Dominating the Dominant

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It was already inconceivable to Mordekaiser to have been bested in combat, especially by such a small and feeble archer as the self-proclaimed "Conqueror" Varus. After all, he was superior in every aspect. Much, much bigger than any man... a literal giant towering over the archer. A single blow with his devastating strength would have been enough.

Yet Varus only allowed him to close the distance after there enough of the foul magical arrow to completely rend his armor and subjugate him in one single spell. Every ounce of his mighty form exposed, momentarily incapacitated and forced on his knees. "...Impossible...!"

From every moment onwards, Mordekaiser had to summon all the strength he could still muster to struggle against the Conqueror's attempts to bind him. Literally. The archer had actually brought and prepared restraints for this moment. Now his powerful body was getting tied up with layers upon layers of constricting rope, tightly strung around his bulking physique to keep his overpowering strength subdued. The lord of domination... was being dominated.

He huffed. He grunted. There was not a single moment where he let up. He would not allow the conqueror to make him "the conquest."

Mordekaiser thrashed about, flailing from side to side, flexing and putting every muscle to work as the sweat rolled down his skin. Buying every second he could for the crippling spell to fade as his strength began to return. All he needed was to avoid getting completely restrained before-

"NO!" Mordekaise cursed. Varus had succeeded, his ropework complete. ...His... powerful form... captured!

Still the conqueror seemingly had one crowning piece left to secure. Not only did Varus dare seize and toy with his manhood, but Mordekaiser had to watch helplessly down his own restrained body as his captor began to loop one final rope around nothing less than his big throbbing dick. Feeling every strand of rope begin to squeeze around his base.

"...You can't...!" A hint of desperation crept into his hollow voice. Realizing now this was not just a means to seize him, but an act of domination.

And yet the conqueror didn't hesitate and mercilessly restrained his masculine pride. A tight constricting grip with several loops around his base, turning his big length into a bound and easily grabbed handle. Another set around his balls pushing them out like a pair of round cherries, wobbling every time he struggled. He paused in a moment of abhorrence and shock. To truly and fathom what had become of his undeniable might.

Gloating with a smug grin, Varus gave the stunned giant's tied cock a few more tugs. Enjoying every moment of this undeniable victory and his flickering eyes.

"Got you."

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