Mordekaiser Varus Group

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Varus the Conqueror had issued a challenge to every major faction of the world. To heed his summons and send their most powerful champion to fight him in a bid for power. A clean contest in a barren land, far away from cities and civillians.

There was no way they could or would ignore him. A chance to take down an all-powerful Darkin.

The prideful and rival nations of Demacia and Noxus both sent their strongest knight, Darius and Garen. The void in its unending hunger sent the prophet Malzahar to overtake the Darkin, a powerful dark mage. From the tallest peak of Mount Targon descended the great warrior known as Pantheon, a man who once housed a god before another Darkin slew the deity within him.

A day had been declared in a great wide field. Varus waited the challenger's arrival.

But there was one champion above all else that he hoped to lure out. As the shadows grew long, his hopes were answered by a towering figure approaching in the distance. A knight in dark plate, a mountain of a man wielding a great mace with a swing powerful enough to grind his bones into dust.

Mordekaiser the Lord of Domination had arrived.

"Hmpfh... your petty magic cannot hide them from me." With a wave of his hand, Mordekaiser broke the illusion behind Varus and revealed the four champions he had already bested. Darius, Malzahar, Garen and Pantheon were all chained together by the Conqueror's red magic, bonds wrapping all across their bodies.

Their naked bodies. 

Each and everyone of them had been stripped down to their bare skin, the tight restraints holding all their physical might in check with gags silencing them from even speaking a coherent sentence. But above all else, he had them chained together by the base of their manhood, their hard dicks wobbling as they struggled to escape the Darkin's growing collection.

Though the blunt sight of their humiliating captivity caught him by surprise, Mordekaiser above all else understood. This was about domination. Varus' intention was simply to assert himself as the most powerful man by subjugating every other competitor.

And in their current state, there was no question they had completely and utterly dominated. A fact none of them was happy about from the way they thrashed about and grunted.

"...Impressive, but pointless." Mordekaiser 

Varus smirked like a devil as he looked at the last challenger before him and interrupted, "Will you succeed where the others have failed? ...Or will the Lord of Domination become the dominated?"

Even the captive men gave pause to hear that answer.

Mordekaiser raised his great mace and his hollow voice commanded, "This is where you fall, Darkin. And you shall serve me. ...You shall all serve me." A dark teal mist emerged and swallowed them both, leaving the captives behind only able to glimpse a few two dancing lights inside of the fog.

Surely if Varus lost, their bonds would shatter and they could escape his clutches.

Eventually the dance came to a stop. The mist began to widen and engulfed the bound spectators as well. "Mmmph?!" They grunted, finding themselves in a misty realm. In the midst of it, Mordekaiser. Now as naked as them. Even his enormous muscular body being restrained, the red bonds actively coiling around him and tightening to permanently bind him.

"NO-OOOMPH," Darius in particular roared into his gag, soon joined by the rest. "MMMPH!"

"...Impossible!" Mordekaiser roared, trying to shake the bonds with every ounce of his strength. Thrashing from side to wide, his whole chest heaving as his huge arms trembled trying to push against the bonds around them.

Varus, enjoying every second of the show.

"Pray I never escape these bonds... little darkin," Mordekaiser threatened angrily and with no hint of remorse, Varus grabbed the knight's cock and bound it like the others, pulling out a thread to connect him with the others.

You could see the dark knight's red eyes flicker in the shadow of his helmet, perhaps for a moment realizing he was now no different from the rest of the dominated champions. Which only made Varus cackle, "Hahaha! So satisfying to see YOU squirm."

"Join the rest of my captives." He snickered before smacking Mordekaiser's ass and pushing him along to join the rest.

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