Varus Pantheon

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"Mmmpfh-" Pantheon grunted frustrated, his powerful and deep voice now muffled by the cloth gag under his helmet like a growl. Stripped down, tied up and completely helpless.

It was hard to admit Varus had bested him as a warrior. He could complain like most that magic and spells shouldn't triumph over might and weapons, but... in true combat there were no such rules. Even if he was bigger and stronger... way bigger and stronger, it didn't change the result. He was stuck in this predicament because his foe defeated him in combat, however indignant it felt.

Just... he'd never been tied up before. Felt this kind of helpless. It was... a challenge not to give in to the demon's games.

But he had to resist. He knew what Varus was trying to accomplish. To make him succumb to his emotions, to allow anger and stimulation to overtake his mind. To reduce the once proud warrior to a mere aggressive male, growling and flexing his sex to reassert his lost dominance. Like a wild beast caged.

Yet... Varus played every card perfectly. Slipping a hand behind him and firmly grabbing his buttocks, pulling him in closer against Varus' own dick. He felt like the demon's toy.

Worst of all, Varus had mercilessly tied his dick up with several layers of rope looped around his base and balls. The way the demon was casually twirling the rope in hand, taunting him with the control over his very own sex. Tugging in the rope like a leash was the final straw.

"Omf- Homh, for-phr!" He snapped and threatened, forgetting the gag and inevitably barking at the bastard.

...Of course the unbearably smug grin spread across Varus' face. Even with his hollow demonic voice you could hear how much he was enjoying this victory as he taunted his big captive, "Let me guess... These bonds won't hold me forever?"

...HOW did he know?!

"Hmph," Pantheon grunted acknowledging defeat. His anger already starting to make him jerk his bound arms in defiance as he knew... Varus was going to win again. And the demon only gloated by groping his ass repeatedly and snickering. "...You're MINE now, big guy."

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