Zac Lee Sin Varus

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"What, are you supposed to be... a man?"

Lee Sin was unbearably smug. His condescending and mocking tone in combination, his cocky grin and unnecessarily proud posture, it was like posturing came natural to him. Arrogance was only matched by his teammate.

"Maybe the slime will make a decent toy," Varus taunted with no subtlety as to the implication.

A bulky monk with a blue dragon tattoo decorating his powerful chest, accompanied by a toned archer in dark gilded armor with a gold crown that looked more like devil horns. Both with hair white as snow and an ego as big as they come.

Zac briefly shifted his shape, tightened his form to give the brief impression of highly muscular anatomy while retorting with a clenched darker voice, "Let us fight as men then! Losers will become the victor's toys!"

"He actually thinks he can take us," Varus mocked with a ridiculing and condescending tone. Lee Sin scoffed, "Such delusion. Let us make the slime man... a toy."

He could. 

The fight wasn't even much of a match. It turns out when your opponent is a sentient entity made entirely of slime, neither punches nor arrows are particularly effective. But Zac's elastic and slippery movement was what really caught the two by surprise, leaping behind them like a spring and catching them both with his stretching arms... finishing the fight by slamming them into each other.

"Wait... no!" Varus stressed as he looked down dumbfounded, realizing they had been shoved directly into a trap. And before they could put any muscle into it, the slime below their feet shot up like tentacles and wrapped around their legs, immobilizing them on the spot.

They struggled, but it was no avail. They were stuck in every sense of the word.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck...!" Lee Sin cursed, realizing just how much they had boasted and provoked the "slime man." Zac's deep chuckle confirmed just how much they were in for it. But being more fair than they deserved, he made them an offer. "Admit you lost fair and square, gentlemen... and we forget this bet."

But if there were any two men that absolutely would never eat their words, it were these two. Varus especially held nothing back. "Try me, slime man. You'll always be the toy."

You could see the curious pleasure in Zac's eyes, "You willing to bet on that?"  

All they had to do was break free and win the fight. That was what they convinced themselves even as their armor and clothes had been peeled off with ease as Zac positioned himself behind them with a firm grip on both of their squirming naked bodies.

Two naked guys. An even larger slightly transparent man of green slime. And a number of tentacles from the slime below latching on to the two, even stroking their dicks until they were rock hard.

"Once I get free from this you worthless goo, I'll bottle you up and- ...MMMPH!" Varus continued to run his mouth until Zac decided to shut him up with another tentacle proping into his throat. "Don't think this proves anythi- ...NNNMFPH!" Lee Sin also wanted to join in the muffled grunts.

Zac was having so much fun with this. Two cocky studs begging for it. 

He had lined them up. Now he began the thrusting. His big slime dick easily slipped into Lee Sin, while in turn he forced the guy to thrust forward into Varus. It was a train of men fucking each other. Only Varus had no one in front of him, so Zac raised a tentacle and formed it into a tube for the guy's dick to slide into, sucking away as he fucked the tentacle. 

For the first ten minutes they kept trying to resist. Still unwilling to accept they had become the toys instead. But eventually the heat and lust overwhelmed them, blushing with sweat rolling down their naked skin, succumbing to the moment.

Then came their first load. "Mmmmh..." They both grunted loudly as the white liquid dripped out of Varus' ass, with his own being sucked down the green slime tube.

...But Zac wasn't going to release them just yet. These two still had plenty of stamina and willpower left. With a tight grip on both of their still-hard dicks, he was going to pound away until he'd broken their pride and left them a drooling moaning mess. And they were already starting to drool and moan.

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