honesty.

  “I am two percent bisexual however. Only ninety-eight straight. ...I could smack an ass.”
  Jack chuckled. Although he never could imagine Gabriel getting busy with anything else than what the man described as “a big set of mouthwatering melons,” it was nice to hear his friend being so open-minded.
  His eyes then turned Gabriel’s “legally acquired evidence” and asked, “What’s in the box?” 

“Well…” Gabriel smirked and opened it to reveal the content, “...On the faint off-chance that dude I trussed up wasn’t deeply in love with me like you-”

  Jack mouthed a silent “fuck you” as Gabriel continued telling.

  “...I went through the dude’s stuff to investigate and found THIS.” Gabriel proceeded to pull out any number of gadgets and gear from the box, ranging from stacks of rope to all sorts of sex toys. Gabriel squeezing a weird-ass looking dildo like a squeaky toy.

  “Holy shit,” Jack admitted looking astonished.

  “You want me to add these details to the mission report, commander? Yes, one of our suspects appeared to respond with… sexual arousal during the apprehension. We then later found his stash including rope and leather restraints, padded and ball-gags, vibrating plugs and dildos, all inventory has been accounted for. There was a certain… homoerotic tension, fancy words might say.” 

  Gabriel was milking this now.

  “Please stop,” Jack said as he buried himself in his arms on the table with his face flaring up.

  “Hmm…” Gabriel paused as a devilish idea formed in his head and he gently scooted the box towards the Strike Commander with a smirk that couldn’t get any wider, “...Do you want the box, Jack? Maybe relieve some tension when you’re done procrastinating.”

  “No.” Jack emphasized, glaring up from his arms with furrowed brows.

  “So you’ve never…” Gabriel stopped himself, realizing the level of inappropriate curiosity he was diving into. He really was about to ask if Jack had ever experimented with this kind of stuff. And the conversation was only getting more awkward by the minute.

  “It’s not like I have a partner to experiment with.” Jack lamented as he looked to the locket.

Much to Jack’s alarm, Gabriel picked up the box, glancing at the picture inside. A much younger Jack and his ex-boyfriend.

  “Hm…” He grunted as he closed it again. For once he took some time to think about what to say before suggesting, “...You’ve got to move on, Jack.”

  “You have no idea, Gabriel-” Jack started to say, but his friend interrupted him.

  He huffed, even gritted his teeth. “I got… so angry at first. I bought into it too, you know? That big fat lie about your breakup. My thick head first started picking up on it once they stuck that trophy wife on your arm on the fundraiser. First thought, did you swing both ways all this time and we could’ve talked chicks all this time?” 

  Jack didn’t say anything. Gabriel walked over to take a seat before he continued.

  “Why didn’t you tell me, Jack. Why the fuck didn’t you tell me,” Gabriel ranted with gritted teeth, “...I would just have taken that stupid post in a heartbeat. Eat the damn politics.”

  They both looked to the big statue outside. Jack concluded, “Then you would just have been the one miserable. One of us had to make the sacrifice. At least now I get to give you the agency to pursue your justice.”

  “Bullshit,” Gabriel grunted. “If those bigots don’t want to let us intervene in their country... I call it natural selection.”

  Jack chuckled. “It’s our duty to protect them, Gabriel. Even when they hate us. A few bad governors don’t mean innocent civilians deserve to die.” The Strike Commander leaned back in his chair, letting out a heavy sigh. “Even if it is a heavy price to pay to be the hero.”

  Gabriel shook his head and looked at Jack with an expression that said, “You’re hopeless.” 

  He paused briefly, then continued the rant. “Be the hero? Seriously?” He locked into Jack’s eyes to get the point across, “...We’re still friends. You’re still a dude. So why don’t you tell me what the actual fuck you’re thinking instead of what the ‘Strike Commander’ should say. Give me a piece of your fucking mind. Yell if you want to.”

  Jack looked astonished. Gabriel just leaned back and let him chew on it as he spread his arms over the armrest.

  “This is off the record?” Jack asked and added, “Anything goes?” Gabriel nodded.

  Jack’s eyes shifted from side to side. Raising a pair of fingers with a storm of thoughts on which of his bottled up thoughts to finally let out. After a solid five minutes of careful consideration, he finally reached a verdict.

  “Do you have any idea how titillating you can be?”

  Jack sounded so serious that Gabriel couldn’t help but frown, “No?”

  It was Jack’s turn to rant. He jumped from his seat and phased around, almost shaking. To which Gabriel couldn’t help but giggle.

  “Imagine you had this really gorgeous babe….” Jack began to explain as Gabriel nodded along with his cheeky grin. “But then work asked you to break up with her because... in some countries they don’t tolerate heterosexuality. So while you’re sitting on your largest dry spell, this new gorgeous babe is coming into your office with a box full of sex toys.”

  There was a brief pause.

  Gabriel bursted into an uncontrollable laughter. He was straight up wheezing, tears starting to run out of his eyes. “Oh man. Fuuuuck.”

  Jack raised both palms like he had just about enough of it. “I mean… I would love to try your fucking secret technique. But you’re dangling something in front of me that I could never have. You’re just blueballing me so fucking hard. Dude.”

  “You’re absolutely fucking right,” Gabriel admitted wiping the tears from his eyes.

  His expression then changed as a thought dawned on him. He looked up at Jack, furrowed brows and a sly grin. Already Jack could tell this was the birth of a terrible idea. And yet Gabriel seemed enthusiastic.

  “Maybe I could let you try it. You know, as friends. Strictly platonic.”

  Jack looked visibly confused. “Are you fucking serious?”

  Gabriel pointed to his work desk. “If you’re gonna procrastinate... you may as well do it trying my ropework. I was just gonna fucking binge something tonight anyway. Could just take some time to take a friend… a favor. No big deal. Not like I haven’t touched a dick before.”

  The idea was so strange to Jack. “So what… I would just be wriggling there while you’re slouching on the couch? That’s it?”

  Gabriel shot him an affirmative nod as he as he got up and invited him to come to his living quarters with a head tilt. “Don't take too long being a flustered school girl. I'm not getting up once my show is on.” He wasn't even joking.

  Every time he neared Gabriel’s living quarters, he turned around and backtracked to his office muttering, “...This is stupid. This is so unbelievably stupid.”

  Then before making it back, he made another turn and started routing back to Gabriel’s room before repeating the cycle. Not even looking anymore at where he was going anymore, just arguing inside his own mind trying to list every reason not to go through with it. 

  “He’s your friend. He’s ninety-eight percent straight. It would be highly inappropriate.”

  None of it mattered to his fluttering heart. The very thought of it was the only thing that occupied his mind now. “Fuck you, Reyes. Fuck you.”

  It wouldn’t even be actual sex. He’d really just be squirming in the dude’s room like some fucking ornament. Already he could hear Gabriel’s voice mocking him, “Look at you now, Strike Commander. Guess you’re just my plaything tonight, haha.” ...Yet that humiliating thought was giving him such a raging boner.

  Jack hadn’t even noticed he was actually standing at the door threshold. His heart was drumming in his chest. He knew he shouldn’t ever ring the bell. "Fuck..." Jack swore to himself as he finally conceded.

Chapter 2: Joining In

  Already from his limited time spent serving under Commander Gabriel Reyes, Jesse McCree had come to expect the unexpected. The man was "creative" to say the least with a knack for finding unorthodox solutions to otherwise unworkable situations... which fit McCree just fine as a former ruffian given the option to serve Overwatch rather than jailtime.

  The two of them had even started to develop some kind of... "friendship." At least that's the word he thought would be most appropriate for it. It still mostly felt like being yanked around like a dog on a leash, but there was a certain ease in just following orders.

  Tonight however, he had walked into something that still managed to blow him away. Reyes had allowed him to drop by at any time with the key rule being to "just bring alcohol." And McCree had seen his share of things coming into this room from poker nights to multiple prostitutes actively going at it, neither mutually exclusive.

  "Hey boss man, bought some booze and-" McCree announced his entry before he just came to a complete stop.

  He was staring face to face with a naked man. And not just any naked man, but the Strike Commander of Overwatch. Jack Morrison himself. The great hero of the Omnic Crisis, one of the most renowned and elite soldiers, was kneeling right by the foot of the door.

  And he wasn't just naked.  

  Jack had been thoroughly tied up. Several thick layers of rope adorned his chest and strapped his arms behind his back in a firm hold. It was the kind of ropework where despite the soldier's strong muscular form, there wasn't even a shadow of a doubt that man wasn't getting free.

  And nothing had been spared. Even the dude's dick had been tightly restrained, secured along his waist with a small vibrator going at it just below the head. An actual ball-gag sealing his mouth.

  "...Strike Commander," McCree greeted lost for words.

  Jack looked surprised and tried to respond to the best of his ability. "Mh-Crmph" he grunted, his otherwise deep-toned commandeering voice so utterly muffled. Not that there was much he could do or say in this situation, the dude had been completely dominated and from the sweat drizzling down his skin, he had been struggling to get free for quite a while.

  Still, he had to admit it... Jack Morrison was one hella good-looking man.

  He almost couldn't peel his eyes off the captive soldier as his gaze sailed over Jack's pumped pecs and chiseled abs. The enormously big throbbing cock. Was it even right to be standing here ogling the guy's body? ...Not there was anything Jack could do about it. It felt almost empowering in a sexual kind of way. Already he could feel his own bulge swell up.

  "McCree," a bossy voice snapped him out of it from somewhere behind. Reyes signaled him over with his "come here" throat-clear.

  McCree approached cautiously, unsure of what kind of situation he'd really walked into. From every impression he had so far, Reyes was not the least bit gay and had made no effort in hiding his sexuality with porn running on the television half the time.

  Thoughts started racing into his head and the questions just poured out. "Did ya erh.. kidnap the chief?"

  "No." Reyes didn't even blink. How was he always so impassive?

  Scratching the back of his head, McCree thought of a different approach and just probed for the answer. "There be a reason then... dude's, uhm, trussed up?" And once again without even moving his head, Reyes gave the most vague and simplistic answer he possible could.

  "Morrison always procrastinates hard when there's no work. ...So I made an offer."

  McCree couldn't help but frown. That explained nothing. "So you tied up the Strike Commander because he wasn't doing anything?" He thought to himself. Or questions like, "If you're not gay, then why is the dude all naked... and by the gods man, why did you do his dick like that. Have mercy on a guy."

  "Heh," Reyes suddenly chuckled as he turned and immediately spotted the still rock hard bulge towering on McCree's pants. With a raised eyebrow and an incredibly smug tone he remarked, "Got nothing better to do either, cowboy?" 

  It was at this moment he knew, he fucked up. 

  Up until this point, the possibility of getting tied up together with Jack hadn't even crossed his mind. But his erection and flushed cheeks had given away more than he ever intended to admit. And now that he had given Reyes that very idea, there was no escaping it. Unless he could come up with a damn good explanation for his arousal.

  "I... was- uhm, erh..."

  Nope, that wasn't happening. Reyes got up from his couch with one sole intent and McCree gulped slowly backing away as he lamented, "Well... shit."

  In the end, it had only taken fifteen minutes before McCree had been stripped and joined with Jack in bondage.

  Reyes had even had fun engineering the ropework. After he'd placed them opposite each other in the same position, he linked their ropework together firs by their chest before getting the even better idea of joining the ropes on their dick. "You two can share this," he smugly said expanding the vibrator across both of their dicks stuck together.

  "Hmph," Jack grunted disapproving, but knowing well enough he had signed up for this and had long passed the point where he had any input.

  And so he left the two of them to spend the evening together in that fixed position, forced to just look at each other naked in his restraints with the gags preventing any conversation. "Mc-Crmph," Morrison acknowledged his comrade with a grunt and Jesse responded in kind. "Mo-rmphon."

  But still, he had to admit... being tied up with Jack Morrison was pretty hot. Somehow in some unintended way, Reyes had given him an excuse to just be hard and horny all night. An excuse to just stare and moan while rubbing against Jack's own length. It felt every bit intense with the tight rope around his base and the teasing vibrator.

  He couldn't help it now, after all. He might as well enjoy it and from the precum spilling out from both of their dicks and flooding down, Jack was as turned on as he was.

  This was probably the most pleasurable boredom he'd ever engaged in.


  1. Judging by the fact there's chapter 1 and chapter 2, will there be further continuation of the story in the future?

    1. Yep, I specifically set it up like that so I could add more (although no guarantee of when it's going to happen but I have a few ideas brewing). :-)

  2. Continue this story with another part please, it was so hot and gorgeous